Changes in statistics should be relied on statistics

The heatmap helps to improve CMSs. CMS editing used to happen without relying on users’ experience, but now, it’s changed.


What value can Plerdy bring to CMS?

The development and further improvement of CMSs is an unstoppable process. Creation of new plugins, an improvement of the existing functional set, all changes usually rely on the data received from CMS clients.

One more source of information that can say what to change in CMS is the heatmap. It is a reliable assistant of developers and web designers. Due to the heatmap CMS users’ behavior is clear. Now, making decisions regarding the location of buttons, fields, hints, and other navigational information is much easier since they will rely on facts and real figures.

A Advantages of Plerdy for CMS:
  • Check out of CMS usability
  • Evaluation of the best spots for navigation
  • Possibility of redesign