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Lorem ipsum is a classic pangram or, in other words, a text with no meaning that is used to fill layouts. Designers and layout specialists also call it filler or placeholder text or describe it with the slang word “dummy.” This text was created based on twisted fragments of the philosophical work “De Finibus bonorum et Malorum” (On the ends of good and evil) by Marcus Tullius Cicero. Since the 1960s, Lorem ipsum has been widely used in the printing industry, and since the 1980s, it is adapted for computer systems. Thanks to the Latin syntax, such text is particularly handy. Nowadays, many Lorem ipsum generators can create text in classic variants (Latin) and many other languages. In addition, numerous resources generate humorous versions of the classic Lorem. In this article, you will read about 15 versions of such online generators to pick the one you like the most.

1. Blind Text Generator

The first Lorem ipsum generator on our list is called Blind Text Generator. This resource allows you to generate not only classic variants of text but also several other variations: Cicero EN (the English analog of dummy text based on Cicero’s work), Werther (the text from “The Sorrows of Young Werther” by Goethe), Kafka (an excerpt from “The Metamorphosis”), Pangram (a short text in which all letters are used with no repetition, if possible), a-z A-Z 123 (uses Latin letters, numbers, and special characters).

2. Professional Lorem ipsum generator

Професійний генератор Lorem Ipsum
In addition to a generator, this website also includes a short information about Lorem ipsum as well as the examples of its usage. Before you create some dummy text, you can select a language, a script or choose to insert unique characters from different languages. An additional advantage is an option to download the received text in HTML and TXT formats.

This resource also offers more than just the functionality of a Lorem ipsum generator. It includes the description of the history of such text and links to different useful plugins and other Lorem generators. First and foremost, the website attracts attention with its appealing design.

Using you can easily generate text in 5 languages: Latin, Russian, English, Spanish, and Italian. After that, it can be retrieved as an HTML paragraph or plain text. Additionally, you can specify punctuation and formatting to improve the demonstration of the text within a layout.


This Lorem Ipsum generator is very famous and its interface is converted into 40 languages. Notwithstanding a short depiction of what sham text is, the site additionally has the usefulness for exemplary Lorem Ipsum.

6. WebTool Lorem Ipsum Filler

WebTool Lorem Ipsum Filler
This is the first Lorem Ipsum generator for Android OS devices on our list. With this application, you can generate the selected amount of text and copy it to a buffer. A nice Material Design interface is an additional advantage.

7. Easy Lorem Ipsum

Easy Lorem Ipsum
This is another app for Lorem Ipsum generation. Using it, you can create up to 10 “chapters” of text. The design of the interface is minimalist.

8. Lord Ipsum

Lord Ipsum
Lord Ipsum is an iOS app designed for text creation. After content is generated, it can be copied or shared online.

9. Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator
Google Chrome plugin for random text generation. It allows creating up to 50 sentences. During the setup, you can specify the required number and type of spaces and the usage of a tag.

10. Bacon ipsum

Bacon ipsum
The first of unique and diverting Lorem Ipsum generators on our rundown. It will be ideally suited for meat sweethearts, particularly the individuals who like bacon. You can choose the quantity of passages, the sort of age, and make the text zesty. Such text is more than faker – it is likewise delectable.

11. Cupcake Ipsum

Cupcake Ipsum
Sweet tooths and cupcake lovers will adore this website. During the setup, you can select the number of paragraphs, their length, a special beginning of the first paragraph, and “give your text some love.” This generator has a convenient and user-friendly interface. It will be perfectly suitable for those who want to fill their layout with original dummy text and people who come up with names for new versions of Android OS.


This is one more unique generator for the people who need to get uncommon faker text. Here you can pick the style of a Breaking Bad’s person in which the text will be created. From that point onward, you can undoubtedly save made Lorem Ipsum tapping the relating button.

13. Pirate Ipsum

Pirate Ipsum
Privateer Ipsum is additionally a fascinating site that can produce Lorem Ipsum. This time, the style is piratic. Such text will be ideally suited for aficionados of Stevenson’s books. Additionally, this generator has an engaging topical plan.

14. Hipster Ipsum

Hipster Ipsum
If you like sipping a smoothie sitting in a coworking and discussing a new startup with an 8-bit version of the 80’s disco playing in the background, then Lorem Ipsum is just what you need. Fashionable Ipsum is intended to make text in a trendy person style, which can make your design more uncommon.

15. HodorIpsum

The last tool for generating pseudorandom text for today will delight all Game of Thrones’ fans. The vocabulary of this generator is extremely limited and includes only one word – “Hodor”.


Here is the finish of our article around 15 Lorem Ipsum generators. Presently, when you need to briefly fill your format or site with a message, you will realize what instruments to utilize. On the off chance that you need exemplary sham text, we suggest utilizing administrations 1-10. However, assuming you need to add an interesting touch to your creation, give extraordinary consideration to situate 10-15. We trust that our article was helpful and intriguing to you. Follow our blog as there is a great deal of intriguing holding up ahead.

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