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The company’s core values are the guiding star that keeps leaders and employees on track and up to certain business standards. However, it is not enough to simply define values – and they must be deeply embedded in the corporate culture. These values should become a distinctive feature of the company and distinguish it in the market.

What are Company Values?

The company’s values are the basic standards and principles of the organization laid down by its founders. This is the company’s DNA, compass, philosophy, and middle name. A company’s values determine why an organization lives and functions the way it does.

Values shape corporate culture. They are the basis of relationships between team members and customers, shareholders, and partners.

Its values must guide company leaders in their day-to-day activities and make essential work decisions. Top management’s strict adherence to corporate values, integrating them into daily work, contributes to corporate culture among employees. Please note: you should not blame ordinary employees for not following the organization’s values if top managers do not adhere to them.

Why are Company Values Important?

To increase the team’s productivity, it is not enough to maintain a friendly atmosphere at work. Employees need to see what they are doing as part of the overall job. The exclusive values of the company determine this result and the ways to achieve it.

Research evidence of comfort that companies with developed intrinsic values are more successful than those that do not have them or are underdeveloped. Both seasoned professionals and emerging professionals want to work for organizations whose values align with their own. Employees may have different goals. For some, the main thing is the salary.

For others, career advancement. For the third – a new professional experience. Company values bring people with different goals together, giving them the chance to realize them while working towards a common mission. Organizations with this mission are generally successful with those that do not.

Best 7 Company Values Examples

These ten companies achieve tremendous success. The samples below demonstrate this in the best possible way.

American Express

Company Values-01

AmEx is an American financial company. Its core values are: “customer responsibility, honesty, and teamwork.” Employees of the company do not just politely serve customers but do everything to help them – Even if it’s not in the instructions. For example, once, the cafe manager accidentally sold a visitor a demonstration cake – a dummy consisting of knowingly harmful chemicals.

The buyer paid with an AmEx card. After realizing the flatness, the manager, in a panic, tur, ned to the company withheld find a client before he tried the cake. Otherwise, it could end in disaster. Although the company does not have a protocol for action on this matter and the force majeure situation arose through no fault, AmEx employees helped to find the card owner. They managed to call him before the questionable dessert was eaten, which allowed him to avoid trouble.


Company Values-02

The American multinational corporation created the world’s most popular search engine. The company believes: “the main thing is to focus on the user’s needs, and you can earn money without causing harm to anyone.” And don’t be surprised by the wording: Google cares about users and doesn’t allow offensive ad content to be shown on search results pages. Also under the “sanctions” is advertising covering the site’s content.

Coca Cola

Company Values-03

The world’s largest producer of non-alcoholic beverages calls the central values of its company “Diversity and Responsibility.” Diversity concerns not only products but also employees. Incorporation people of all races, nationalities, and genders have the same opportunities. Everyone can be fulfilled. The Company takes full responsibility for the quality of its products and for creating the most favorable working environment for employees.


Company Values-04

This nonprofit health care system operates in central and southern Delaware, USA. The Company strives to provide maximum comfort for patients in clinics and employees’ work. Bayhealth has created a convenient feedback platform between the team and management. It allows the medical staff to promptly inform the authorities about problems that require immediate resolution and receive the necessary assistance.


Company Values-05

Coborn’s is a major grocery store chain in the US Midwest. Employees are of the utmost value to the store. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company not only did not leave anyone without work but increased their wages to support workers. At the same time, the network has provided an unprecedented level of security in all retail outlets, protecting staff and customers from the coronavirus.


Company Values-06

The values of an American financial company – “openness, cooperation, respect, and volunteering.” The Company strongly supports and encourages employees engaged in personal charity or actively helping volunteers. The company even has a special donation program through which each employee can help the charitable foundation or social organization of their choice.


Company Values-08

E is another developer of a CRM platform for marketing, customer service, and sales. The Company’s mission is to help customers grow. There is also a special friendly corporate culture. As they say in the Company, “our employees are humble, charming, empathetic, adaptable, open and just wonderful people.” Would you like to work with these super-colleagues?


The success of a company is largely determined by its values. But not so much their declarations, but to the extent to which they are followed by management and ordinary employees. Organizations united by a common mission and striving for a common goal achieve much greater business success than companies with clearly defined values. Corporate values unite the team, making it strong.

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