Connect Plerdy to 5000+ apps with Zapier

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Oliver Maximovich


As an example, consider the interaction of Plerdy and Constant Contact

Our goal, in this case, is to add the contacts that we receive by subscription in the Plerdy pop-ups to the lists in Constant Contact.

First, we create a Plerdy account, in which we will create a zap

The detailed instruction is here

Choose Action Event – creating a contact in Constant Contact, every time we receive an email through pop Plerdy

Select the Constant Contact list to collect contacts from Plerdy, and fill the fields from which you would like to receive data to the list

After you turn on your zap, all subscribers from Plerdy`s pop-ups will be added to the Constant Contact list

Added contacts – Plerdy

and to Constant Contact

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