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The created brand has a significant impact on the result. However, without knowing the final goals in marketing, it isn’t easy to make the right decisions. To close this question, it is worth creating your marketing content strategy for the site and social networks – such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube. As a rule, the marketing strategy may be repeated, but the presentation and communication through the content may be different.

A content strategist defines goals and selects practical marketing tools when working on a plan. Attracting targeted traffic and increasing the number of potential buyers is achieved by using relevant content. Experience shows that the lack of a clear goal in marketing affects the effectiveness of the brand promotion and popularization strategy.

What is Content Strategy

The term “content” should be understood as all content elements (text, images) that promote the site. Remember that video is also used as a marketing tool. To achieve the goal, you will need to determine your capabilities and take the time to plan your content strategy.

Structuring and usefulness in marketing – principles of content strategy that will attract the audience. It is necessary to clearly understand buyers’ interests and develop content based on their preferences for planning. Converting tasks into a plan only makes sense if the appropriate content (text, multimedia, video) is used. If you take SaaS, you need to show the value of the product or tool and indicate what problems it solves, preferably with examples.

Why Content Strategy is Important

The loss of opportunities negatively affects work results, so brands are trying to eliminate such errors. The importance of creating a marketing content strategy lies in the fact that all the work done brings you closer to achieving your goals. In addition, the content strategy allows you to:

  • Create helpful content based on the data and needs of the target audience.
  • To keep readers interested in publications on various websites.
  • Read customer expectations while creating content.

Thanks to an integrated approach to the task in marketing, it is possible to allocate resources correctly. However, it is impossible to know who is ready to buy your product/product/service as long as you spend time on unreasonable tasks.

Content Strategy vs. Content Marketing Strategy

A company promotion strategy is a specific plan that brings you closer to completing a task. You can’t separate content and marketing — they always come together. To understand the differences between the concepts, you will need to familiarize yourself with the list of main characteristics:

Purpose of use. Content marketing allows you to offer readers valuable information that will inspire confidence in the audience. Content strategy, in turn, is a plan for creating and posting articles to achieve the goal (increasing consumer confidence).

For example: Finding exciting and engaging topics for readers will allow relevant content to be offered more often.

Content marketing strategy - 001

Which pages need to be analyzed from the SEO point of view

Specification of the task. By posting content on your pages, you get the opportunity to segment the audience. Content marketing is, first of all, customer acquisition. Content strategy is creating the right content for a specific category and buyers.

For example, knowing the target audience’s interests will allow you to create content that benefits readers.

Content marketing strategy - 002

How to segment users

Content features. The content strategy controls the development of materials to interact with targeted traffic. Content marketing is information that will allow you to sell products to specific consumers.

For example, it is possible to increase the attractiveness of proposals, taking into account the target audience’s characteristics. Analyze reader interaction metrics with publications and create a truly unique selling proposition.

Content marketing strategy - 003

Understanding the differences and principles of interaction between content marketing and content strategy helps you make informed decisions and prioritize correctly.

Content Strategy Framework

The implementation of the planned actions brings results to those responsible for the tasks in marketing. The structure of a content strategy is the answers to simple questions that should be in line with your goals. Of particular importance are the following questions :

  • Why do you create certain content?
  • Are the materials created?
  • How do you plan to achieve the desired result?

By creating structure in marketing or content, you will share your vision for the brand’s future and set expectations. It also provides an opportunity to consider additional aspects of the marketing strategy that will lead the company to implement the plan.

We emphasize: the results directly depend on the understanding of your target audience. Create a detailed portrait of the buyer and segment the attracted traffic to improve performance. The key features of the audience will allow you to prepare relevant content. The main steps in creating blog content, in terms of SEO, are:

  1. Identification of CA. Beginners, intermediates, or professionals—each audience requires a different treatment. And not in all cases is it relevant to use complex terminology.
  2. Finding the right keywords. Define them for the article users are searching for – you can use Ahrefs or the Google Ads Keywords Tool for this.
  3. Creating a task for a copywriter. Be sure to consider the h1, h2, h3 structures.
  4. Article writing. Checking the facts and the quality of the information is essential.
  5. Proofreading of the article by the editor to eliminate inaccuracies and errors.
  6. Publishing a finished article on a blog, given the correct structure h1, h2, h3, photos, and links.

Use opportunities to compare your content strategy with your competitors. Only you can create content that makes consumers trust you. Mentioning industry experts citing reliable sources work to build credibility. It will become one of the main leverage in influencing the client in the future.

Best 5 Content Strategy Examples

Marketing research is fundamental – no content strategy can do without it. Studying consumers is useful for creating a portrait, and analyzing the achievements of competitors will tell you the right path to the goal. To make the right decisions, you need to consider the peculiarities of your business. This is precisely what the companies did, the experience of which we cite as an example later in the article.

Retailer MMLaFleur

Content marketing strategy-01

The management of an online women’s clothing store in casual style sought to win the attention of modern working women who want to dress stylishly and fashionably. It was decided that the “right” content would help erase distrust of online shopping and improve the consumer experience. Authoritative, influential clients acted as “Ambassadors” of the store. As a result of creating a special content strategy, it was possible to increase profitability and increase the number of regular customers.

An example of a content strategy: the company regularly publishes testimonials from successful and well-known customers. It shows videos about the high quality of the fabrics used in the production.

Manufacturer Coke

Content marketing strategy-02

The global brand is producing carbonated drinks and intends to constantly maintain the audience’s interest. Following the developed strategy, bottles with names on the labels were launched, increasing demand.

An example of a content strategy: with the help of personalization, thanks to the release of products with the most common female and male names, it was possible to increase the product’s value in the eyes of buyers.

Consumer Service Enjuris

Content marketing strategy-03

The company offers to use its website to search for a lawyer. This opportunity was helpful to those who suffered during various force majeure events. The company’s content strategy was built not just on obtaining information from the client – everything was aimed at gaining complete trust. As a result, the audience responded to all suggestions and willingly shared useful links with friends and relatives.

Content strategy example: everything works to increase credibility – partnerships, an extensive library of legal articles, active posting on industry websites.

Travel planner

Content marketing strategy-04

A private person usually carries out travel planning, and it is impossible to draw attention to services without content. Blog articles helped the travel company with recommendations from seasoned travelers to reassure visitors that everything will go as it should. In addition, customers’ personal experience has allowed increasing the demand for specific destinations – for this, and it is worth asking the audience to share their opinion.

Content strategy example: Stories of successful travel experiences with a planner convince readers to use the services.


Content marketing strategy-05

A web-based graphic design platform that allows beginners to create stunning visualizations has become popular due to its excellent content strategy. Guest blogging was the first step towards achieving the goal. The increase in authority allowed us to get the audience’s necessary attention and attract more than 7 million visitors a month.

Example of a content strategy: Treat your blog as a free space for like-minded people to communicate.


The variety of content strategy and marketing tools is excellent – choose the best one, taking into account the characteristics of your business. Business niches. A competent content strategy based on helpful information about customers and competitors will allow you to apply the most effective way of promotion. However, it is not worth deciding without proper awareness – in the end, it will affect the results obtained.

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