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Conversion is a measure of a website’s effectiveness in motivating users to take targeted action. The greater the rate between users who have visited the website and have been driven to purchase, watch a video, go to a particular page, or any other targeted action, the more effective work on improving the website.

Tracking website conversion is a necessary part of working on website optimization. Otherwise, it is impossible to determine the benefit of the website and each of its elements. Still, you create a website for some specific purposes. In itself, the number of visitors, of course, says much but is hardly the main task. Most likely, the online store is not created to be visited by 5000 users, but for the visitors to make X number of purchases or spend Y money on them. Similarly with service websites.

Special conversion rate optimization software helps greatly with this. It can show you ineffective elements, CTAs, buttons, etc., on the website. This software can also help you to greater engaging visitors with your content, products, or services.

7 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Software

There is a lot of conversion rate optimization software, but each has different functionality and accuracy. This can negatively affect your conversion rate optimization. So, we have prepared for you the seven best conversion rate optimization software to increase the revenue of your online business.


Plerdy is a versatile platform for improving conversion rates. There are a large number of tools available that can not only help to improve conversion rate but also positions in search results. Plerdy has a huge number of advantages over other platforms for conversion rate optimization, for example, it provides more accurate data, which allows you to take more effective actions.

Working with Plerdy for conversion rate optimization, you can use popup software (for increasing sales leads), conversion funnel analysis tool (for tracking where visitors drop off), session replay software (for tracking decision-making of users), and sales performance tool (for finding effective elements for sales). You can also use other Plerdy tools for SEO optimization. Annex Tour, Kredo Bank, MOYO, Template Monster, and Neatpeak already use Plerdy for conversion rate optimization.

Plerdy review from Anton:

About a year ago, I analyzed the best conversion tracking and popup forms service. In the end, I`ve found Plerdy and understood that it was exactly what I was looking for in the company. I`ve been using it for a while and paid monthly, but now I`m happy to get an LT deal for this great software. During the pandemic, my business is struggling, so it’s a relief for me.”

Plerdy review from potgieter:

I am so happy with this conversion rate optimization software. We are in the process of revamping our webpage, and thanks to Plerdy, we have identified important UX improvements that have got us a huge impact on conversions. It is so easy to set up, and the insights you get out of it are priceless. Support is top class. Thank you guys very much!”

Plerdy`s review from azanbeverly:

I started working with Plerdy when I was looking into Hotjar, so glad I haven’t used it, and I don’t even want to. Plerdy is amazingly easy to use, intuitive, and gives me all that I need. I especially love watching the videos of how people interact with my landing pages. Also, I have not noticed any performance hit."

Google Analytics

This is a specialized service for web admins, which provides them with the ability to monitor and analyze site visitors’ behavior closely. The most important indicators are the number of visitors, pages viewed, traffic sources, session duration, bounce rate, conversion rate. Considering the data provided, the webmaster can make changes in his web resource to improve the behavioral factors, and therefore its position in search results. In addition to displaying statistics in the form of tabular numeric data, there is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with it through charts, graphs, and other visual ways of display.


This CRO software not only makes it easier to create, publish and test multiple landing pages, but it also provides a wide range of tools to optimize interactions and subsequent conversions. There are two offices: the first in Vancouver (Canada) and the second in Berlin (Germany). Rick Perreault for a long time was CEO of this company and now he is in the position of executive chair. Among its customers are Fifty&Fifty, HELIX, Zola, OfficeVibe, and Agency Within.


WebEngage offers a feedback form and survey designer. In addition to survey widgets, WebEngage also offers options for sending notifications on a website or mobile app. Avlesh Singh is co-founder & CEO of this CRO software while Ankit Utreja is co-founder & CTO. Both offices are located in India, one in Mumbai and another in Bangalore. Myntra, Unacademy, HT Media, Travel Triangle, Toppr trust their conversion rate optimization process to WebEngage.


This CRO software offers a remarkable set of features designed not only to create landing pages but also to improve the conversion rates on them. With it, you also get in-depth Google analytics, access to split-testing, and intuitive customizable templates. Tyson Quick founded this CRO software in 2012 and currently is CEO. Offices are located in different parts of the world: in San Francisco and San Jose (USA), Timisoara (Romania), Białystok and Warsaw (Poland). Famous companies like eBay, Sound Cloud, Verifone, Yamaha, and Vimeo use this conversion rate optimization software.

AB Tasty

This is a very useful conversion rate optimization software that can significantly increase your website conversion. It allows you to conduct A/B testing to improve user experience as well as website usability. Alix de Sagazan and Rémi Aubert are co-founders of this conversion rate optimization software. Its offices are located all over the world: in Paris (France), Cologne (Germany), Madrid (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Singapore, London (United Kingdom), San Francisco (USA), and Ney York (USA).


This CRO software can improve your website’s conversion rate by up to 15%. It allows you to show popups on your website and thus engage visitors in interaction with it. If used correctly, this conversion rate optimization software can increase your website’s revenue by even more than 15% (of course, this largely depends on the niche). Among other benefits of using this CRO software is increased user trust, decreased acquisition costs, increased sales revenue. The office is located in St Louis (USA). Among its clients are Yummy Plants, Kaspien, INTUIT, Distilled, and Seer.


Any changes to the website should be based on real data, not the results of research by independent companies. Until you get feedback from your target audience in the form of analytical metrics, completed questionnaires, any attempts to change the website are useless. It’s important to understand, listen and hear the person for whom the website is being optimized, not a third-party targeted audience that is socially similar to yours.

Plerdy shows how easy your website is for users, how it differs from competitors. Testing is based on factors that directly affect search rankings. So, you can get answers to why users do not buy and why the website is not at the top of search engine results. Plerdy will provide you with a direct step-by-step guide on improving the website for users and search engines.

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