17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2024

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Ready to revolutionize your business with cutting-edge customer feedback tools? ? This is your ticket to “17 Best Customer Feedback Tools in 2023” – a comprehensive roundup of software solutions designed to give you the edge in today’s competitive market. These tools serve two major goals:

  1. Capture the Voice of the Customer: Collect insightful customer feedback with user-friendly surveys tailor-made for your business.
  2. Drive Business Strategy: Use real-time analytics to guide decisions, perfect your product, and amplify customer satisfaction. ?

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Take, for instance, the acclaimed Plerdy tool. Renowned for its UX & CRO analysis, Plerdy transforms feedback into a strategic compass, navigating your business toward its growth goals. Each software in our list harnesses the power of customer feedback to illuminate the path toward stellar business performance. So start exploring these tools and see your business thrive with actionable, customer-centric insights.

Choosing The Right Customer Feedback Tool

Navigating the vast landscape of customer feedback tools can seem daunting, yet choosing the right tool can turn the tide – elevating your customer service efforts to an unparalleled level. Whether you’re managing an e-commerce niche, like artisanal coffee, or a high-tech SaaS platform, the right tool streamlines the feedback process and unlocks invaluable insights to drive growth.

Consider the following key aspects when selecting your customer feedback tool:

  • Ease of use – Your team should be able to utilize the tool without struggling with complex interfaces.
  • Customization options – The ability to tailor surveys to your needs is paramount.
  • Integration capabilities – A tool that easily integrates with your existing systems and simplifies data analysis.
  • Real-time analytics – This feature allows for instant action based on customer responses.

For instance, if you’re running an online store specializing in gourmet coffee beans, a feedback tool that supports customized surveys will enable you to dig into specifics like taste preferences and packaging improvements. Then, pairing this with real-time analytics, you can rapidly adapt your offerings – turning feedback into action in a heartbeat.

Remember, the best tool aligns with your business needs and objectives, amplifying customer voices and transforming their feedback into a powerful driver for success.

User Feedback Software: Key Features

Best Customer Feedback Tools - 0001

Introducing User Feedback Software, a game-changing tool for capturing customer insights and honing your business strategy. Here are its indispensable key features:

  1. Real-Time Survey Analysis: A real-time dashboard offering in-depth analysis of each survey, illuminating what’s working and pinpointing improvement areas.
  2. Customizable Feedback Forms: Design bespoke, on-brand forms to collect customer feedback that’s essential for your unique business needs.
  3. Automated Response Handling: A system sorts and categorizes feedback swiftly, streamlining your response process.
  4. Multi-Channel Integration: Gather feedback from various touchpoints – emails, social media, websites, and more – creating a holistic picture of the customer experience.
  5. Actionable Reports: Translate raw data into easy-to-understand reports, fueling informed decision-making.

For instance, a hospitality chain used this software to amplify guest satisfaction. Customized feedback forms helped them uncover a need for more vegetarian options on their menu. Acting swiftly on this data, they introduced a new vegetarian range, improving guest satisfaction scores.

User Feedback Software isn’t just a survey tool. It fuels business growth by turning customer feedback into a catalyst for change. Harness its power to shape a customer experience that’s nothing short of spectacular. Make every customer’s voice count, and let your business shine.

Customer Feedback Strategy

Leveraging a robust customer feedback strategy can steer your business toward unmatched success. Here’s how to shape a winning feedback strategy with the right software tool:

  1. Identify the Touchpoints: Map out all potential areas of customer interaction, be it social media, email, or your website.
  2. Deploy Feedback Tools: Implement versatile feedback software for seamless survey collection at these touchpoints.
  3. Analyse and Act: Dive into the feedback data, uncover insights, and promptly act on them.

Take, for example, a burgeoning online retailer. They identified a delay in their delivery process through a tailored feedback strategy. Thanks to their customer feedback software, they swiftly rectified this glitch, enhancing their customer satisfaction rate remarkably.

A sound customer feedback strategy, empowered by the right software tool, can turn customer insights into an engine for change – driving your business toward a horizon of unparalleled customer satisfaction and growth. Every piece of feedback counts, make them work for you.

List Of The Best 17 Customer Feedback Tools

Scouring the “17 Best Customer Feedback Tools in 2023,” list is akin to walking through a gold mine of customer insight solutions. Each software on this list, fine-tuned to capture, analyze and utilize customer feedback, is a testament to the industry’s innovative strides. From one tool’s advanced survey capabilities to another’s multi-channel integration prowess, the list is a comprehensive guide to revolutionizing customer feedback management.

1. Plerdy

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 02

Plerdy is a robust customer feedback tool designed to help businesses collect, analyze, and leverage customer insights. This multi-faceted platform shines especially in e-commerce, providing unmatched clarity on how customers interact with your digital storefront.

Take, for example, a boutique online clothing store. With Plerdy’s features, you’ll see beyond simple feedback forms. The heatmap functionality paints a vivid picture of customer behavior – highlighting the most clicked-on items or sections, allowing you to tune up your website design and enhance user experience.

Key features include:

  • Heatmaps – Visualize customer activity on your site.
  • Sales performance analysis – Gauge which products perform best.
  • SEO-checker – Keep your site’s SEO performance on track.
  • Pop-up forms – Seamlessly gather customer feedback via unobtrusive surveys.

Moreover, Plerdy’s real-time analytics allows you to act swiftly on feedback received. For example, if a particular dress design garners more clicks and positive comments, you can promptly adjust your inventory and marketing efforts, capitalizing on the trend.

In essence, Plerdy doesn’t just provide a feedback tool; it offers a comprehensive suite for understanding your customers better and creating a highly tailored shopping experience. Through Plerdy, you’re not just keeping pace with customer expectations – you’re setting the pace.

2. SurveyMonkey

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 03

SurveyMonkey remains a leading figure in customer feedback tools – a powerhouse for gleaning essential insights from your audience. Imagine running a local yoga studio; SurveyMonkey’s versatile platform empowers you to tap into your clients’ preferences and tailor your offerings accordingly.

The customer feedback software’s impressive list of features includes the following:

  • Customized Surveys – Craft questionnaires that mirror your brand’s unique identity.
  • Smart Insights – Harness AI for intelligent data analysis.
  • Seamless Integration – Blend smoothly with CRM systems like Salesforce for cohesive data management.
  • Multi-Channel Sharing – Distribute surveys through various channels, from email to social media.

For instance, after a class, use SurveyMonkey to reach out to attendees for feedback – what they loved, what could be better, or what new class they wish to try. This real-time, direct customer feedback feeds into your strategy, allowing immediate enhancements or introducing a much-requested Yin yoga session.

3. Qualtrics

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 04

A beacon of innovation, Qualtrics has earned its place in the roster of premier customer feedback tools. This robust platform excels in diverse sectors, from hospitality to tech startups, weaving together a tapestry of insights that guide you toward delivering a superior customer experience.

Key features that make Qualtrics stand out:

  • Predictive Intelligence – Leverage AI to forecast trends and behaviors.
  • Action Planning – Turn feedback into strategic initiatives with ease.
  • Customizable Surveys – Create bespoke surveys that reflect your brand and audience.
  • Cross-channel Feedback – Harvest insights from multiple touchpoints for a holistic view.

Envision a bustling boutique hotel; Qualtrics helps you gather feedback from every guest interaction at the front desk, the spa, or the breakfast buffet. Then, by leveraging the tool’s predictive intelligence, you can anticipate upcoming trends – say, growing demand for vegan options in your menu – and swiftly adapt to meet the evolving needs.

Qualtrics is more than a tool; it’s a visionary partner that empowers you to turn feedback into forward momentum. With Qualtrics at your side, you’re not just reacting to customer preferences but anticipating them, elevating your boutique hotel to the pinnacle of hospitality excellence.

4. Usabilla

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 05

Usabilla stands tall among customer feedback tools, its distinctive capabilities making it an indispensable asset in various industries. Particularly in sectors like online publishing, Usabilla’s prowess shines, turning the tide of customer experience.

Here’s a glimpse into what Usabilla brings to the table:

  • Targeted Feedback – Allows for focused customer surveys.
  • Visual Feedback – Captures screen-based feedback for precise understanding.
  • Campaign Analysis – Measures the performance of digital campaigns.
  • Real-time Data – Provides instantaneous feedback data for quick action.

Consider an online news portal scenario. Usabilla’s targeted feedback functionality allows you to drill down on specific articles or sections of your website for reader opinions. Coupled with visual feedback, you’re not just getting a feel for what readers think – you’re seeing where they interact most on your page layout.

Thanks to Usabilla’s real-time data, you can instantly tweak article positioning, headline phrasing, or image use based on reader interaction. This enables you to optimize user engagement on-the-fly, making your portal more responsive to reader preferences.

By transforming feedback into actionable insights, Usabilla fuels your business’s journey toward the pinnacle of customer satisfaction. With this tool, you’re not just publishing news – crafting experiences tailored to your reader’s interests.

5. Zendesk

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 06

Unveiling a new realm of customer feedback management, Zendesk emerges as a distinguished tool. Its stellar prowess is especially relevant for service-driven sectors, like tech support firms, where understanding and addressing customer needs is paramount.

The compelling features of Zendesk include the following:

  • Omnichannel Support – Collect feedback from various communication channels in a unified hub.
  • Advanced Analytics – Extract deep insights from customer interactions.
  • Customizable Surveys – Design surveys to capture precise customer sentiments.
  • Automated Responses – Enhance efficiency with smart, auto-generated replies.

Picture a bustling tech support firm tackling hundreds of customer queries and issues daily. Zendesk is the linchpin, seamlessly capturing feedback from phone calls, emails, and live chats. This extensive feedback – distilled through advanced analytics – enables you to identify common pain points, improving your services to nip recurring issues in the bud.

6. UserTesting

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 07

Stepping into the spotlight as an excellent customer feedback tool, UserTesting revolutionizes how businesses interpret and act upon user experience. It especially shines in eCommerce, bolstering the bridge between customer interactions and website improvements.

The critical attributes of UserTesting include:

  • Live Video Feedback – Capture real-time user experience via video.
  • Interactive Surveys – Engage users through dynamic questionnaires.
  • Demographic Filtering – Select participants based on targeted demographics.
  • Competitor Benchmarking – Compare user experiences across competitive platforms.

Visualize an eCommerce store selling handmade crafts. UserTesting illuminates the customer journey, capturing live video feedback as users browse, shop, and check out. This immediate, visual insight helps you see firsthand where users might stumble – perhaps a product search function is less intuitive, or the checkout process has one too many steps.

You can refine your website for a seamless shopping experience with this feedback. Furthermore, UserTesting’s competitor benchmarking lets you compare user experiences with rival craft stores. You can tailor your site to outshine the rest by identifying where competitors might excel or falter.

7. Hotjar

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 08

Hotjar, a standout in customer feedback tools, offers a unique approach to gauging user interaction. This tool gives you a holistic view of your website – not just numbers and stats – but actual user behavior.

Key Hotjar features include:

  • Heatmaps – Visual representations of user clicks, scrolls, and interactions.
  • Session Recordings – Playbacks of real user sessions to pinpoint user experience issues.
  • Surveys – Direct feedback tools for specific pages or user segments.
  • Conversion Funnels – Identify where users drop off to optimize the user journey.

Picture a budding online bookstore striving to carve out its niche. With Hotjar’s heatmaps, you’ll see where users hover, click, and spend time – perhaps they’re drawn to the best-sellers, or the e-book section is gaining traction. With this knowledge, you can optimize your layout to guide users effortlessly through your store.

8. Typeform

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 09

Typeform stands at the vanguard of customer feedback tools. Their approach to surveys breaks from tradition – breathing new life into the engagement process with an interactive and conversational format.

What sets Typeform apart?

  • Conversational Forms: A step beyond static questions – interactive, engaging, and conversation-based.
  • Customizability: Style your forms to reflect your brand, maintaining consistency across all channels.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly connect with your preferred tools to streamline data analysis.
  • Analytics: Drill into response patterns to understand your audience better.

The brand can then synthesize the collected feedback using Typeform’s built-in analytics or integrated tools – identifying the popular product lines, customer concerns, and areas of improvement.

Leveraging Typeform, they don’t just gather feedback; they engage in a meaningful dialogue with their customers, leading to a deep-rooted understanding and improved customer satisfaction. With Typeform, the feedback process is smooth but an engaging conversation.

9. Wootric

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 10

With Wootric, the customer feedback process undergoes a transformative shift – it becomes a real-time, data-driven journey beyond conventional survey tools’ limits. This robust tool offers a platform where customers feel heard, and businesses derive actionable insights.

Standout features of Wootric customer feedback software include:

  • Modern Metrics: Embrace Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES) metrics.
  • Powerful Analytics: Analyze open-text feedback with machine learning for actionable insights.
  • Integration Capabilities: Blend seamlessly into your tech stack with over 30 integrations.
  • In-app Surveys: Gather feedback on where your customers are – within your app.

Consider a boutique travel agency looking to fine-tune its offerings. Wootric empowers the agency to launch in-app surveys to its customer base, collecting valuable feedback about their travel experiences – everything from the booking process to the actual trip.

The agency can gauge customer loyalty by harnessing modern metrics such as NPS, while CSAT metrics highlight satisfaction levels. For areas that customers find challenging, CES metrics bring them to light.

Wootric’s machine learning comes into play to sift through the feedback, bringing actionable insights. The agency can then optimize its operations based on these insights – tweaking its booking system or partnering with new local tour operators.

10. Trustpilot

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 11

Trustpilot is a powerful customer feedback tool that creates an online community where voices are heard and trust is built. This platform opens the door to authentic, transparent reviews – delivering essential insights and promoting customer-business relationships.

Distinguished features of Trustpilot customer feedback software include:

  • Open Review Platform: Allows every customer to share experiences.
  • Automated Review Invitations: Ensures feedback from a wider range of customers.
  • Review Insights: Turns reviews into clear insights using data analysis.
  • TrustBox Widgets: Showcases your reputation on your website, boosting credibility.

Suppose a tech start-up building its brand opts for Trustpilot. This platform would act as a bridge, linking the start-up to its customers in a transparent and trusted space. The start-up could send automated review invitations post-purchase, encouraging customers to share their experiences.

The feedback, brimming with real-life experiences, serves as valuable data. The start-up could then tap into Review Insights, dissecting this data to understand strengths and areas for improvement. Finally, with this knowledge, the start-up could refine its products and services, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

11. Zoho Survey

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 12

Zoho Survey stands tall in customer feedback tools, offering a platform that enables businesses to dive deep into the ocean of customer sentiments. Zoho Survey does more than collect data – it molds it into insights that empower businesses to tune into the voice of their clientele.

Striking features of Zoho Survey and customer feedback software encompass:

  • Ready-made Templates: Speed up the survey creation process.
  • Customized Themes: Help businesses align surveys with their brand image.
  • Advanced Reporting: Facilitates understanding through visual and detailed reports.
  • Responsive Design: Ensures surveys look great on any device.

Consider a hospitality chain striving to enhance the guest experience. Zoho Survey would be their compass in navigating customer preferences. With ready-made templates, they’d create engaging surveys swiftly and sprinkle them with the flavor of their brand using customized themes.

The chain would send these surveys upon guests checking out, collecting feedback on various areas – from room comfort to food quality. Then, leveraging advanced reporting, the chain could dive into this data, transforming raw feedback into actionable insights.

Furthermore, the surveys’ responsive design would ensure customers could share their experiences from any device – making feedback collection seamless and convenient. With Zoho Survey, the hospitality chain could consistently evolve its services to meet and exceed guest expectations.

12. Medallia

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 13

Medallia shines in the galaxy of customer feedback tools, providing an experienced cloud that allows businesses to harness customer feedback effectively. A Medallia survey is more than a simple feedback-gathering device – it’s a beacon that sheds light on what customers truly need.

Key facets of Medallia customer feedback software include:

  • Real-time Analytics: Accelerates customer understanding with immediate insight.
  • Multi-channel Collection: Gathers feedback across various touchpoints.
  • Text Analytics: Unearths hidden patterns in unstructured feedback.
  • Enterprise-grade Security: Ensures data remains secure at all times.

Equipped with real-time analytics, they’d instantly decode customer sentiment and swiftly act upon it. In addition, the multi-channel collection would enable them to capture feedback from various platforms, painting a comprehensive picture of the customer journey.

The power of text analytics would help them uncover trends and patterns in the vast sea of unstructured feedback, guiding them toward areas needing improvement. And amidst this, the enterprise-grade security of Medallia would ensure customer data stays safe and secure at all times.

Ultimately, Medallia empowers the startup not just to listen but truly understand their customers, facilitating the design of experiences that delight and retain.

13. Feedbackify

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 14

Feedbackify offers a streamlined customer feedback tool – like a lightning rod for customer opinions, it gathers and channels sentiments directly to your business. A Feedbackify survey acts as a dynamic bridge between businesses and their customers, allowing for a fluent exchange of insights.

Notable attributes of Feedbackify customer feedback software include the following:

  • Customizable Feedback Forms: Tailored to your precise needs.
  • Rich Feedback Analytics: Interpret data, and translate it into action.
  • Multilingual Surveys: Breaks language barriers in collecting feedback.
  • User-friendly Interface: Makes the feedback process a breeze.

Consider an emerging travel agency aiming to carve out a unique space in the travel sector. With Feedbackify, they would get to the core of customer feedback, effectively navigating the torrent of comments and criticisms.

The agency could customize feedback forms to their unique service attributes, ensuring they catch the most relevant insights. Rich feedback analytics would enable them to interpret and translate the data into action, enhancing customer experience. The multilingual survey capability would allow them to tap into global audiences, breaking language barriers.

And the user-friendly interface would make the process a breeze for customers, encouraging participation. With Feedbackify, the travel agency can effectively hone customer sentiments, transforming feedback into a powerful tool to shape its service landscape.

14. Clarabridge

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 15

Clarabridge has carved a niche as a premier customer feedback tool that integrates a robust survey feature seamlessly. Its prowess lies in its ability to gather, analyze, and leverage customer sentiment – like a seasoned gold prospector, and it knows exactly where to dig for valuable nuggets of feedback.

Here’s what makes Clarabridge customer feedback software tick:

  • Text Analytics: Extracts actionable insights from raw feedback.
  • Omni-channel Support: Connects across platforms to draw in diverse feedback.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Provides a deeper understanding of customer emotion.
  • AI-powered: Leverages AI to process voluminous data efficiently.

Imagine a fast-growing fitness brand keen on refining its product line. Clarabridge steps in, mining customer feedback like a trusted partner, helping them sift through countless comments to unearth genuine gold.

The Text Analytics feature extracts actionable insights from raw feedback, steering the brand towards customer-endorsed improvements. Omni-channel support draws diverse feedback from various platforms, expanding the feedback spectrum. Finally, sentiment Analysis deepens their understanding of customer emotions, helping the brand resonate more effectively.

Moreover, the AI-powered efficiency of Clarabridge allows this fitness brand to handle huge volumes of data effortlessly. With Clarabridge, the brand wields customer feedback as a potent tool, sharpening its competitive edge and aligning its products with customers’ desires.

15. ReviewTrackers

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 16

Harness the transformative power of customer feedback with ReviewTrackers – a dynamic tool that pulls in reviews and intelligently analyzes them. It opens up a whole new level of understanding your customers, acting as a lighthouse guiding businesses through the fog of consumer sentiment.

Key capabilities of ReviewTrackers customer feedback software include:

  • Review Aggregation: Draws reviews from over 100 sites into a central hub.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Interprets emotional tone behind reviews.
  • Trend Identification: Flags changes in customer sentiment over time.
  • Competitor Benchmarking: Compares your performance against industry rivals.

Consider the hospitality industry, renowned for its competitive landscape. An upcoming hotel chain decides to delve into customer sentiment – to give its services a meaningful edge. That’s where ReviewTrackers shines.

Ultimately, ReviewTrackers enables the hotel chain to build a brand that hears and truly understands its customers.

16. Mopinion

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 17

Give voice to your customers and power to your brand with Mopinion – a dynamic feedback tool built to cultivate a customer-centric culture. Mopinion pulls back the veil, revealing a wealth of insights and helping businesses master the art of listening to customers.

Notable features of Mopinion customer feedback software include:

  • In-Depth Analysis: Delve into customer sentiment, rooting out critical insights.
  • Visual Feedback: Makes it easy for customers to express their views.
  • Mobile Optimization: Collect feedback across all devices on the go.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Immediate feedback processing and visualization.

Let’s take an example of a burgeoning e-commerce platform. As the platform expands its product range, understanding customer preferences becomes paramount – Mopinion comes to the rescue.

Its In-Depth Analysis drills into customer sentiment, providing the platform with actionable insights. Visual Feedback helps customers express their views freely and intuitively, leading to richer feedback. The Mobile Optimization feature ensures the platform captures feedback across all devices, accommodating the shopping habits of modern customers. Finally, real-Time Reporting empowers the platform with instant processing and visualization of feedback – a tool to adapt swiftly to customer needs.

By integrating Mopinion, the e-commerce platform becomes a brand that doesn’t just sell products but also sells an understanding of its customers.

17. UserVoice

17 Best Customer Feedback Tools In 2023 18

UserVoice embodies the customer feedback tool that bridges the gap between businesses and their customers – a platform where customer voices find the perfect resonance. Packed with features, UserVoice equips businesses with insights that are the backbone for customer-centric growth.

Take an online retail store as an example – it’s bustling with customers with various expectations. Here, UserVoice comes into play, providing a platform where these customers can relay their experiences and expectations.

The features UserVoice customer feedback software offers include:

  • Instant Feedback: Harness real-time customer sentiment to make quick adjustments.
  • Idea Management: Handle user suggestions efficiently and prioritize tasks based on feedback.
  • Smart Voting: Enable customers to vote on the most useful ideas, bringing democratic insight into business decisions.

Instant Feedback helps the retail store adapt quickly to trends or issues, ensuring a smooth shopping experience. Idea Management aids in aligning resources toward updates that matter the most to customers. Meanwhile, Smart Voting empowers customers, allowing the store to understand the highest value-additions according to customer preferences.

Embrace UserVoice, a tool that transforms whispers of customer feedback into a harmonious symphony – guiding the way toward customer-centric strategies and robust growth.

Bottom Line

So, you’ve journeyed with us through the lineup of “17 Best Customer Feedback Tools in 2023” – the finest software solutions for maximizing customer insights. By the time you’ve reached this point, it’s crystal clear that these tools are indispensable for capturing customer feedback, understanding it and transforming it into actionable strategies.

Every tool we’ve examined excels in customer feedback management, each with unique features – from extensive survey capabilities to sophisticated analysis of responses. These invaluable assets refine your customer’s journey, enhance their experience, and boost your business performance.

Plerdy, for instance, its advanced UX and CRO analysis translates feedback into strategic insights, making it a go-to tool for those who want to outshine competitors.

Whether you are a small enterprise seeking to improve your UI or a large corporation looking to streamline customer feedback processes further, there’s something on this list for everyone.

Be bold in exploring these top-tier tools and witness firsthand how leveraging customer feedback can reshape your business. Remember, your customers’ opinions are the heartbeat of your success. So, why not sign up for Plerdy today and start experiencing the power of customer-driven growth? ? ?

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