How To Use Ecommerce Discount Strategies?

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Welcome to the Plerdy channel. My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and in this video, we will get to know how to show offers and discounts on the website.

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Running different kinds of promotional campaigns, offering discounts for subscriptions or organizing giveaways – those are the things that have already become an essential part of marketing for almost every eCommerce store.

However, many advertisers neglect the need for a good presentation and informing the customer about those special offers.

Placing a banner somewhere with the info about some discounts or promotions on the homepage is mostly not enough. At least, we should be aware of the fact that not all of our visitors will be visiting the home page, the majority of them will land on the category page, and even if they go and check the home page, the scroll depth for the home pages is not usually very deep. The banners and the info which is not above the fold – will stay unnoticeable.

But there is a much easier and more effective way to show offers and discounts on the website – set up pop-up forms. There are multiple ways to set up pop-ups, but the main advantage is that a user will see them. If not interested – they will close it, but for the “warm” customers, the correct pop-up will be a trigger for purchase.

To set up a pop-up and show discounts and offers on our website, we need to go to the Forms and Feedback tab and click Build a form. Here we’ve got many different kinds of forms, and basically, all of them are useful but for different reasons.

If our goal is to show offers and discounts, we can create:

  • Email collection pop up
  • Phone number collection pop up
  • Promotional pop up
  • Custom banner

For the first and the second type, it is pretty clear that our goal is to get the contact details of our potential customer, so we offer him, for example, a 10% discount that will be sent to him via email or SMS. And a great advantage of this type of pop-up is that we can use the contact details to send some more discount codes or promotions to this user in the future. Of course, if you agree to receive promotional information from us and won’t unsubscribe. Be careful with that.

Promotional pop-up shows and informs users about some specials on our website. We can offer to check some “hot” positions or restricted items.

Custom banners serve the same reason, but the difference is that we need to have a premade banner containing an image, text and CTA and upload it. For the rest of the pop-ups, we add them separately. The important thing here is that you need to develop a good message and engage CTA to make the pop-up convert. In one of the previous videos, I gave five examples of a good message for pop-up forms. You may check it out for inspiration.

After choosing a pop-up type and creating a design, we would have to set up some display rules and decide when and where the pop-up should be shown. In the end, don’t forget to test it to make sure everything is correct and saved.

That’s all for now. Thanks for watching till the end, and see you in the next videos!

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