14 Creative Email Marketing Examples

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Email marketing can sometimes feel like trying to talk your way into a friend’s busy schedule – you need to be interesting, a bit cheeky, and, most importantly, not waste their time. Here are 14 examples of email marketing that have nailed it, each with its own flair and a bucket-load of personality.

What is Email Marketing?

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Ever heard someone say, “Email is dead”? Well, they couldn’t be more wrong! Email marketing is like the swiss army knife in your digital marketing toolbox. It’s that trusty old friend you can count on to get your message right into the hands of your customers. Essentially, it’s the art of sending emails to promote your business, share news, or build relationships with potential and current customers. Whether it’s announcing a flash sale, dishing out some wisdom in a newsletter, or just saying “Hey, we appreciate you,” each email is a chance to connect and convert. It’s personal, cost-effective, and, if done right, can feel like getting a letter from an old friend. So, roll up your sleeves and let’s get those emails flying out. Your next big opportunity might just be an email away!

Email Marketing Examples #1. The Welcome Wagon

A warm welcome email not only greets new subscribers but also sets expectations. Imagine integrating a video or a clickable tour that guides a newbie through your site’s key features. Include a special welcome offer, like 10% off their first purchase, to incentivize engagement. Make sure your tone is inviting and the content is easy to navigate – think of it as rolling out the red carpet for new guests.

Email Marketing Examples #2. The Personal Touch

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Personalization goes beyond just inserting a first name. Track user behavior to tailor content effectively. For example, if a customer frequently purchases books from a specific genre, send them recommendations in that genre. Use casual language, like “Thought you’d love these thriller picks!” to add a friendly touch. This strategy shows you understand and value their preferences, enhancing their experience and loyalty.

Email Marketing Examples #3. The Newsletter Know-How

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Keep your newsletters exciting by incorporating a mix of content – from expert advice and how-to guides to user-generated content and behind-the-scenes peeks. Make sure each newsletter contains something actionable or interesting enough to discuss around the water cooler. Include engaging visuals and interactive elements like quizzes to keep the reader’s attention. The key is to be consistently informative and entertaining.

Email Marketing Examples #4. The Time-Sensitive Teaser

Use urgency wisely by creating time-sensitive offers that encourage immediate action. Highlight the exclusivity and benefit of the offer. For instance, a flash sale for VIP members only, with a countdown timer in the email, adds pressure to act. Keep the message clear and direct, such as, “Only 24 hours left to access your VIP discount!” This method taps into the fear of missing out (FOMO) and can drive quick responses.

Email Marketing Examples #5. The Educator

Educational content should be both informative and relevant. Suppose you’re selling eco-friendly products; an email explaining the environmental impact of single-use plastics with tips on living more sustainably would be impactful. Include links to further reading and maybe a video tutorial. Position your brand as an authority, which builds trust and keeps your customers coming back for insights.

Email Marketing Examples #6. The Storyteller

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Narratives connect emotionally, so share stories that resonate. Maybe it’s the tale of how your product helped someone achieve their dream, complete with customer quotes and photos. Or perhaps it’s your company’s journey to sustainability. The key is authenticity—let your brand’s personality shine through to create a memorable, engaging story.

Email Marketing Examples #7. The Feedback Fan

Invite feedback through cleverly designed surveys within your emails. Offer a small incentive for completing the survey, like a chance to win a gift card. Keep questions relevant and easy to answer. This not only makes customers feel involved but also provides you with valuable data to enhance your offerings.

Email Marketing Examples #8. The Re-Engagement Ruse

To win back inactive subscribers, send them a “We’ve missed you” email with a personalized deal based on their past purchases or viewed products. Highlight what’s new since they last visited and remind them of what they’re missing out on. This approach should be warm and welcoming, showing them that they are a valued part of your community.

Email Marketing Examples #9. The Milestone Marker

Celebrate milestones with your audience by sharing your successes or commemorating their special moments. For example, on the anniversary of a customer’s first purchase, send a celebratory note with a special loyalty discount or a free product. This not only honors the occasion but also reinforces their decision to choose your brand.

Email Marketing Examples #10. The Sneak Peek

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For loyal customers, provide early access to new products before the general release. Explain why you’re offering this exclusive sneak peek, perhaps tying it to their loyalty or past engagement. Make them feel elite and valued, which can increase their emotional investment in your brand.

Email Marketing Examples #11. The Deal Sweetener

Segment your email list based on customer behavior and preferences to offer tailored discounts. For instance, if someone has been eyeing a high-ticket item in their cart, send them a personalized email with a limited-time discount on that item. The key here is relevance; the more aligned the offer is with their interests, the more effective the email will be.

Email Marketing Examples #12. The Holiday Cheer

Capitalize on holiday seasons by sending themed emails that stand out. Rather than just a generic holiday greeting, include unique content like “Top 10 gifts for tech lovers” or a special holiday recipe. Personalize these emails based on the recipient’s purchase history to make recommendations more relevant and appealing.

Email Marketing Examples #13. The Poll Party

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Engage your audience with interactive content. Use polls to gauge interest in potential new products or to gather feedback on an existing range. For example, a clothing retailer could ask subscribers to vote on their favorite design for an upcoming line. This not only makes the email interactive but also helps guide your product decisions.

Email Marketing Examples #14. The Gratitude Gesture

Expressing thanks can be powerful. Send an annual “Thank You” email to your customers, perhaps including a roundup of how their support has helped your business grow or contributed to charitable causes you support. Personalize these emails with details about their interactions with your brand over the year to make the message feel genuine and heartfelt.


Each of these email marketing examples showcases a different way to capture attention and engage with your audience. Just remember, the best emails feel like they’re talking with you, not at you. So, put a little heart into it, maybe spill a little tea, and watch your connections grow.

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