How to Analyze User Groups?

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My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and today we will get to know what user groups are, how to set them up and analyze them.

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First of all, we need to understand that different types of users behave differently.

This behavior depends on many different factors. Some basic things include the source they used to land on our website, user sex, location, and age.

However, some more aspects make a difference. For example, we may see completely different patterns in the behavior of users who are logged in and users who are not logged in.

To set up those types of user groups, we need to go to Settings.

Here, we add the name of the user groups, and in this field, we see some scripts that you need to give a web admin so that he can add the script to the code.

After you complete this setup, you will be able to filter the data by user groups in the Plerdy reports, like heatmaps, forms&feedback, conversions, etc. But remember that you will get an opportunity to filter only new data, and the old data will stay with no changes.

So now you know what user groups are, and to learn more – watch other videos and subscribe!

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