How to Know if Your Website’s Traffic Quality Is Poor?

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My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and today we will find out how to know that your website traffic quality is poor.

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To understand whether we are getting good relevant traffic, we’ll need to go to the Session Replays Tab.

All the data you should filter separately by traffic channels to determine which audience is less relevant and which traffic channel or campaign is ineffective.

The number of sessions shorter than 15 sec is next to check. If the user was on the website for less than 15 seconds, this is not good.

Also, if users do not make any events on the page, this might be a sign that someone is clicking on the ads to spend your ad budget, or your Facebook or Google campaign isn’t set up correctly and targets the wrong audience.

Basically, we need to analyze three categories of sessions:

0-10 seconds – here, we analyze traffic channels. Ineffective channels, we need to pause. Discuss it with your marketing manager and maybe put more focus on the channels that work better instead.

10-15 seconds – You should see what events occur here. If there are again many sessions with 0 events, also the traffic channels and see what channel brings most of the “inactive” sessions.

More than 15 seconds – here, we will probably see more viewed pages. We can watch the replays of such sessions to analyze the behavior of users and look for where the user is not comfortable, what the user does not click, and what the user does not see. This is very important.

These simple tests and tricks may help you understand why the traffic is of poor quality.

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