If the Site is Single-Page Application, What to do?

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My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and in this video, I will explain how to use Plerdy on SPA websites.

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Even though multi-page applications (MPAs) make up the majority of websites on the Internet, Single page applications (SPAs) are becoming more and more popular. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, GitHub, and numerous Google services are built using the SPA tech.

If you are among that part and you have the SPA website, here is what you need to do:

  • Open your Plerdy account
  • Go to SEO Checker
  • Then go to SEO Settings
  • Choose “I have a site on the JS framework”
  • And……that’s it!

Why are we doing this? SPA sites have different structures, and the scanning of this site is also different. We won’t see the source code of SPA sites in the same way as we see it for MPA sites. So we need to have a different setup to ensure all the data is captured and scanned correctly.

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