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Every corporate marketing strategy should contain a marketing budget or the amount of money the company will spend to sell its products and services. Setting a marketing budget can be difficult, particularly if you have never made marketing efforts. And depending on the sector, the region, and the company’s objectives, marketing spending might vary greatly.

A marketing budget details the precise sums allotted for employee salaries, office costs, equipment purchases, marketing communications, ad design, and certain marketing channels. Your budget enables you to coordinate marketing tactics with organizational objectives and direct funding toward marketing initiatives that provide the best ROI (ROI).
Budgets for marketing are often created quarterly or annually by businesses. They must be thorough and contain every project your team intends to work on in the near and distant future.

Marketing seeks to create a sales funnel or produce direct sales to increase gross income. Key performance indicators (KPIs) must be established as part of your marketing strategy’s overall big picture to develop an effective marketing budget.

The majority of organizations struggle to forecast their advertising and marketing expenses. Since businesses must spend money on promotion, substantial marketing budgets are typically maintained when new goods or services are introduced to the market. Budgets are predicted using the percentage technique, meaning the proportion of sales or profit determines the marketing budget. Besides budgeting, you will also need accounting services and writing an accounting services proposal. It is a crucial resource for the entire business because improper cost estimation can have several negative effects.

Best 9 Marketing Budget Templates

For your marketing objectives to be successful, it is essential to estimate costs accurately. However, you may assess your success by comparing actual spending with predicted costs. Then, your marketing budget becomes a crucial point of reference for modifying your plan over time and developing new strategies.

This is where marketing budget templates come into the picture!

Annual Marketing Budget Template

Best 9 Marketing Budget Templates 01

An annual marketing budget is responsible for all company marketing and advertising activities for a year. It has to be comprehensive yet accessible. The template we are discussing is a perfect example of this vision. It is divided into four quarters, further divided into their corresponding months. The main headers cover

Marketing/Communications, Marketing Research & Memberships, and Marketing Events/ Travels. The budget across the headers is done through the tables, whereas the expenses are recorded at the bottom line. If you are looking for the best marketing budget template to speed up the process, this is it!

Digital Marketing Budget Template

Best 9 Marketing Budget Templates 02

Digital marketing deals with multiple online channels to produce leads for your business and turn them into conversions. Effective digital marketing is impossible without a cohesive strategy. To do so, you need to start with a budget. This digital marketing budget template is perfect as it has as many separate headers as you would want in your budget. All the entries will be easily understandable and accessible to team members. The headers include Investment, Salaries, Revenue, Monthly Balance, etc. Give it a try today and finalize your budget to get started!

Product Marketing Budget Template

Best 9 Marketing Budget Templates 03

Product marketing is an essential preliminary step before developing and releasing your product into the market. There are no shortcuts to this, and you need to be prepared for anything along the way. Smartsheet has developed this template for the product marketing budget. The main categories of headers include Product Research, Market Research, Product Release, Content Marketing, and Others. You can cover the budgeting through quarterly and monthly routes with projections, estimates, and expenses for each entry. One look at this template, and you will know that it is easy to follow and makes the whole budgeting process a breeze.

ProjectManager Marketing Budget Template

Best 9 Marketing Budget 04 Templates

If you are sick of handling expansive spreadsheets where most headers are useless, this marketing budget template by ProjectManager will be a breath of fresh air. It is as simple as it gets. The headers are named with nothing left to the imagination. These include Email, Direct Mail, Online, and Promotions. Of course, you can modify one or all to suit your needs and even their corresponding headers. Yet, it is an exceptional iteration of marketing budget templates based on quarterly projections. A separate cell shows whether your budget went under or over for your convenience.

Quarterly Marketing Budget Template

Best 9 Marketing Budget Templates 05

Smartsheet has also prepared this quarterly marketing budget template. It is expansive and detailed without obstructing access to crucial information that stakeholders want to access readily. There are so many headers that professionals cannot count them on their fingers. On the one side, you would not have to worry about creating a new entry. On the other side, you may have to remove excessive blocks to streamline your work. The template is visually pleasing, with each quarter colored differently. You can enjoy working on this spreadsheet as it will speed up your budgeting process quarterly.

GanttPRO Marketing Budget Template

Best 9 Marketing Budget Templates 06

If you’re a professional willing to easily access the expense status and its priority, then this GanttPRO spreadsheet is a dream come true. It has more rows and columns than you may need and as intuitive and useful headers as you can imagine. They include marketing and advertisement of all imaginable. So, if you are a brand with fingers in many pies, this is the ready-made solution to your needs. It is completely free and ready to download on GanttPRO’s website.

Annual Marketing Budget Template

Best 9 Marketing Budget Templates 07

This annual marketing budget template is unconventional because it employs not a single sheet but multiple sheets to cover different headers. There is a master sheet with the title “Lists Setup”. It would be best to fill in the relevant blocks when setting up the template. After that, you can add values to corresponding sheets in the file, and it will automatically crunch the numbers to produce results. It is a unique way to produce and save results from different sources for different headers. But it is clean and distraction-free. It should be at the top of your preferred templates for an annual marketing budget.

Digital Marketing Budget Template

Best 9 Marketing Budget Templates 08

This is the third time we have used a template from Smartsheet in this list. This is the company you can entrust with your budgeting template needs. This template is expansive and covers headers that you can ever imagine in your marketing campaign, including SEO, PPC, Local Marketing, Content Marketing, and more. As always, the budget is divided into quarters and months with separate columns for totals. Using this spreadsheet for the digital marketing budget should be easy since nothing is left to imagine.

Channel Marketing Budget Template

Best 9 Marketing Budget Templates 09

It can become hard for professionals to manage the budgeting of different channels on separate sheets. But covering all the channels on the same sheet came at a cost until now. Smartsheet offers an extremely detailed yet easy-to-handle sheet. It has headers for all conventional channels, including Retail, Customer Acquisition & Retention, Distributors, etc. The whole sheet is divided to budget quarterly with a row to determine the percentage of the expenses according to total sales. It is the best option if you are looking for a multi-channel budgeting template!


There is no denying that budgeting is a haunting task that must be done and done right. In this blog, I have shared several marketing budget templates with you. They are unique and practical in their way, and you can recognize the one that best suits your needs.

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