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When we join a social network, uploading an avatar becomes an indispensable part of the registration. As a rule, the users worry about the quality of their photos and want to know how the audience perceives them. There are no specific rules which help choose the most appropriate avatar and exciting avatar. The social research provided by Alexander Todorov and Jenny M. Porter investigated what elements of the photo build the viewer’s general impression. Their profile picture ideas include the following:

  • If you smile, do it with your teeth.
  • Use dark costumes with light-coloured buttons.
  • Don’t move your head and keep the chin in one line with the ground.
  • The profile pictures should represent the person, so choose the photos which show only the head and shoulders (waist).
  • Forget about making it symmetrical – twist your camera to find the best angle.
  • Avoid choosing pictures with sunglasses, hats, shadows over the face, etc.

The researchers outlined the primary parts of the body, which the viewers consider to draw objective conclusions. The mouth, eyes, eyebrows, skin are the most noticed. Therefore, let’s find out the efficient profile picture ideas which may introduce creativity to your social network profile.

Profile Picture Ideas for Instagram

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The ideas for the Instagram profile pictures help the users follow their specific requirements. Somebody wants to make the brand recognizable by creating a delightful logo, while others aim at getting more followers by posting lifestyle photos. In the case of online marketing and providing one-to-one services, it is recommended to use pictures with faces if you work in:

  • Coaching or consulting.
  • Freelance.
  • Influencing.

But if using Instagram is a hobby, there is no necessity to choose an official style for your photos. Here you can find Instagram profile picture ideas, which help make the image unique and highly regarded by the followers:

  1. Choose an alternative background. You can use specific tools such as Magic Brush, PhotoRoom, VSCO to choose a suitable background. It should have soft tones to be unremarkable, or you can even blur it to concentrate the viewer’s attention on the main elements.
  2. Change the proportions. It usually looks attractive when some funny profile picture ideas add more attractiveness. You can change the body proportions or stretch the photo’s edges to make it noticeable.
  3. Don’t make it dark. Take photos in bright places to avoid extra shadows spoiling the shot. At least central elements should be of good quality.
  4. Dress in thematic clothes. Try to post profile photos where you wear the clothes outlining your features and associated with your professional activities.
  5. Use the free Instagram Lightroom Presets and achieve the desired effect with minimal time spent.

Overall, the listed Instagram profile picture ideas may help create a good avatar that the users may well perceive.

Profile Picture Ideas for Facebook

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The famous social network is popular worldwide and has gained an official style during the last years. Therefore, it is essential to use photos that represent your face and appearance. The visualization factor plays a crucial role in such a case. It is important to follow the creative profile picture ideas for Facebook:

  1. Look inspiring in the photo. Your appearance should convey confidence and show your unique features from the best side. The hygiene procedures help eliminate any skin defects, which may look unnecessary in the photo.
  2. Represent your uniqueness. If you want the photo entirely to be liked by others, it is necessary to do more than click on the phone’s screen to take it. For instance, you can do your hair, wear your favorite clothes, show a Hollywood smile, etc.
  3. Crop the pictures correctly. Even if you are convinced that the photo perfectly suits the profile, the incorrect cropping may spoil the effect. Place the face right in the center and expand it to take more space.
  4. Don’t use group photos. The profile should primarily represent its owner, so it is unnecessary to use pictures with somebody in such a case.
  5. Analyze celebrities’ profiles. You can find good Facebook profile picture ideas when looking at the accounts of famous people. Their experience in mass media made them use only excellent photos.

You should also consider the size and the quality when choosing a profile photo. It will help if you use specific tools to add effects that make the background and the main elements more remarkable.

Profile Picture Ideas for TikTok

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The most widely used social network profile photo ideas should always be attractive. When noticing an exciting picture, the user wants to find more interesting content in the profile. The profile photo should correspond to the video subject and represent the specificity of the content. Therefore, take into account the following TikTok profile picture idea with the help of Kapwing (a free video editor) to create an attractive avatar:

  1. Select a 1:1 output size.
  2. Remove the background leaving only the most necessary elements of the front.
  3. Export and save the picture.
  4. Add extra details such as title, link, profile ID.

The aesthetic TikTok profile picture ideas may also include thematic drawings corresponding to the profile’s content. It is recommended to use laconic and soft pictures perceived by the users pleasantly.

Profile Picture Ideas for YouTube

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More than 1,5 billion YouTube users worldwide demand regular updates of the content. People choose suitable channels and enjoy the videos of famous bloggers, players, reviewers, and others. Therefore, its significant popularity makes it essential to choose the avatars which attract the audience and show the main idea of the content. Follow the tips and YouTube channel profile picture ideas to create the proper profile picture:

  • Use Placeit to choose the thematic image from the suggested list (you can use filters to customize the search).
  • Choose the 800×800 pixels size of the avatar when adding it to the profile.
  • Keep the circular crop and place the main logo elements in the center.
  • Use a few colors to avoid conglomeration and make the picture memorable.
  • Coordinate the logo with the banner (make them the same colors).

Youtube profile picture ideas help choose the most suitable avatar for your channel and attract more customers to enjoy its content.

To Sum Up

Overall, profile picture ideas make your account in the social network attractive. Choose a suitable photo, correspond to the necessary rules of its editing, and add it to your profile to make the followers positively perceive it.

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