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In the world of SEO, you might have heard of Screaming Frog. It is a top British Search Engine Optimization agency located in Oxfordshire. Its team is famous for eponymous analyzing software for website optimization professionals.

It provides powerful improvement instruments to make a site more prevalent and efficient. Screaming Frog SEO Spider checks a website for errors (missing content, broken links, etc.), extracts data, and creates technical audits.

Why is it so good and trusted by customers? We’ve analyzed dozens of Screaming Frog SEO spider reviews to give you a versatile recall with crucial advantages and disadvantages.

What does Screaming Frog offer to its customers?

In almost every Screaming Frog review, the user admits various functions. You’ll find an impressive collection of Search Engine Optimization tools and instruments. There is everything to make SEO plans more informed and logical. Here are some popular ones:

  • broken links searcher to escape 404 errors with automatic analysis to fix the mistakes in real-time;
  • deep titles & meta-data analysis allowing for detect improper descriptions and titles length;
  • checking pages for full and partially duplicated and missing content;
  • preparing a website for migration to avoid losing SEO ranking and valuable content;
  • an ability to automate technical audit creation, schedule them, and deliver data to a particular location.

It is just a part of basic options. This software can do much more! What is essential for many clients, Screaming Frog Spider deals extensively with JavaScript frameworks such as Vue.js, Node.js, React, and others.

The next part of the instruments helps with visualization. You can create sitemaps or visualize website architecture in the app. Most options are accessible in a paid version that costs $209 per year. With a free subscription, you’ll meet limitations. For example, you can crawl only 500 URLs, and two-thirds of functions are blocked.

Should You Use Screaming Frog?

According to Screaming Frog reviews, this software became a must-use for many successful businesses and helped them to achieve higher positions in search engines. This Search Engine Optimization spider has deserved customers’ love through excellent work since its release in 2010. For 12 years, a team has constantly updated its creation and added new functions.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider reviews show that the agency rapidly reacts to its’ audience requests so that the appliance will be comfortable for you. While it is simple for Search Engine Optimization professionals, a newcomer may get confused and find an app too complicated. Prepare to spend time learning and getting acknowledged with the interface.

As an individual, you may use a free subscription. Its’ abilities are limited but still enough to manage a small personal website and do regular checks. A paid version will be good if you own an agency or regularly deal with many websites. It offers unlimited URL crawls and a wide range of analytical functions. Compared to other similar programs, Screaming Frog’s pricing is the cheapest. Instead of expensive monthly plans, you buy an affordable year license. Still, we recommend you try free versions of this software and some alternatives to find an optimal one.

Screaming Frog Review

We’ve analyzed Screaming Frog SEO Spider reviews by CEOs and company leaders, compared them, and chosen the most informative ones.

  1. Screaming Frog Review of John Lincoln, the CEO of Ignite Visibility marketing agency, notes that the software is not cloud-based and very poor in the free version. But then highlights the ability to analyze the whole website with a single link and great crawling functions.
  2. Screaming Frog Review of Samy Mansour, the Access Group digital project manager, finds this software a great starting spot for Search Engine Optimization projects. He also notes that it is easy to use and clear. In addition, it helps Samy with proper page identification. Still, he dislikes the interface as far as it is out-of-date.
  3. Screaming Frog Review of Archith Revankar is a digital marketing executive in a small business. He primarily applies it for regular technical audits, daily debugging, and workability control. Reports are in-depth and detailed, but Archith notes a mess in the delivery, so a newcomer will hardly understand them.
  4. Screaming Frog Review of Zacharia Nicola is a mid-market digital marketing manager from Pacific Coast Advertising. As main advantages, he tags fast and easy setup and the amount of data he receives from the analysis. In addition, the tool covers the most needs for him and his company, and the range of instruments is wide enough.
  5. Screaming Frog Review of Zhivko Stanev, a marketing manager in Dentaprime company, in his Screaming Frog review, writes about data presentation. He applies it for onsite Search Engine Optimization audits and saves time on preparing offers for clients. There are useful data export functions and the ability to sort them. However, it takes plenty of time to get used to the interface.
  6. Screaming Frog Review of Heiko Tröster, the head of marketing in Datapine, has been using the Screaming Frog software since 2014. He recommends it to all content managers and SEOs. Functions he likes are fast technical support reaction and debugging by the team. One of the main benefits for him is a low price.
  7. Screaming Frog Review of Udaya Krishna Shrestha, the mid-market Software Engineer at Vriya Technologies, likes the variety of functions and automatizing possibilities. Still, he finds crawling uncomfortable because he must keep the PC working all the time, and internet problems can spoil the whole process.
  8. Screaming Frog Review of Stepan Isaenco, a digital marketing manager from Serpstat, finds an instrument more stable and valuable than alternatives. He wants there to be some tutorials and how-to materials for new users.
  9. Screaming Frog Review of Alyssa O’Mara, an SEO agency owner, applies Screaming Frog daily and supports her clients with it regularly. The only problem is crawling problems when traffic becomes too big.

Summing up, most of Screaming Frog’s reviews are positive. This program fits small and large businesses and can deal with big site crawling. There are rare problems, and you must spend time learning. However, this software is worth trying for its impressive abilities and years of successful development.

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