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The profession of search engine optimization analyst is gaining popularity all over the world. Internet users are interested in this field of activity and the average salary of a specialist. An SEO analyst is engaged in identifying problems and gaps in the content of sites – during the active development of online business, these professionals are in great demand.

According to Google Trends, the search query SEO analyst is still relevant. The surge in interest was observed during the summer of 2017, after which it slightly decreased but remained at a stable level. Since 2020, users have become more likely to search for detailed characteristics of this type of activity. However, until today, there has been a stable interest in the profession.

Let’s look at geographic localization: the most active in the search for data on SEO analysts are residents of the United States in the states of New York, Florida, Texas, California, Oregon. In the region, along with the description of the SEO analyst profession, users request the SEO analyst salary numbers.

Entry-level SEO Analyst salary

The rookie SEO analyst salary is roughly $40K per year, according to the ZipRecruiter website. However, the service indicates a range of $33,500-45,000. This difference is because, in addition to the level of training of a specialist, income depends on several factors.

Different American companies offer SEO analysts different salaries. However, they put forward basic requirements for applicants:

  • Experience.
  • Profile education.
  • Possession of special tools.

An SEO analyst can work in the office or work remotely.

Let’s take a look at specific examples of how entry-level SEO analysts can expect to earn:

  • BizIQ (Phoenix, AZ) is looking for SEO analytics, promising an annual salary of $40-50K. Full-time office employment is assumed.
  • Agency FIFTY3 (Denver, CO) SEO analyst pays $19 hourly, and employees can work remotely and part-time.
  • Robert Half (Austin, TX) is hiring an SEO analyst on a project basis with a salary offer of $50K per year.

Job seekers may feel that there are few SEO jobs posted on job sites. However, this is not the case – many companies are looking for complex, versatile specialists. Such experts are engaged in analytics and other processes related to search engine optimization of sites.

As an example: 97th Floor LLC (Lehi, UT) is looking for an SEO specialist. The list of requirements and job responsibilities includes an item on SEO analytics.

Junior SEO Analyst salary

The average junior SEO analyst in the US makes $49K a year. The position assumes 1-4 years of work experience. Considering the previously acquired knowledge, skills, and experience, a specialist can already apply for a salary increase at the initial stage. The territorial location of the company is often decisive.

For example, in San Jose, CA, SEO analysts have higher bids than other cities in the state and the country. Beginners can also look forward to increased wages in Oakland, CA, and Tanaina, AK.

Accordingly, if the location does not play a secondary role in choosing a company for employment, it makes sense to prefer cities where you can earn more.

In addition, you can always find vacancies on a remote basis:

  • Brainlabs (Chicago, IL) is looking for a junior analyst, $8,000 per month.
  • Creative Circle (Chicago, IL) is looking for a freelance SEO analyst job. The applicant can combine work with other activities and earn more.

Obviously, within one of the highest-paying US cities, Chicago, SEO analysts can find different forms of employment. Including partially remote, contract, or full freelance.

Junior SEO Analyst salary in the USA

Let’s take a closer look at SEO analyst salaries in different cities in America.

Town Pay per hour Pay per week Pay per month Pay per year
Hayward, CA $30 $1,208 $4,833 $58K
Seattle, WA $29 $1,166 $4,666 $56K
Santa Cruz, CA $31 $1,250 $5,000 $60K
San Francisco, CA $32 $1,270 $5,083 $61K
Seaside, CA $30 $1,198 $4,792 $57K
Concord, CA $28 $1,146 $4,583 $55K
Dallas, TX $25 $1,000 $4,000 $48K
Overland Park, KS $26 $1,020 $4,083 $49K
Norwalk, CT $27 $1,062 $4,250 $51K
Phoenix, AZ $24 $991 $3,966 $47K

According to the table, earnings differ even at the entry-level of a career. The above experience does not always mean that a search engine optimization analyst will not earn, for example, $50K or more. Suppose an SEO specialist develops intensively in his niche in a short period. In that case, he will raise his value and move to the next level earlier than other SEO professionals.

Mid-level SEO Analyst salary

The average SEO analyst has an income of $59K per year in the United States of America. However, this is the average salary and can vary.

Incomes do not differ dramatically at this level, as observed in the labor market among higher-level specialists. The same applies to the location indicator – the income of specialists, give or take, is at the same level. For comparison:

  • CeberCoders (West Des Moines, Iowa) offers a starting salary of $65K per year for part-time, part-time work (3 working days in the office, the rest remote).
  • Healthgrades (Fort Mill, CA) pays mid-level professionals from $60K, and the work involves an employee working full-time from an office.

Companies are reporting the growth in SEO junior analyst salaries. The maximum salary ranges from $100K – $120K in annual terms.

Mid-level SEO Analyst salary in the USA

In the table, we will consider the income of SEO analysts in real terms.

Town Pay per hour Pay per week Pay per month Pay per year
Brooklyn, NY $34 $1,354 $5,416 $65K
Paterson, NJ $35 $1,416 $5,666 $68K
San Francisco, CA $39 $1,562 $6,250 $75K
Lakes, AK $37 $1,479 $5,916 $71K
Bellevue, WA $37 $1,469 $5,875 $70,5K
Chicago, IL $36 $1,431 $5,725 $68,7K
San Jose, CA $40 $1,604 $6,416 $77K
Irvine, CA $38 $1,500 $6,000 $72K
Brockton, MA $36 $1,437 $5,750 $69K
Stamford, CT $33 $1,333 $5,333 $64K

If you want to increase your salary as a mid-level specialist, you need to improve professionalism, take on more responsibilities in the company, and show initiative.

Senior SEO Analyst salary

Top-ranked SEO analysts in the US earn $91- $95K annually. The level assumes that the specialist has been in the profession for more than ten years, sometimes occupies a management position in the relevant department of the company. Depending on the volume of work, the team of subordinates, and individual results, a senior analyst earns almost unlimited money.

Senior SEO analysts are appointed to the following positions:

  • Head of Search Engine Optimization Department.
  • SEO director.
  • A technical SEO specialist.
  • Senior SEO Manager

And these are just some of the positions that one person often holds. His salary can be two or three times that of a typical senior SEO analyst.

Senior SEO Analyst Salary in the USA

In the table, let’s look at the salaries of senior SEO analysts in different regions.

Town Pay per hour Pay per week Pay per month Pay per year
San Mateo, CA $50 $2,000 $8,000 $96K
New Haven, CT $47 $1,875 $7,500 $90K
Brockton, MA $46 $1,833 $7,333 $88K
Bellevue, WA $44 $1,770 $7,083 $85K
Wasilla, AK $47 $1,896 $7,583 $91K
Austin, TX $46 $1,854 $7,417 $89K
New York, NY $49 $1,958 $7,833 $94K
Seattle, WA $50 $1,985 $7,941 $95,3K
Phoenix, AZ $45 $1,812 $7,250 $87K
Jackson, WY $48 $1,937 $7,750 $93K

In addition to the basic salary, professional SEO analysts receive annual bonuses. The average is $7,000, equivalent to approximately 8% of their salary.


If you plan to work in search engine optimization, you may want to consider different job options. The reason to pay attention to the work of an SEO analyst is the demand for personnel at enterprises of various sizes, their versatility.

What skills and abilities will you need? Explore job sites. Read the requirements for beginners and professionals with years of experience. The information will help you determine your place in the labor market and potential areas of growth. Then, based on the difference in salaries, constantly monitor job sites to find higher-paying jobs for SEO analysts.

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