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Each digital marketer knows about the importance of SEO in standard online promotion. The Google algorithms for SERP consistently change, which requires choosing a complex approach for a long-term marketing strategy. The keywords are the #1 priority factor for search relevance, so it’s necessary to build a promotion around different techniques for using keywords. That’s why the emphasis is on optimizing web pages considering the “people also search for” (PASF) strategy.

The method is based on making the website appear in “People Also Ask” results. The specific widget represents the most actual requests based on the topic’s peculiarities. After the initial request, there are usually 4-6 related statements, but more will appear with each click on them. Google analyzes your behavior when you choose the most necessary request and gives you more detailed ones. So, let’s discover why such a function is important for SEO in 2022 and how to optimize your website to introduce it in “people also search for” results.

Why Is “People Also Search For” (PASF) Important?

Due to the statistics, at least 5-10% of users use the widget’s information to get the most relevant result. And among those who interact with PASF, 40% click on the link to do detailed research on a website. As we see, taking place on the list is efficient because it allows increasing:

  • Relevance. Semrush research shows that Google uses the text content from the most relevant pages for PASF, refining the initial user’s query. So, the optimization makes Google perceive your page’s information as the most actual.
  • Targeted traffic. If the primary SERP does not suit the request, “people also search for” allows users to get what they need detailing their inquiry with several options. It helps well-optimized websites attract more profitable clients.
  • Conversion rate. The customers who get the relevant search results usually visit the website to make an action (hire services, purchase products, read the blog article, etc.). As a result, the amount of profitable interactions increases.
  • Online presence. The “people also search for” tip can appear at different places of SERP, and it’s usually among the first three search results that give better online visibility.

The users interact with the feature more with mobile devices (51%) than the desktop browser (49%). Such facts confirm the function’s importance in modern promotional techniques.

How to Use People Also Search For (PASF)?

A complex approach is required to make the website entirely prepared for Google’s PASF filtering. SEO experts suggest using the following step-by-step process:

  1. Research the top-ranked pages for different keywords. It may help to use the specific online tools to determine the actual requests and see what pages are primarily provided by Google.
  2. Analyze the PASF widgets. Create an Excel table with the maximum of “people also search for” requests.
  3. Choose the keywords with the highest search frequency. Then, understand what customers usually type in the Google search bar and define the most relevant words.
  4. Make sure the website is not in PASF. It’s only made to avoid spoiling the website position by unnecessary changes if it’s provided in the widget.
  5. Understand if the website can appear in the widget. If it’s not in the SERP top 10, the chance to appear in “People Also Ask” is low.
  6. Optimize your web page. Implement all the information you gathered during the investigation to make the web page suit the frequent “people also search for” statements.

The content should be improved considering the new positions represented in the widget to make the web pages relevant for a long time.

Best 5 Tools Help You Find What People Search For?

Keyword research is better provided with the automatic tools that represent various indicators for the keywords (volume, CPC, position, etc.). Here, you can find the list of the most efficient online instruments for getting the data for SEO optimization.


People Also Search For - 01

The tool is famous for its time-dependent content discovery feature that provides the following data:

  • Trending ideas (from 1 day to 5 years).
  • SEO insights (most relevant content, keywords, subheadings, etc.).
  • Distribution tips (where to share the content for client engagement).

The Chrome extension also helps save time on durable content research and choose the best keywords for the “people also search for” feature.

“I like its efficient content suggestion tools,” – Stephen F, Marketing Specialist.

Answer the Public 

People Also Search For - 02

The tool’s AI uses an enormous database for predicting what users ask most frequently. Then, its keyword ideas help customers get the latest information about the search requests in the specific marketing niche.

“It gave me the insightful information for content optimization,” – Pemba Tshiring S, SEO specialist.


People Also Search For - 03

The tool was developed by Neil Patel and is characterized with:

  • Domain overview (organic and paid keywords, paid ad cost).
  • Top SEO pages.
  • Content ideas.
  • Backlink data.

Each client is consulted about the instrument’s use depending on the specific company’s “people also search for” optimization requirements.

“The perfect tool for those who begin using SEO,” – Raj S, Small Business Manager.


People Also Search For - 04

It’s one of the most famous toolsets for complex SEO, including URL, link, content explorers, link trackers, etc. It helps determine what keywords customers search for and get detailed information about the online performance (crawled URLs, issues, referring domains).

“It is the best marketing assistance tool for my business,” – Dinesh T, CEO of Small Business.

Term Explorer 

People Also Search For - 05

The tool is efficient in modern SEO because it provides:

  • Competitive data.
  • Complete report history.
  • Trust and relevance scores.

The detailed analysis helps get enough data to understand what people search for.

“It’s at the core of my keyword research process,” – Nick Eubanks, VP of Digital Strategy.

To Sum Up

Overall, “people also search for” is an essential feature that improves the website’s online presence and provides the best result for customers’ requests. Therefore, it’s necessary to implement the latest SEO characteristics to the content and become a search leader among the competitors.

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