Main reasons why the Plerdy script doesn’t work after being installed

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You followed the instructions and installed the Plerdy tracking code on the website, but the status is still “Tracking code is not installed”, and no data is collected?
First, check whether there is a Plerdy tracking code on your site. In this regard, open DevTools (on the F12 keyboard) and do the following:

  1. Select the Network tab.
  2. Select JS data.
  3. Enter “Plerdy” into the search box.
  4. Refresh the page.
  5. Check if the data in item 5 appears.


If item 5 is empty, read on.

Please, check for the errors related to the method of the Plerdy tracking code installing:

  1. If the code was installed using GTM, check whether you have done everything according to the instructions, and also check if the changes are published in GTM.
  2. If the code was installed through CMS, but Plerdy does not find it – this may be due to the caching module. Please, try clearing the cache in CMS and your browser.
  3. If the code was installed directly in the website code before the closing /body tag – check whether you have installed the correct code because it is unique for each domain. Make sure the ID in your account matches the ID posted directly on the site.

I’ve checked for the errors related to the method of installing the code – everything is correct, but there is no data in the cabinet

  1. You may not have chosen a date, or you may have chosen an incorrect date. Check if the code you have installed on the site has been set in the selected period, or if the “Today” period has been selected in the calendar on a report page. If the script was installed today, you should select the “Today” filter because the data for today is not displayed in the “Month” period.
    why do not work-4
  2. Check whether the Plerdy tracking code is not duplicated. The code should be added only once.
  3. Check whether any parts of the tracking code are not duplicated. This error you can often meet on the SPA sites.
  4. Check the console (on the F12 keyboard and the “Console” tab) that the Plerdy code has not been locked. Follow these instructions to fix this.
    Main reasons why the Plerdy script doesn’t work after being installed 8
  5. Check if the “referrer-policy” server isn’t blocked. To the effect, do the actions demonstrated in the screenshot.
    It should be like this.

    You can find a more detailed description here.

I’ve checked according to all the previous recommendations – there’s no error, the data is being collected, but the Plerdy panel is not displayed on the site, and I can’t view the reports: 

1. Please, check the console to see if the Plerdy iframe is not blocked.

Main reasons why the Plerdy script doesn’t work after being installed 9

If yes, grant access for .plerdy on your server. Read the detailed instructions at this link.

2. Certain plugins may also block redirects or their script on the site may cut the referrer.

In this case, try deactivating:

  • caching
  • CDN
  • firewall/security plugins.

Then, you will be able to find out what could have caused the problem and fix it.

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Cannot make it work. I’m testing other similar products and works perfectly…Any ideas? is the website…

Hi, What exactly is not working? Please add a request in support of that in your Plerdy account.

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