How to connect Plerdy using Google Tag Manager?

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You can connect Plerdy tools to your website through Google Tag Manager (GTM). To do that, you need to have a personal Google account and register in GTM.

The setting up procedure consists of 3 stages:

  • Create a new GTM account (if necessary) and add the code to your website.
  • Set a new tag in GTM;
  • Check the presence of the tracking code on the site.

Let’s take a closer look at these steps.

1. Create a new GTM account and add the code to your website.

1. Sign in to Google Tag Manager. After that, you will land on the Tag Manager page.


2. Click the corresponding option to start account creation.


To create an account, you will have to complete two steps: add the name of the account and your country. And add the container name, select the “website” type of use and click Save.


Finally, accept Google Tag Manager Terms of Service Agreement.


After that, you will get the code to paste on your website.


3. Copy the given GTM code and paste it on your website (if you haven’t added it before).

2. Set a new tag in GTM.

4. Go to GTM and click Workspace.


5. In the “New Tag” window, select “Add a new tag”.


6. In the new window, click on the “Tag Configuration” field and select “Custom HTML” in the list that appears.


7. Add the code of Plerdy.


You need to take the Plerdy code in your personal account on the “Settings” – “List of sites” page by clicking on the eye icon:




8. After setting the code in the “Custom HTML” field, click on the triggering window.


9. Select “All pages” and click “Add”.


10. Save the settings and name the tag.

11. Done! You have created the tag.


12. To activate the tag, you must publish it. To do this, click the Submit button.


13. Before publishing the tag, you will be offered to specify its version and description (optional).


After saving, the tag information will be displayed.


That’s it. Plerdy’s functionality is fully available for use.

3. Check the presence of the tracking code on the site

After publishing the created tag in Google Tag Manager, we recommend that you make sure that the tracking code is still present on the site.


  1. Go to the site/or site page where the tracking code should be present.
  2. Press F12 on your keyboard.
  3. In the open window select the “Elements” tab.
  4. Press Ctrl + F and type plerdy in the search box.

If there is a mention of plerdy on this page, congratulations! The data will now begin to be collected in your personal account.

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