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Website optimization is a significant factor in becoming a competitive and beneficial company. It bothers me when you are dependent on improving the objective parameters, such as user experience and interaction level, the loading speed, web design, etc., on meeting the expectations of modern customers. Due to the latest algorithms of the Google search machine, relevance usually plays a decisive role. Many search optimization aspects should be considered to make Google place the website on the top of search results. Therefore, SEO monitoring software can help determine the advantages and flaws of your website and provide a quick analysis of the current SEO condition.

What Is SEO Monitoring Tool?

SEO monitoring tool includes tools, which are used for analyzing the most significant parameters of relevance. It is a specific indicator responsible for determining the conformity of the content to search requests. For sure, to find out all the key factors is impossible due to their regular changes. But optimization of several of them can seriously influence the website’s ranking and make it suitable for most requests.

The main parameters, which can be optimized with the use of SEO & social monitoring software, are the following:

  • Website traffic. The website becomes recognized by the target market.
  • Use of keywords. The automated semantic analysis helps to pick up the most suitable keywords for your content.
  • Linkbuilding. Track income and outcome links and manage the existing partners by links.
  • Content optimization. New ideas for your content can be easily picked up with the help of a specific tool.

As a rule, deployed statistics are provided with SEO monitoring software. It contains information about the workability of objective parameters, which influence the relevance of your website. The solutions for their improvement are suggested due to the latest optimization algorithms.

SEO Monitoring Tools From Plerdy

Plerdy team developed SEO monitoring tools to track the visible and invisible relevance parameters. Since 2017, customers from all over the world have been confirming the high efficiency of the tools. Plerdy’s tools are valued because of:

  1. “A comprehensive package, which needs each website’s audit”, – Mohammed Faizan Ahmed S, Marketing Strategy Coach.
  2. “Great solutions for visitor activity analytics”, – Fulvio D, CEO of an online business.
  3. “Amazing tools for B2B qualification”, – Martin G, Creator of the Rashômon Method.

The several Plerdy SEO monitoring software tools can be tested for free. A quick result with statistics due to the exact period will be provided.

Website SEO Checker

The analysis of essential metrics can be provided by the specific Plerdy tool. Its standard functions are the following:

  • Automatic audit of the keywords and check of the titles, subtitles, descriptions and other essential SEO characteristics.
  • Integration of Google Search Console API for better analysis of added and missing keywords.
  • Viewing the parameters’ changing history.
  • Exporting data to Google Analytics (optional).

SEO & social monitoring software from Plerdy takes less time on website audit, which helps to save time and human energy.

SEO Checker TemplateMonster Audit

The TemplateMonster audit was provided with Plerdy’s SEO monitoring software. SEO Checker detected mistakes on more than 400 pages of mobile versions and more than 300 pages of the desktop version of a famous marketplace. The common mistakes were in standard title structure and relevance of the semantic core of the pages.

Best 7 SEO Monitoring Tools

BlackFridayDeals has analyzed different SEO monitoring software tools and made a general rating of the most efficient. The parameters, which were considered are the following:

  1. Page authority.
  2. Domain Authority.
  3. Alignment of a landing page.
  4. Keyword management.
  5. Related Keyword suggestions.
  6. Advertising/PPC metrics.
  7. Difficulty in scoring.
  8. Webpage crawling and backlink tracking.
  9. Google Search Console Integration.
  10. CPC Metrics.

Each of the listed parameters is considered essential in optimization using SEO monitoring software, and highly demanded web products should always follow them.


Seomator is a popular business SAAS tool focused on SEO optimization of online marketing agencies. It provides SEO audits of the websites and helps fix misunderstandings between the online marketing agencies and websites, who want the optimization to be more elaborately. Many companies, such as ReliableSoft and ZEO, have already become a partner of Seomator and confirmed the efficiency of its SEO monitoring software.

Little Warden

A company, which offers specific SEO analysis of the web resources is capable of doing the following functions:

  • Expiration checks.
  • Status check.
  • Change monitoring.
  • Indexability check.
  • Sitemap validation.
  • Malware detection.

Little Warden offers different subscription types depending on the specific functions of SEO monitoring software. Polemic Digital, Aira, and others have already used the tools of a company.

Bright Local

The company provides tools for higher website ranking and increased search visibility. It has a staff of more than 150 experts, working in different countries all over the world. Tracking local website rankings, audit citations, white-label reporting, integrating GMB insights, and other essential functions can be provided with the SEO monitoring software of Bright Local platform. IKEA, Hilton, iProspect are the companies who trust the company and regularly use its tools.


AccuRanker is a popular rank-tracking platform that provides an efficient and up-to-date analysis of important SEO parameters. Custom template reporting, regular ranking updates (including keywords and content updates), and in-depth analysis make the platform competitive among the other SEO optimization companies. It is trusted by McDonald’s, HBO, SalesForce, WPP, etc.


The platform has a toolset of custom SEO monitoring tool, which acts as one unit. The toolset includes:

  • Keyword tracker.
  • Page speed monitoring.
  • SEO monitoring.
  • Uptime monitoring.
  • Syntax checker.

Simple interface with personalized solutions is the main advantage of Screpy, which differs it from other SEO platforms.


Senuto offers a list of different solutions of SEO monitoring software, which helps to introduce essential SEO aspects. They include:

  • Visibility analysis.
  • Content planning.
  • Daily monitoring.
  • Keyword explorer.
  • Internal linking.
  • SEO consulting.

Starcom, Leroy Merlin, DHL, and others trust Senuto products and optimize online resources.


The Oncrawl SEO monitoring software helps to meet the expectations of most modern users and improve the essential ranking factors with custom tools, which include:

  • SEO crawler.
  • Log Analyzer.
  • Oncrawl Labs.
  • Business intelligence solutions.

Forbes, Rakuten, Canon are the partners of Oncrawl and use its tools to support most enterprise SEO efforts.

To Sum Up

Overall, SEO monitoring tools help improve the website’s relevancy and place it onto the high positions of Google search results. Define what parameters you need to improve with the specific tools and optimize them in the shortest period.

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