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20 Ways To Find Email Addresses

31 July, 2020

The development of Internet technologies has also affected the communication sector — today everyone can freely communicate with a person from anywhere in the world, provided only there’s access to the Internet. However, this does not solve the problem of losing important information. In case you lose, for example, an email, and have no other contacts, you’re unlikely to re-establish the connection. Fortunately, there are many ways to quickly find the necessary email address even if it’s not in your contact list.

Who needs to search for email addresses, and how it works 

This special feature is regularly used by, for instance, recruiters. Resources, such as LinkedIn, have their own search. However, it’s more convenient to use a special service with which collecting information from several web resources takes a few seconds than to search for email addresses manually.

As for the principle of such services’ operation, they can be divided into 2 types:

  • the services of the 1st type collect information, freely available on social networks, LinkedIn, GitHub, and other Internet resources. One may search not only for email, but also for address, movement history, and other details;
  • the services of the 2nd type make up several dozens of the most popular combinations based on the input data (first name, last name, and domain) and then check the availability of the resulting email addresses. You will only need to send a letter to each of them.

Ways of quick searching for email addresses 

You won’t manage to achieve 100% results all the time, but all the services have different efficiency coefficients. If one search failed, try an analog. At least 1-2 of the methods listed below will work out.

Voila Norbert

This service gives you only 50 free searches. You’ll have to pay to get more. Voila Norbert offers service plans starting from $49 per month for up to 1000 searches. Selecting the most expensive option, that is $499 per month, you’ll get 50,000 searches. If you need intermediate data values, you can always buy additional credits at the price of $50 for 500 credits.

Search for email addresses can be executed via both a browser extension and a personal account. The procedure is the same. On the website:

  • go to the “Prospecting” section and select the “Manual” tab (manual search). In the fields, enter the surname and first name of the contact you are looking for, as well as the domain;


  • after a couple of seconds, you’ll get the result. The service automatically checks whether the found email addresses are working. You can immediately establish contact and send an email;


  • there’s a possibility to search for several addresses at once. For this, you need to upload a CSV file containing the names of companies as well as the names and surnames of their employees;


  • another useful feature is the search for accounts, the current position, and the geographical location of the person who owns the email on social networks. In truth, there is no trial version. You’ll have to pay $4 to search for information even on one address.


The service is suitable for both marketers and casual users who have lost important contacts.


The website provides you with 10 free credits (1 credit — 1 search). For more, you will have to pay. The basic service plan implies the payment of $19 for 500 searches, and the most expensive one – $99 for 10,000 credits per month.

One can search for contacts through both a browser extension and your personal account on the service’s website. There is no difference due to the same procedure:

  • on the service’s website, go to the “Prospecting” tab. To start searching, you need to fill in all the fields – specify the name and surname of the wanted person and the domain on which the email might be registered;


  • get a whole set of email addresses. For each email, the probability that it’s in a working order is indicated in numbers. Apart from a single search, it’s possible to upload a list of email addresses in a CSV file and find several contacts at once;


  • When working with the browser extension, the same procedure is maintained. You also need to enter your first name, surname, and specify a domain.


Just like other services, this one enables you to verify email addresses, i.e. check their availability.

This service offers 50 free search queries per month. The next service suggests the payment of $49 per month, and the maximum level of access is provided with the “Enterprise”  service plan implying a monthly fee of $399.

Apart from searching for email by the person’s name and the company they work for, suggests exporting search results in CSV format for all service plans except for the starting one.

Guideline on the search service:

  • in the domain search section, enter the name of the company’s website and get the email addresses associated with it. Besides, the search results specify where the email was found. A green mark opposite to the search result indicates its availability and whether the sent email will reach it;


  • in the email finder section, one can find contacts of a specific person working for the company and their corporate email. Enter your first name, surname (in English) and the website name;


  • in the verifier tab, the availability of the found address can be checked. Check also whether an email can be sent to it and whether it will reach the recipient.


In addition, has a browser extension that takes no more than 10-20 seconds to search.

Finder Expert

Finder Expert provides all registered users with 300 free searches per month. If that’s not enough, you can pay $39, $59, or $69 for additional 5,000, 10,000, and 20,000 searches, respectively. The work is done through a free browser extension.

Working with various mailboxes and social network accounts, the search automatically collects email addresses of companies and individuals. Let’s consider the guideline:

  • after installing the extension, go to your mailbox, enable the extension, select the item and click on the “Save” button;


  • you’ll get a list of email addresses from the resources where the extension was enabled in your personal account in the “Companies” tab. By clicking on the corresponding line one can see a list of addresses;


  • there’s a search by domain, first name and surname. Entering your first name and surname will be enough to get the appropriate email addresses in the search results.


This service is ideal for quickly searching for contacts of the wanted person with whom you’ve already hold correspondence. In a couple of seconds, you can search based not only on your email addresses, but also on your social network accounts. For most basic users, 300 free searches per month is enough.

eMail-Prospector Pro

This tool is more suitable for business needs. A demo version of the software is available at for free, It suggests 50 free email searches. An annual license will cost you $1195. Moreover, the developer offers Lead Grabber and the Pro versions of this program for $3495 per year.

The procedure is the same as for web versions of analogous services:

  • we’re interested in the “Contact” tab;
  • fill in the “Full Name” and “Company” fields on the tab;


  • then click on the “Find” button and get the most probable email of the person. During the search process, the program automatically checks the availability and functionality of an email.


Among the program’s additional features, we should specify the user’s opportunity to make some notes and the option to export found emails in a single file.

The service offers 50 free email address searches monthly. The initial service plan charges $29 for 1000 searches, while the maximum option is unlimited search for $139 per month. The availability of email addresses can be also checked on the service.

There are 2 options for searching email addresses — through your personal account and by collecting them from the visited websites with their subsequent analysis. Let’s puzzle out both variants and start with an online search for addresses:

  • after logging into your personal account, click on “Find email”;
  • specify the first name and surname of the person whose contacts you are trying to find. Also identify the possible email domain. Otherwise, the search will fail;


  • Click on the “Find email” button and you’ll see the search results below. In our case, it took 9-10 seconds to find the contact. The service automatically checks the functionality of the found email. The green circle opposite to the address indicates that the email is live and you can send an email to it.


The second way is suitable for collecting addresses from the visited websites quickly, uploading them to your personal account, and their further analysis. The extension works not only with regular websites but also with mailboxes, and LinkedIn.

After installing the extension, the work is carried out in the following order:

  • after installing the extension, go to any website, for example, LinkedIn. In the search, enter the first name and surname of the contact you are looking for, and get the result;


  • enable the Email Finder extension. The results of the search on LinkedIn will be displayed on the window. Click on the “Find Emails” button;


  • the search parameters can be left by default. If you don’t need to save the previous search results, select the appropriate option;


  • it takes 10-15 seconds to search for and collect email addresses (depending on their number on the page). You will receive a notification when the process is complete;
  • All the found email addresses are displayed in your personal account on the website.


The availability of each email found is checked automatically.

Clearbit Connect

This is a free browser extension working with Gmail and Outlook. It provides you with access to information on any company for free and a list of email addresses of its employees. It comprises search filters by first name, surname, and the position held.

To use it:

  • install the Clearbit Connect extension;
  • after logging to your Gmail account, you’ll see a new icon on the right side — click on it to enable the extension;


  • the “Find emails” button is responsible for searching email addresses. The “Invite” button allows you to invite new users and get more free searches;


  • enter the company name in the window, opening after clicking on “Find emails”, with the search bar and recent search queries. Let’s try finding Plerdy’s contacts;


  • as wee see, there are 3 contacts in the search results. In large companies, there can be dozens of positions in the search results. To make your search easier, use the first name and surname filters, as well as the “Role”, that is the position held, filter;


  • by clicking on any of them, you can see the working email addresses.

From a convenience perspective, this is one of the most convenient ways to search for functioning emails. However, it’s not suitable for searching for basic users’ email addresses. Furthermore, to conduct a successful search you need to know exactly what company the person works for.


This service makes it possible to find not only an email, but also all the available online information on a given name and surname. Spokeo started as a social media aggregator in 2006, but after 2 years it turned into a search service. In 2010, the feature of searching for contacts was added.

It provides no free searches. Instead, the service offers low prices for the full feature set of the search service. So, a monthly access will cost you $13.95. But if you pay for 3 months at once, the price is reduced to $7.95 per month. You can also buy a one-time search, getting full access to the results for $0.95.

For search:

  • indicate the person’s first name and surname on the website’s search bar. Then click on “Search now”;


  • get the search results;


  • one can gain access to detailed information for money.


This service does not always manage to find the necessary contacts. We recommend using it in cases when you need not just an email and phone number, but complete information. It’s also possible to find out one’s current location, the history of their movements, get links to their profiles on social networks, and their home address.

Spokeo doesn’t steal this data, rather it finds and provides it only if it’s in the public domain.


The service suggests conducting contact search via its own browser extension. LinkedIn is supported. So, all found addresses can be saved in your personal account on the website.

They offer 10 free credits (1 credit = 1 search) for evaluation purposes. Then you will have to pay for access. Service plans’ price starts from $49/month to $499/month, and the number of searches is 500 and 6000 respectively. There is an option to enter into contract on individual terms.

An example of working process:

  • the browser extension must be installed;
  • One can perform a quick search by entering the first name and surname or a company name through the extension. The search is carried out via Google. You’ll see all LinkedIn contacts associated with the specified company in the results;


  • and this is how the search results look like;


  • a new panel is added onto the right side of the LinkedIn website. After searching for contacts on LinkedIn, they can bee saved through this panel by clicking on “Add all”;


  • your personal account stores all the data on the found contacts, such as a list of email addresses, phone numbers, and places of work. You can add your own notes to each of the contacts.


The found contacts can be exported in CSVCSVCSV,t. You can also upload your own contact list to Aerolabs and work with it through your personal account.

Signal Hire

Signal Hire is an advanced search engine that enables searching for people not only by their first name and surname but also by keywords. While searching, one may apply a lot of filters. Only 5 free searches per month are given for evaluation purposes.

Considering payment, there are several options with a fixed cost of $79 per month. For this money, you get either 1000 email searches per month, or 200 phone number searches. Individual rates are also present.

The search is carried out through your personal account:

  • there’s a list of filters used for searching to the left. One can apply a geographical filter (specify the city or zip code), or set the person’s first name and surname. The position should be specified, selecting whether the person is holding this position now or used to hold it. The words describing the work of the person you’re looking for are entered in a keyword string, like, for example, “Amazon, developer”. Advanced search settings are not available in the free service plan, which gives an opportunity only to set the company name, select the field of work, and identify the years of employment in this company;


  • Search results are displayed in the central column. In the right part of the screen, a detailed information about the contacts is provided. The found contacts can be added to the list of tracked ones, the information can be exported in a pdf file, or you may contact them directly via email;


  • the Signal Hire extension is more of an auxiliary element. It is used not for searching email addresses, but rather for exporting the contacts found on LinkedIn and viewing information on them.


This is a useful browser extension. Unlike similar offers, demo access, in this case, is provided for a month, without limitation of the search queries quantity.

As for the service plans, the starting price is $5 for monthly access (the number of search queries is not limited), and the maximum is $20 per month. The differences between the service plans are explained by additional features. For example, integration with CRM systems is available in the PRO version.

Email addresses are searched through the extension:

  • a new button appears above the email list in the mailbox, after clicking on which the extension’s window opens. We are interested in the “Prospecting” tab and the “Search” section;


  • enter the name and surname of the wanted person in the section, along with a possible email domain. Then click on “Find Email”. Let’s try to find an email address for the query “Andriy Chorny” with the domain ;
  • in the results, we see working email addresses and a list of all verified emails. There are a lot of combinations, but there are only 3 functional ones. One can write a letter to each of them to finally make it clear which one is needed.


The service automatically creates all possible combinations of email names on the basis of the specified words and domain, as well as uses them to check the availability of the addresses. can also be used separately for verification of email addresses.

Contact Out

It offers both a browser extension (quick data collection from LinkedIn) and a thoroughgoing email search through a web app. All registered customers are supplied with 5 free searches. By the way, the rates are not specified on the site.

To search for contacts via your personal account:

  • go to the “Search” section. On the left, there’s a menu with search filters. Specify the contact’s first name and surname, the company for which they work, the position, skills (for example, what programming language they’re proficient in), geographical location, country, length of employment, what field they work in and where they studied. The search is detailed, but you don’t have to apply all the filters. If you are looking for new employees, for instance, you can stick to just specialization, experience, and country;


  • get a list with search results. Each item contains a link to their LinkedIn account, functional email, companies they worked for, and other characteristics. For the sake of convenience, suitable candidates can be saved by clicking on “Save Profile”;


  • saved contacts can be found on the “Dashboards” tab. They can be grouped into a separate folder, and exported in a CSV file;


  • as for the extension, it’s used to quickly collect information from your LinkedIn account. Find the person you need, enable the extension, and get available email addresses and other contacts in a second. Using the extension, one can save a contact and keep on working with it through your personal account.


Contact Out is ideal for headhunters due to its very flexible and fast search.


Sellhack is a good and rather fast search service enabling one to find email addresses even if they’re hidden from public viewing. New clients get 10 free searches.

If you pay for monthly access $5 per month, you will get 100 searches, for $19 — 350, for $49-1000, and for $99 — 2500. When purchasing an annual tariff rate, you may be granted a discount. You can work through either your personal account or a browser extension.

Working through your personal account:

  • go to the “Search” section. In the “Keywords” field, specify keywords or the company name. In the “Exclude” field, identify words that should not appear in the search results. In advanced settings, it is possible to set the country, city, and scope of work;


  • the search is performed on LinkedIn, stackoverflow, Twitter, GitHub, Google+. Search results are displayed as a list;


  • the “Add to” button enables you to add the found contacts to the list and keep on working with them.


If you know the person’s name, surname, and place of work, you can go another way:

  • in the “Email Tools” section, select “Go discover”;


  • insert the name and surname of the wanted person, as well as the company name;


  • get the result. The email address is automatically checked.


The service is suitable for both recruiters and people who have lost important contacts.


The service is distinguished by the flexibility of the search. Search results can be filtered by 12 parameters, starting with a company name and ending with a zip code. 100 free search operations are provided for evaluation purposes.

The basic service plan suggests $40 per month for 1000 credits (1 credit corresponds to 1 search), the maximum – $200 for 10,000 credits per month. Apart from the standard search through your personal account, there is also a browser extension. It much simplifies collecting contacts from LinkedIn.

The work is simplified to the maximum:

  • set the necessary filter from a list on the left;
  • as far as new selection criteria are added, the number of appropriate contacts decreases;


  • all found contacts can be uploaded in a CSV file;


  • working with a CSV file is barely convenient since the information turns into a mess of text and special characters.


The extension works only with LinkedIn.


In comparison with LeadGibbon, the searchability of LeadMine is not so rich, and it has no browser extension. Monthly, 10 free searches are provided free of charge. The starting service plan suggests $29 for 100 credits, the maximum one – $299 for 2500 credits.

Working through your personal account:

  • you can conduct the search through the domain name. You are not expected to enter anything except for this query;


  • the output is the information on all employees of the company. Data can be saved;


  • An advanced search for leads is also available. There are 11 filters available, including the ability to restrict search results by geographical area;


  • the “Email Finder” tab is responsible for the realization of a separate search for email addresses.  The search is executed by purely domain name or by first name, surname, and domain name altogether.


As for the extension, its functionality is by no means rich. In the search bar, enter the position and company where the wanted person works.


We get results both through Google search and in the table on the right side of the screen.

The service provides demo access. But then you’ll have to pay for monthly or annual access. Prices start from $49 per month for 1000 searches along with 100 downloads and go up to $149 for 5000 searches and 500 downloads. There are individual rates and discounts provided you pay for annual access.

Work is carried out online through your personal account:

  • there is a simple search. All you need is to enter the company name in the search bar;


  • and get a list of its employees’ contacts. In large companies, the number of employees reckons by the thousands. On the right, there’s a set of filters which can be used to drop unnecessary contacts;


  • there’s also an advanced search. It differs from the usual search with the abundance of filters. In addition to specifying the first name and surname, the search query can be enhanced by adding keywords and restricting the search to a certain city. There is an option to filter the search by companies the wanted person previously worked for or didn’t work for (the list of companies is loaded in csv format);


  • Provided that filters are set up correctly, the search can be narrowed to as many as a few names even in corporations like Microsoft.


The service differentiates itself from other services by its low cost and search flexibility.

Advanced search via Twitter

Twitter is popular. Thus, a huge number of people leave email addresses in their tweets daily. We aim to find them.

To achieve this, you can use to find mail addresses in the tweet history of people you’re interested in. Three requests are provided for free. Then you’ll have to connect to one of the 3 service plans. The basic one costs $9.99, and the unlimited one – $49.99. When working:

  • specify the person’s Twitter nickname;
  • in the “FOR” field, enter the text “email me”;
  • and we see the email address in the search results.


Another way to work with Twitter is through the advanced search. This is absolutely free. The only search parameters to set up are the “email at” phrase, and a link to the desired account in the “Accounts” field.


In the results, we get all the email addresses mentioned in this person’s tweets.


Free search via DuckDuckGo

A regular search engine can help you find the email you need. We recommend using this method with the DuckDuckGo search engine.

Here’s the search algorithm:

  • enter the query text in quotation marks in the search bar. To search, you need to specify the part of the email address after the @ symbol. Besides, indicate the first name and surname of the mailbox owner;


  • in the search results, we get the desirable email address.


If the email is not public and it’s not posted on the website, it won’t be displayed in the search results. What’s more, this method does not always work out when searching for ordinary people.

We recommend using it to search for work email. When searching with the, domains, we are getting too many results.

Export of contacts from LinkedIn

When you realize that you can’t find the address you need, this is usually because the search is limited to contacts in your mailbox. You look at the list of incoming and sent emails, check the Spam folder, and then you give up.

The vast majority of users forget about the possibility of exporting contacts from LinkedIn. If you have previously dealt with this person, their contacts are likely to be found in a couple of mouse clicks.

To accomplish this:

  • log in to your account and go to the Network-Contacts section;


  • You’ll see the “Export contacts” button to the right. Click on it;


  • in the new window, select the “Contacts” item and request the archive. You’ll be asked to enter your LinkedIn account password to confirm the request. In a few minutes after making the request, you’ll get a regular csv file comprising a list of your contacts’ email addresses.


The last step is to search for the email address you need through the document. It provides no absolute guarantee, but this method is absolutely free, so we recommend using it necessarily.

If you have been using LinkedIn for a long time, then you have a high probability of success.

Selection of the mailbox name

This is a free method, suitable in those cases when you know something about the needed person, but the search in specialized services failed. Follow the order:

  • collect information on a person — their first name and surname, nicknames used on other Internet resources, date and year of birth, date of email creation. If the domain is known, this significantly narrows the search;
  • now, select the most popular combinations. Let’s imagine that the recipient’s name is Oleg Petrov, he was born in 1990, and his email address was created in 2010. Probably, we’ll get such variants like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and other combinations. Use Email Permutator to select all possible variants;


  • send emails to these addresses and then wait for a response.

This method is the last hope. There’s a probability of finding the right combination in such a way, but it is rather low.


It is not only forgetful people who need to search for email addresses. This is regularly used, for example, by recruiters. Thus, the methods described above remain in demand.

These services are rather good because they are time-saving, especially in cases when you need to quickly find contacts of dozens of people. They do nothing illegal since information is searched on such resources as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, stackoverflow, GitHub. Searching for this information manually would take you hours.

There are a lot of services with a similar feature set, and all of them provide free searches for evaluation purposes. So try them out, choose the most suitable one and don’t lose important contacts.