3 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability

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What do you usually think, when the subject Email Marketing is brought up? Do you think of your Email Reputation? How about your Email Deliverability Rates? Your Bounce Rates? Or perhaps your Conversion Rate?

We associate Email Marketing with so many things, but one of the highlights of this subject is the Email Deliverability. Here’s the thing, no matter how compelling your subject line is, or how informative the email copy is—no one’s going to read it if it lands on the dreadful spam folder.

Come on! Nobody’s reading emails that are already in the Spam Folder.

The Inbox, on the other hand, is another story. According to Opt In Monster, promotional emails have 18% open rate and 3.7% engagement rate while social media has 0.07%—this implies that email marketing surely is ahead of the game.

The exact reason why you should consider email marketing in your business strategy. Statistics from the same source says that 77% of the people prefer to use their email when it comes to permission-based promotional messages.

Email Marketing in Singapore

Statistics from Digital Influence Lab states that most of the Singaporean Citizens use the internet to conduct their research before they buy a product or service offline. What does it have to do with Email Marketing? You see, if people are conducting their research with the intention to buy, they could become your lead. If they see your website and thinks you have what they’re looking for; plus the relevant contents you have, they will most likely subscribe to your newsletters.

Think about it. This person may become your customer. So if you have good email deliverability, you can guide the person down the funnel.

What is Email Deliverability?

It’s the ability to deliver your emails to your subscriber’s inbox. It pre-determines your placement in your recipient’s inbox.

It is essential for an email marketer to know his or her rate when it comes to delivering emails. Whether or not you’ll be sent to the Spam Folder or in the inbox. If your email doesn’t get opened that much, you might want to improve your email deliverability first.

What Causes Low Email Deliverability?

  • Your Sender Reputation is Low

Your sender reputation

Sender Reputation determines your trustworthiness. If your reputation is low, your email will most likely be blocked out by the mailing clients or will find their way on the spam folders.  One of the factors that affect your sender reputation is the spam complaints. The more complaints you get, the lower your reputation gets. Your open rate and email bounce rate also affects your reputation.

We have further discussed the factors that damage your sender reputation here.

  • Poor Mailing List Hygiene

You may find this reason in almost every guide out there, but that is because it is really that relevant. Although a lot of us see this job pretty unlikeable, it is essential to keep a clean mailing list. You want to make sure the contacts on your list are active. I highly recommend that you do an email segmentation on your mailing list. Pick out the inactive ones, put them in a separate list.

  • You Got Caught in a Spam Trapspam trap

Everyone in the email marketing industry knows to pick up contacts from another website, is illegal. It has been discussed by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. And although this is act has been up and running, you still did it—now Mailing Clients are blocking you out.

Mailing Clients intentionally plant a trap email to websites, and if you send your mail to the trap email, your IP Address will be flagged as a spammer. You can no longer send emails to your subscribers. This is a sure way to ruin your email deliverability.

  • No Email AuthenticationNo Email Authentication

Mailing Clients confirm your identity through Email Authentication. If you are not authenticated, the Mailing Clients may not allow your messages to pass through. Or they might put up additional filters to decide whether or not your email should be delivered.

Fortunately, you can still pull your Deliverability Rates up.


1. Control Your Bounce

If you’re not familiar with this, this bounce refers to the bounce mail. From the name itself—it means the email you sent was not able to reach your recipient so, the email is sent back to you.

There are 2 kinds of bounces, the soft bounce and the hard bounce.

  • Soft BounceSoft bounce

Is a temporary failure. Mails like this bounced because the mailing client’s server failed, or the inbox is already full. Because this bounce is only temporary, your email will be delivered if the failure is fixed.

However, you should still monitor soft bounces. If your email bounced for more than 10 times, we highly recommend that you separate the email and investigate what’s behind the bounce. You don’t want this to affect your email deliverability.

Soft Bounce Management: The soft bounce threshold should be set low. Usually, it is set to 10.

  • Hard Bouncehard bounce

A permanent failure which is usually caused by a non-existent, blocked, or invalid email address. These are the kind of bounces that you should be careful of. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) take this bounces seriously. Because this bounce indicates your mailing list hygiene.

Hard bounce could also mean you just sent an email straight to the spam trap. Not this could injure your email deliverability severely because this could get you blacklisted.

Hard Bounce Management: Retire the email that got a hard bounce, although some of Email Service Providers do this automatically for you, there are some who don’t.

2. Never Buy a Mailing List

You’re just starting out, and you want to give yourself a little ‘boost’ on your campaigns, so you bought a mailing list. Please do yourself a favor and don’t do this. For the love of email marketing do not do it. Purchasing a list is nothing but buying troubles.

Here’s a short list of what problems it may give:

  • Spam ComplaintsSpam Complaints

If your recipients do not remember signing up for your newsletters, they might report you as spam.

  • Bad Quality ContactsBad Quality Contacts

You don’t even know where the emails are from. You just bought them for a good price. You don’t know it has been cleaned up, whether or not it has a spam trap.

  • Trigger Spam FiltersTrigger Spam Filters

ISPs set up filters, and if they notice the number of spam complains you get, your mail could be blocked, bounced back, or land on the spam folder.

  • Poor MetricsPoor Metrics

If people don’t even remember subscribing from you, the recipient may not open your email. If your open rate is low, your email deliverability might get affected.

A small mailing list which you got honestly is better because the subscriber signed up for it. And because they signed up for it—you will get higher open rates, and this can raise your email deliverability.

3. Be Noticed By ISPs

Earlier, I mentioned about a small mailing list. You see, subscribers who opted themselves in will most definitely open emails from you, interact with it, and even click the links you placed in it. All of these are a green flag to ISPs. The more your subscribers are opening,  interacting, and engaging with your emails, the better you look in the ISPs eyes. If you look good in their eyes, you will be noticed—positively. If they do notice you, you will have a better placement AND better email deliverability.

Final Thoughts:

Email Deliverability is one of your Email Campaign’s base because no matter how good content is or how compelling your subject is—if your email deliverability sucks, your efforts of creating that email is wasted because your recipients will not be able to read it.

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