20 Business Automation Ideas

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Automation is an important aspect of improving all industries. The combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence is creating a new stage in business automation. Digital transformation of business project strategies and models is the only way to succeed by increasing sales and driving growth in any market segment.

The main advantage of implementing business automation measures is controlling the situation from different angles and making adjustments in a reasonable timeframe. Competent management of business rules and processes has always allowed us to adapt to changing market demands quickly. Standalone BRM and BPM components now require an IT add-on. This concept allows you to solve many issues and ensure transparency and accuracy in executing similar routine processes. New technologies can also help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a business automatically. Sometimes they even provide hints for improving algorithms. Additionally, interactions with current and future customers are optimized while internal actions and operations schemes are made more efficient.

Business automation centralizes actions and reduces the influence of the human factor. Manual errors are minimized while the efficiency of the company is increased. Added to these positive trends in the ease of tracking expenses. The focus of employees’ activities is shifting to intellectual tasks. The saved time and energy can now be applied to high-level processes, such as solving complexities on a strategic scale. The leader and subordinates will have a clearer view of the business goals and their plans for achieving them. The company can focus on the needs and wants of the customer base while at the same time, relations within the team are being established. It becomes easier to find and retain qualified specialists needed to make the organization’s development smoother and more pleasant in such comfortable conditions.

20 Business Automation Ideas

The software market is replete with proposals for the automation of small and medium-sized businesses. Before choosing a software package, it is necessary to determine the needs of a specific project. It is important to form a list of simple, staff-friendly, and safe algorithms that you plan to implement.

Let’s highlight several marketing automation ideas for attracting and retaining customers:

1. Tracking customer behavior on the site. This set of effective tools offered by CRO Plerdy allows you to clearly define customers’ preferences regarding different parts of the site. Displaying the change in sentiment when making adjustments provides a clear understanding of tactics and strategy.

2. Personalization of correspondence. An indispensable element of modern marketing is personalized emails. Generalized texts no longer attract attention.

3. Generating hot leads through online forms. Automatic forms will do a great job of subscribing new users to all kinds of free offers.

Business automation technologies also affect the quality of customer service. The software allows you to simplify:

4. Organization of meetings. Calendar management platforms make it easy to arrange online and offline appointments with clients.

5. Planning group events. Convenient planners of collective events with individual access for visitors makes planning much more efficient.

6. Analysis of significant amounts of information. Processing large amounts of data and maintaining tables of "hot" leads with manual input is both time-consuming and contains a significant percentage of errors. It is better to entrust this task to RPA.

7. Solving client requests without the participation of an employee. A personal account enables a client to use individual sets of automated services without contacting a company representative.

8. Handling support requests. Chatbots will promptly answer simple questions posed by users so that specialists can devote their time to more difficult situations.

9. Evaluation of the urgency of user requests. It is convenient to analyze the urgency of the call automatically.

10. Analysis of complaints. Processing and analyzing reviews and questions is greatly simplified by implementing the appropriate technological algorithms.

When considering the internal processes of the company, more often than others, there is a need for partial or complete automation:

11. Hiring staff. HRMS systems are used to filter suitable candidates for vacancies and reduce the complexity of searching for a human resource.

12. Informing and training new staff. After hiring, you can set up automatic training systems to familiarize the new employee with their responsibilities, inform them about the rules, and provide other systematic training materials.

13. Facilitate communication. Sending notifications and emails to employees should not be done manually. Automation of typical communication algorithms will increase awareness of the state of the business and improve the consistency of actions.

14. Controlling subordinates. Employee tracking maps will help you determine which of your hired people are effective and who only creates the appearance of work.

15. Accounting. Automated accounting will eliminate errors in financial processes. The introduction of electronic document management will change the way you look at the paperwork.

16. Reporting. A painful task for many employees is filling out the same reports multiple times. Save the time that goes into entering duplicate data by automating. Leave only the important, changeable parameters for manual entry.

17. Filling out various forms and documents. Smart forms for leave requests, time tracking, and expense records are other factors that can be improved through automation.

18. Performing repeatable tasks. It is better to entrust identical tasks to RPA technologies to avoid human error.

19. Grouping data from warehouse and trade operations. Forming a single panel with information about the goods in the warehouse will greatly facilitate the work of the sales department and everyone involved in the process.

20. File sharing. Simplifying file sharing with Google Docs, Dropbox, and other similar services will help you quickly find the items you need, avoiding waste.

The use of a holistic ERP system or its modules helps plan and accelerate various processes for many people and departments in an organization.


Business automation is a win-win strategy for improving the efficiency of businesses in all niches. It allows you to streamline processes and achieve high cost and resource savings. Thanks to saving time and effort on the routine, it becomes possible to attain new directions of business and introduce progressive ideas

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