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Bulk Email Marketing Campaign Guide

12 October, 2017

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An email campaign, run in a competent way, gives an online store a lot of advantages in work with clients. You can use it not only as a tool for an effective communication and holding an audience, but also as means of generating repeated sales and motivation for taking necessary conversion actions. Mass email-marketing for online stores is a key tool in the field of e-commerce, its effectiveness is hard to overestimate. When registering on a website and making an order, a client has to type his email address. Statistically bulk mail helps online stores make around 7% of all deals. It’s quite a big number, so, there are no doubts this tool will be relevant for a long time.
But let’s mention that emailing can be different. It can be both an irreplaceable assistant for your business on its way to success and a waste of time and efforts. Effective mass mailing for an online store is most often achieved by the method of tries and fails, by numerous testings and constant work on improving a quality of communications with a consumer audience.

In this article we will go through ways and methods, usage of which will make the most effective email-marketing campaign for online stores. You’ll get to know how to avoid widespread mistakes, made by a lot of those who use unsuccessful and trivial templates of bulk mail. As a result of our recommendations, you’ll be able to create a competent marketing campaign with a usage of hyperlinks.
Despite the fact that in the recent years there appeared a lot of other tools and channels of working with customers, according to specialists’ researches, mass email-marketing isn’t losing its popularity, still being a highly efficient way of work. With a proper setting of segmentation bulk email is a very reliable option for an online store, since you send emails to the target audience that finds your information interesting and useful indeed. Moreover, mass email will create for you such advantages in e-commerce that you won’t get from any other marketing channel:

  • building a database of subscribers;
  • holding and extending a loyal audience;
  • ensuring regular and repeated sales;
  • motivation for taking conversion actions;
  • build long term relationships with clients.

We should also mention that one of mass mailing advantages for an online store is a relatively low cost of supporting its activity.


Effective mass emailing may happen to be such a kind of task, which is hard to do in one day or even one month, so, be patient. But if it’s done properly it brings its results. And you should understand that your main goal is to slightly push a client to make a purchase either immediately or in future. You’re not running an entertaining magazine and not planning just to add more friends. Your goals are different and they should help your business develop.
First and foremost, it’s necessary to understand, that a user needs to be motivated in order to subscribe for your emails. Emailing should make him act. Usually, it is an offer to notify a client about new items in stock, promotions, discounts, and also a possibility to receive exclusive offers, available only for subscribers. This way, you get an audience eager to take any action.
The process of making a quality email-marketing campaign for an online store can be divided into 5 main stages:

  1. Determining goals necessary to achieve by means of the mail campaign. It can be sales, a promotion of certain goods, encourage loyalty, and holding an audience, or any other motives.
  2. A strategy of running an email campaign is developed according to the chosen goals. This is when you determine the style of your emails (serious, entertaining, etc.), how emails will be designed, whether they will be segmented and personalized.
  3. Making email-marketing plan. The regularity of sending emails is determined. The optimal case is 1-2 emails per week. If you do it not this often, the effect from email-marketing decreases, and if you do it too often it may be annoying for subscribers and they will unsubscribe. As for the days when you need to send emails, let’s have a look at the results of one of researches on this topic:email marketing plan
    As you can see, weekdays will be in priority, since they read emails a lot more rarely on weekends. Nevertheless, for some subjects it can be quite the opposite, so, the only accurate answer you can by running tests.
  4. Check whether emails are sent properly. Mistakes get eliminated, if found. It’s difficult to make everything work ideally at once. So, before sending bulk email check whether everything works properly. Send your emails to a test email address list and see how the content is shown on different devices.
  5. Analytics and tests of experiments. Subject lines of emails and internal links, a content sorted by blocks, and the general design of email influence how often the links are clicked and how many users proceed to your website. That’s why it’s necessary to test different options of introducing these components and check on the effect that it brings. It will help you achieve the highest possible rate of your emails being opened and the links they contain being clicked.

For an unprepared person the steps described are hardly understood and clear, and getting into it takes a while. So, it’s better to assign this task to professionals who will ensure really quality results, so that you can take care of other business processes personally.


A marketer’s nightmare is 99.9% of letters from online store mass mailing getting deleted without even being opened. What can be possibly done not to let that come true? 10 useful tips that will help you increase the amount of emails opened and read by potential customers.

  1. Those, who don’t pay enough attention to quality copywriting, can hardly count on customers’ loyalty. An interesting, bright, alive, and competently written text should be the basis of an online store email-marketing campaign.
  2. A subject line is crucial. Make up multiple subject lines and choose the best ones.
  3. Bulk mail is highly effective when an audience is deeply segmented. Try to sort subscribers by groups according to their age, interests, and other important factors.
  4. Conciseness. A few sentences and a picture that makes to take actions: sometimes this is totally enough for email-marketing to bring the expected result. Clients are unlikely to read long emails.
  5. Concentrate on a call to action. If you fail to explain even to yourself what you want to achieve by means of mass mailing a client doesn’t even stand a chance. Express your point to clients as clearly as you can. You shouldn’t send them a list of goods and expect them to figure out what to do it.
  6. Hours of sending emails. Send emails during the time when your clients are the most active. Analyze your subscribers’ habits and interests. Mail should be sent promptly. It will more possible to succeed.
  7. What kind of advertising emails do you delete without even opening? Have a look at the folder of deleted emails, go through them, and tell yourself why they got there.
  8. Avoid phrases that trigger spam filters. Spam commonly contains phrases like: “Only today”, “For free”, “Help”, “Order now”. Mind that emails, that go to spam, most probably will never be read.
  9. Remember that an online store email-marketing campaign should be run according the optimal frequency. Too often is bad, too rarely is even worse. Clients shouldn’t forget about you, but at the same time they shouldn’t be annoyed by you. Emailing your clients twice a week is quite fair.
  10. Run a test by sending different kinds of emails to different groups. Monitor what turns to be more effective and attracts more clients.

Let’s not forget that more and more users now use mobile devices to check their emails. So, you need to make sure that your emails are properly shown on all kinds of gadgets.


Email-marketing is by all means a beneficial and profitable way of work, but you need a database of subscribers to send emails to. You can obviously buy a it, but then you waste your email-marketing strategy and your bulk email will be just regular spam. So, we highly recommend not to do that. You need to build the database yourself. And we will tell you how to do that in order to get as many email addresses of your potential clients as you can.

Proven ways of of building an email database include the following:

  • a form of subscription on the website of an online store;
  • a suggestion to subscribe during registration or making an order;
  • exclusive offers for subscribers only (promotions, discount, etc.);
  • Use other websites in your niche to advertise your email campaign;
  • running competitions that only subscribers can participate.

You can use all of the methods both as a complex and by testing each of them individually, looking for the most effective one. The point is simple: you should start building a database of subscribers from determining benefits for users which will motivate and convert them into your subscribers.


Different types of emails can give different results. And you should take it into account, if you want to achieve the maximum effect from using email-marketing. We can highlight a few main types of emails, based on which marketing communication is built:

  • transactional emails. They are set up automatically and sent to a user as a respond to his certain actions, for example, registration or making an order;
  • announcements. Emails that announce a certain event or news, for example, announcements about promotions or new about near coming sales;
  • informational emails. As you might guess, such mail contains information that might be useful and interesting for a user. Relevant and useful content grows clients’ loyalty to your online store;
  • mail advertising. The main goal for sending such an email is to make sales grow in general or for a certain category of goods. To avoid intrusiveness and aggressive advertising that can make a user unsubscribe you need to work with such emails carefully.

Talking about email-marketing tools we recommend to pay attention to a few services that proved to be ones of the best on the market.

Choose a type of your email according to your goals. Experiment and a change email tactics, if needed: effectiveness of your mass email depends on you.
It’s always hard to begin, but even if your mail targets only a dozen of subscribers you can be sure, that when their database grows your sales will increase too. If you understand that email-marketing is what your business needs let it be taken care of by our specialists who will develop a strategy for you, create a stylish template of emails, set up sending of emails, and analyze results. Consequently you can spend the time you saved on developing your business and implementing your own strategies and plans.


It’s not a secret that email-marketing campaign for an online store requires a lot of time and efforts. It’s a shame, if all of it goes for nothing. But it’s not that difficult to make a client read your email. Knowing a few simple secrets will help you succeed.

  1. An intriguing subject line. Spend more time on making it up, twice more than the main body requires, and you won’t fail. This not easy work will pay you back. Why would your subscriber open your email? To know more. More of what a subject line gives a hint for, more of what the subject line promises. So, this is where you have to determine your goals and the point of your email.
  2. Personalization. If you personalize an email it has more chances to be opened. Add a user’s name in the subject line, approach him by name in a text, and write the email itself in an open manner.
  3. Let your bulk mail have distinctive features. Make it recognizable. It may be slightly humorous, can have a request to participate in competitions, it can be promotions, discounts, etc.
  4. A positive tendency. The number of subscribers can grow only when you don’t overload them with advertisements (the correlation between an informational text and an advertisement should be 90% to 10%).
  5. Do what you promised. By saying that emails will be sent weekly you need to follow it. If you promise that your mail will contain discount coupons and exclusive offers don’t forget to add it to your letter every time. Keep a constantly high level of clients’ trust to your emails.

Don’t fall into despair, if your email-marketing doesn’t bring immediate results. This is a long way that will require you to be perseverant and determined. Emailing can and will bring new clients, increase a number of successful deals, improve a level of trust to your brand and make profits.