Plerdy Heatmap Receives 2 Awards from FinancesOnline

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Andrew Chornyy

CEO Plerdy — expert in SEO&CRO with over 14 years of experience.



Now, Plerdy Heatmap has its page on the FinancesOnline platform after its experts thoroughly analyzed our tool’s various functionalities.

FinancesOnline is one of the most famous platforms for informing businesses and organizations about the best B2B and SaaS solutions. It comprises more than 4,000 objectively written reviews of products of different complexity.

An important advantage of Financial Online is an independent rating system that allows projects to compete for leadership in their niches. Thus, the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for best conversion rate optimization platforms are more meaningful for our team. Both awards are given to software solutions that have proven to be easy to start up, intuitive for conducting work processes, and efficient for solving problems.

Apart from user evaluations and reviews of every product, FinancesOnline’s experts also conduct first-hand evaluations of software solutions. This combination makes software analyses as objective as possible.

Every year, the best B2B and SaaS solutions receive awards confirming the real quality of a product. Incidentally, FinancesOnline also recommends us as one of the top conversion rate optimization alternatives, citing our easy website integration and secure SSL encryption as some of our winning factors.

It is a great honor and a challenge for our team to have a page and awards in their directory. We hope for a long-term and beneficial collaboration.

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