How to Become a Project Manager: 6 Steps

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The project manager is responsible since this employee is responsible for all stages of the task. The team’s success, budget, and resources are in the hands of one person – the project manager must have strategic thinking and skills to work with subordinates.

The list of duties of a project manager handles includes all stages of implementing a business task – the team must strictly follow their instructions to achieve the goal. In other words, the project manager must become:

  • Cooperation initiator.
  • Task Scheduler.
  • Recruiter for hiring specialists.
  • Task manager.
  • A manager who independently “closes” transactions.

Human resources and budget management require a project manager to have dozens of skills that are used daily to complete the job. The search for ways to motivate, the proper selection of specialists, and prioritization – in combination, these skills will allow the project manager to become successful.

How to become a project manager without a degree

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You can get a job as a project manager even if you currently have a different specialization. However, you should keep in mind: how soon you become a leader is affected by your training level as a specialist.

Learn gaps in your knowledge

A project manager’s job requires the presence of mandatory skills that can be developed by taking on other positions. If you specialize in design or recruiting today, it’s worth considering what basic skills you lack to land your dream job.

Do you have management skills? This will be useful, but you should not forget about the rest of the project management functions. Purchasing, proper costing, finding resources, understanding the business niche, budget management, and other skills will help you become a professional in the future. Take the time to gain the necessary experience and knowledge.

Grow foundational skills

Demonstrate communication and organization skills and establish yourself as a strong leader when you have developed the necessary qualities for the job. These skills affect the results of the company’s tasks under your control. The ability to find a common language with the staff, the ability to become support for employees in the performance of work, maintaining comfortable working conditions – these character traits are worth a lot. Revealing your potential in a short interview is difficult, so you should carefully prepare for a meeting with an interviewer.

Get project management experience

Working in a new team does not always go smoothly, so improving your organizational and communication skills makes sense. A simple way to achieve your goal is to become a volunteer group member. In this case, it will be possible to gain experience in communicating with different people and improve management skills. Also, consider taking on other responsibilities that are not related to the main job of the project.

Get certified

You can confirm your qualifications by obtaining PMIand CAPMcertificates. For many companies, having an authoritative document is a must. A project manager certificate will allow you to become a prime candidate for a position and increase your chances of finding a job.

Certification does not always mean having experience since it is possible to pass the exam well without it. In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management).

Use the right project management software

Project management requires the ability to use good, up-to-date software. Possession of convenient tools will facilitate the work of a project manager and will become an advantage in employment.

The right project management applications allow you to control the execution of tasks at any convenient time. Synchronize data from multiple sources to get the job done faster. But at the same time, its efficiency will increase.

Earn your bachelor’s degree

Although the requirements for candidates for a project manager position in different organizations may vary, a bachelor’s degree will increase the likelihood of success. Training and obtaining a diploma presupposes the availability of essential skills to perform job duties. Certificates of completion of additional courses will also come in handy. Lack of work experience with proper training is leveled. Using the theoretical knowledge gained in practice will allow you to become a sought-after project manager.

How to become a certified project manager

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It is possible to increase your chances of taking a vacant position thanks to a clear understanding of future tasks and the availability of certificates. Show potential leaders the confidence to become a project managers and handle various tasks.

Identify which project management certification is proper for you

Obtaining a certificate after completing the training is mandatory, but potential project managers need to clarify the employer’s requirements for candidates. Different organizations carry out certification, but only two of them can claim universal recognition of the assessment:

The difference is that experience is required to earn a PMI certification. As a rule, the optimal duration of work in a manager position is about three months. But you cannot get a PMI certificate without a bachelor’s degree. CAPM is a popular option due to the absence of this requirement.

Schedule Your Exam

A test is required to obtain a certificate. For this purpose, it is necessary to choose a suitable date and place for taking the test. It should be understood that the minimum period for preparation is at least three months.

Since exam planning is your task, choosing the most geographically advantageous place makes sense. Testing is handed over personally – there is no possibility of remote passing.

Master the tools of the trade

To improve the work, you will need to gain experience using additional management tools. Please note that mastering them can become part of the preparation for testing.

Take advantage of new opportunities for accurate time planning, constant control of processes, and generating valuable and precise reports. Applying the acquired skills, you can increase your productivity and save time. In some cases, it is possible to reduce cash costs.

Get the certification

The acquired skills will be helpful during the exam and testing. To become a specialist, try to practice every day and take the time to improve your skills. Obtaining the certificate, which we have already mentioned, will confirm the level of training and demonstrate qualifications.

How long does it take to become a project manager

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There is no way to accurately answer how long it will take you to become a project manager. The duration of training largely depends on the current status and the desired level of knowledge. Often range from a few months to several years. For example, having a bachelor’s degree reduces the period by four years.

Since a master’s or doctoral degree is not always required, you have the opportunity to gain the necessary experience and improve your skills over the long term. You should not stop at the achieved result – this will affect your chances of further employment.

Proper planning of opportunities and regular career advancement will allow you to become a project manager. And, having taken this position, to cope with the tasks.


A project manager is a specialization that requires constant development and self-improvement. Since the responsibility for completing the task falls on the shoulders of the manager, it is worth paying attention to the main responsibilities. Organizing work, communicating with departments, and choosing the right problem-solving method are just some of the skills that will need to be applied every day.

Certification of a project manager will increase the chances of employment. Self-discipline, organization and willingness to make decisions are qualities that will help you become a successful specialist.

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