How to Reduce Abandoned Carts?

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Welcome to the Plerdy channel. My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and in this video, we will learn how to show offers and discounts on the website.

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So cart abandonment is one of the biggest enemies for online retailers. Normally, not all of the people who added the product to the cart will buy it as users usually compare products on different websites or need time to make their decision and change their minds along the way.

However, we have the power and an opportunity to influence this decision and turn the visitor into a buyer on this step.

People who add a product to a cart are the so-called “hot audience.” They almost convert but have some doubts or uncertainty.

What is the most promising and persuading thing for such people? Of course, some promotions.

If I want to buy sth, but I am not sure, and then suddenly I am offered 10% off on this product, I feel that I am buying sth I like and saving money. Bingo! This is the moment I no more have doubts and click the “Buy” button.

To inform users about such a promotion or offer, we need to add a pop-up form or promotional banner to our website.

This is super easy to do with Plerdy. All you need is to open the Forms and Feedback tab and click Build form.

The most suitable for our case forms would be email collection, phone collection and custom banner.

For the email and phone collection pop-up, we need to come up with a really good message, make a relevant offer and ask a person to leave the contact details. We may offer to send a 10% discount code to the user’s inbox for the email. We can send a discount code via SMS or offer a free consultation with a salesperson for the phone number.

Custom banners should already include the message and the CTA. It can also be a discount, but on banners, we can visually show, for example, free complimentary products or some other interesting deals.

The question you may have now is, “How to set up these pop-ups to be shown only for users who added a product to a cart?”

The answer is simple. When creating the form, firstly, we will have to create a design, but the second step is the Display rule. Here we can choose a specific traffic group. Of course, we would need to have this group created in advance, and in one of the previous videos, I have been explaining how to do it. If we have a group of users who have added a product to the cart but haven’t bought it – we need to add it.

Also, there is a way to set up a rule of showing the pop-up only on the cart page. So we need to open the Where to show tab and specify the URL part “cart.” It can boost sales and influence the users’ decisions at the last moment. For example, we can show our special offers and the best prices, and a person would add one more product to the cart.

There are thousands of interesting ideas and ways we can use the pop-up forms. Everything is up to your creativity, and the only thing you should know is that pop-ups have a big positive influence on the cart abandonment rate when used right.

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