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Anchor texts are the keywords that lead to the content of the given site. They are used to replace some simple links on the site with some part of the text related to the topic. When clicked, the visitor will arrive at the given source, and that is when you know that the anchor text did the job well.

Here at Play Media, we believe that choosing the correct anchor text is essential, both for internal link optimization of a web page, and to carry out an effective link building strategy optimization.

But not everything about anchor texts is so simple. In the following lines, we will detail anchor text optimization and how to create it most prolifically.

Why Do We Use Anchor Texts and What Is Their Influence?

The link that is clicked is an anchor text that influences the positioning of the site in the SERP offered by search systems, as it increases the emotional weight of the page to which it leads. The dynamic value or weight is a web anchor ranking. It is transmitted through an active hyperlink and depends directly on the anchor text.

The more relevant it is, the more it will transmit significant dynamic value. That is, the dynamic value depends entirely on the text in an anchor. Also, the more evident the relationship between the text and the search request is the more significant the link optimization’s dynamic value. The most important thing is that the link should take the user to that same page that is being promoted. In addition, Google has a complicated algorithm that takes many things into account when it positions an article according to anchor text. Therefore, before implementing the links, you must correctly select the anchor text optimization since it directly influences the web positioning performed by the search system. A phrase that is chosen wisely helps the website to enter the top list of search systems.

Adding links to the correct source is an important step in the entire optimization process, whose efficiency depends largely on the chosen text. It should be noted that the formation and optimization of links are two stages of site promotion that cannot be neglected. This link optimization is also very useful for internal interconnection since the common elements for the pages of the same website work simultaneously.

These are helpful at many levels, but most importantly, they help a user find the required pages of the website. Due to this, the search engine can index pages of the second or even higher level of nesting depth.

Finally, they also simplify the task of a page owner to divide the site’s value into the web resources.

Different Types of Anchor Texts for Different Purposes

Be sure to include a single anchor. Identical anchor text links merge with anchors and diminish the importance of the link optimization altogether. Do your best to achieve it while selecting the correct type of anchor text optimization for your needs.

Types of Anchor Texts

  • Exact-match

Exact match anchor texts are the ones that mirror the page that is being linked to. For example: “Anchor Text Creation” linking to a page about anchor text creation.

Anchor text that involves a variation of the keyword on the linked-to page. For example: ‘best SEO practices’ linking to a page about SEO Strategies.

  • Branded

It’s being used when we won’t to implement a brand name for anchor text. For example: ‘Dell’ linking to an article on the Dell Blog.

  • Naked link

A URL that is used as an anchor ‘’ is a naked link anchor.

  • Generic

A generic word or phrase that is used as the anchor text. “Click here” is probably the most common generic anchor.

  • Images

Google will use the text implemented in the image’s alt attribute as part of the anchor text optimization whenever an image is inserted.

In addition, When you strive to optimize your web resource, don’t focus only on the type you like, even if it brings you good results as it varies a lot!

To make your anchors more variable, change the main search request and use synonyms and epithets instead. The main condition lies in the absence of spelling errors, inaccuracies in punctuation and readability since a simple accumulation of words can be interpreted by search systems as spam.

What Types of Anchor Text Optimization Are Best for the Promotion and Why?

There is no clear answer to the question about the correct choice of anchor type for the promotion of a website. You can try to investigate the choice of the anchor from the competitor websites. Perform a kind of experiment to find the most efficient variant. The truth is that for the efficient promotion, you need to use direct and partial anchor links. One more thing to keep in mind is that anchors must also be applied to simplify switching between pages of the same web resource. Therefore, using direct and partial anchors will share the static value with other pages on your site.

There are several approaches to the formation of anchor links, the most used are the following:

  • Automatic link optimization building

You can find a large number of specialized services and networks for independent website promotion. By using these resources, you can choose the anchors. To obtain results, you must include your keywords and the resource’s name in the database and leave the rest of the work for the generators.

  • Formation of independent anchors or order according to a copywriter

There is always an opportunity to find the best anchor text optimization for yourself, but you can still redirect this part of the “advertising” of the site to a copywriter. Do your best to describe the technical requirements for this task. On the web, you will find many platforms where you can request quality content for your website.

  • Anchor creation based on the response to search requests from other websites related to your topic

The algorithm is very simple. You must insert your request in the search bar, visit the top searches, find the sentences that include the necessary request and take an example to create your own.

Advantages of Anchor Text Optimization Practice

  • The better search engine positioning

As we have already mentioned, an appropriate word that indicates the origin of the link provides benefits for SEO positioning. This technique also facilitates the tasks so that the search engine algorithms better position the contents of a web page by knowing its theme beforehand.

  • Greater notoriety in linked posts

Regardless of whether they are internal or external links, they will improve the performance and notoriety of linked posts. This is because the anchor texts are a formula to tell the search engines that useful information in the URL adds value and that it should have a better positioning to be more visible.

  • Backlink Growth

Thanks to the contents linked by anchor texts, the options of receiving backlinks are increased, which is one of the important parameters to consider for SEO purposes.

In Conclusion

You must identify the correct keywords to make the anchor text optimization attract the reader. Also, the anchor text optimization must be consistent, that is, be related to the content to link. Not forgetting that the text is concise, descriptive and, above all, clear to the reader.

After reading the text above, you can start conducting your SEO strategy more clearly and create anchor texts that will help you win the battle for search rankings.

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