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For your business to become successful, you need to support it with many points. When you open an organization, many tasks must be solved. Law firm marketing combines these missions to build a company’s image and invite customers. At the beginning of opening a law company, you need to perform these functions yourself, but then you can hire qualified employees. Together you will provide marketing for your company as a set of processes for creating, promoting, product offering, and firm managing as a whole.

15 Tips for Marketing to Law Firm

It isn’t easy to understand what method of attracting customers will be optimal for a company. For example, a law firm marketing agency needs customers who create its success and pertinency. Therefore, virtual testimonials from people, Facebook, Google, PPC, and SEO – must be considered because Internet marketing is one of the most important elements for building a customer base. But specific tips are also beneficial:

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

Show the audience your high professionalism. Giving them quality content from an expert will be an effective tool to attract users. In addition, itemized digital marketing work will give you more incoming traffic.

Create Promotional Content with Video

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If a firm specializes in real estate, create a detailed catalog with offers for would-be clients. Then, add a blog with valuable articles on choosing a property, layouts, footage, etc. This gives immediate results through educational learning materials.

Focus on Securing Referrals

Build a referral network, blog, participate in online webinars, and talk to people on the radio. Site should be contemporary, amicable, and work on PC or mobile devices. Expand the referral network and get more publicity to attract people.

Invest in SEO

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Among law firm marketing strategies, the most efficient is a web platform with valuable content. Create internal and external SEO to involve users. (more details in the article)

User-Friendly Site

The site should be attractive, advantageous, easy to use, amusing, and stable. His work designates the emotions of visitants. It must be comprehensive and complete. Add more information about your offer, training course, answers and questions, customer reviews, and depict uniqueness against competitors. Also, people apply for services and purchase goods online – add this possibility. This makes an offer more interesting than competitors have. Take care of safety so that the web-portal works without failures.

Embrace Social Media

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Social media is the future for law firm’s Internet marketing. These are popular places where there are millions of people. Describe an offer, and create an enticing ad. Many social networks have reposts, increasing the chance to spread your services. Communicate, discuss, advise and let other people advertise you as a proven company.

Capitalize on Good Reviews

Search free sites to offer services. Research shows that some customers come to the organization because they read good reviews and did not see advertising. Let people write their opinion about you. Good reviews will attract people because they inspire confidence and a perfect reputation. Of course, reviews need to be checked because people’s opinions can differ. But any comments or suggestions help you develop, improve work and correct possible errors.

Monitor your Marketing Efforts

Law firm digital marketing strategies determine the relevance of business. To do this, you must monitor, analyze, and report. Set key performance indicators (KPIs) and follow them. If that doesn’t work, then rethink your business plan. Keep in touch with law experts to get skilled assistance if needed. The right marketing strategy not only involves users but also retains them.

Find your SMART Aims

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Define the company’s purposes to know what you’re aiming for. Set a limit for a month and get a certain number of clients for this period. Regarding other questions:

  • How many customers per month would be ideal for your business?
  • How much will be insufficient to get a normal profit?

Other goals should be considered by law firm marketing: attracting people, lead generation, raising the value of customers, recognizing a company, and thoughtful superiority.

Show Capability, Responsibility and Authority

Huge rivalry motivates you to create unique offers that will be better than others. The home page of the web resource is a great place to show a person your reliability, experience, knowledge, influence, liability, and preservation. Make a pleasant interface, and add more helpful features, feedback, contacts, or customer reviews. This shows you as a high-class connoisseur who provides professional assistance.

Write Posts and Articles about Your Practice

Law Firm Marketing - 05

Prove to people that you are specialists with extensive experience. Create a blog and add articles from a private merit list. There are many legal platforms where you can publish works. Share your observations, stories, discoveries, and opinions as a lawyer expert. If you have solved many complex legitimate issues, then clients trust you more.

Make Webinars

Webinars are a powerful weapon for law firm marketing to showcase authentic services and facilities. Take part in others or create your own. Select direction: answer questions, advise, educate, and share experiences and opinions. Engage customers with a recording or live stream. Quality video content will also help improve relationships with existing customers.

Guest Content Marketing

Another law firm’s web marketing strategy is the introduction of visitor blogs. People can read useful info and share their opinions. As a result, you get a wider audience of users and presumptive customers.

Start a Business Newsletter

To capture the concentration of more customers, you need to create a newsletter. These are not messages or posts on social networks, and people receive them in their emails. In addition, you get an expansion of the user audience by advertising your services directly.

Build Trust With Handwritten Notes

If you want to continue cooperation, send a client a handwritten text. This creates more trust between you because you took the time to write the letter instead of typing it.

The audience pays attention to simple things called network marketing. These are definite steps that make a product attractive to potential consumers. By following these tips, you could modernize your company’s capabilities and offer services to customers following their requirements and requests.

Top 5 Law Marketing Companies

Some companies offer law firm marketing services to help clients expand their customer base, raise awareness in a particular area, improve online visibility, etc. Such agencies carry out business evolution actions through various channels, conversion, and generation of quality leads. We have prepared 5 of the best of them. In addition, some information is taken from the Clutch.

Jives Media

Law Firm Marketing - 06

The agency was founded by Jay lves and is headquartered in San Francisco. But Jives Media also operates in other cities: Dallas, Chicago, Miami, and San Diego. Brennan Carey ordered a service to invite new customers and expand the business. As a result, Mayank Arora has gained recognition on social media and increased followers on Instagram and Spotify. Clients also include Courier Service Company, real estate agents, bloggers, Tech Consulting Company, producers, and others.

Funnel Boost Media

Law Firm Marketing - 07

Jacob D. founded this agency in 2011 and opened its main office in San Antonio. The firm’s customers are North Park Audi, Farmers Insurance, Club Humidor, Groomers Seafood, Little Fin Therapies, etc. Malorie Lerma collaborated with this service in the digital marketing sphere and was very pleased with the high professionalism of the team. Robert Smallwood asked for help in the field of SEO site promotion and also obtained a quality product.


Law Firm Marketing - 08

Chris Dreyer founded the firm, and it is located in Illinois. The company’s clients are The Levin Firm, Sibley Dolman Gipe, Stewart J. Guss, Attorney At Law, Gomez Trial Attorneys, and others. Stewart J. Guss says the team of experts moves mountains to help clients. Gabriel Levin is delighted that his firm could beat thousands of competitors and reach the top stand.


Law Firm Marketing - 09

The firm was founded by brothers Alex and Michael Melen and is headquartered in New Jersey (with a second office in New York). The company’s clients include Rakuten, Porsche, Mickey Truck Bodies, Harvard University, Poker Stars, etc. Josh Smith advises this agency as reliable law firm marketing for all budgets. Kendal Blunck is satisfied with the level of maintenance in website development.


Law Firm Marketing - 10

The company’s founder is David Kessler, headquartered in New York. The company’s customers include Dunkin Donuts, Hologic, Purolator, Guardian, PwC, Weight Watchers, and others. Howard Kravitz admires how David and his team carefully studied his project to better their job. Jairo Garcia recommends this service with excellent leadership skills.


Running a flourishing business will help you succeed, earn, and stand out from the competition. You have to become a real expert in office management, accounting, receiving clients, keeping documentaries, etc. Find a service with innovative law firm marketing ideas to reach a new level of success. The development of business depends on many factors, and it is better to entrust it to professionals. These agencies will take your organization to the next level to attract more leads.

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