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Each modern business aims at maximum client attraction. Specific approaches are required to make customers entirely understand the primary goal of your services and become interested in them. One of the most innovative and efficient is direct interaction with the free tools, helping endear customers become acquainted with the company’s idea. Lead magnet templates are ready examples of free products, which help establish understanding between the client and the company. Why are they popular nowadays, and what is their objective profit?

What is Lead Magnet?

Lead Magnet contains everything given to the new website visitors for free, implying them to become paying ones. In return for the free resource, the customers provide standard information, such as e-mail, mobile phone, etc. (to share the lead magnet product). Such a promotion method has the following advantages, confirming its efficiency:

  • It gives the general client information about the company and helps determine the necessary product.
  • Lead market forms a positive attitude to your services and provides a quick win to the company.
  • The clients acquire reliability and become ready to cooperate with the business products.
  • The lead magnet resource is usually considered a valuable thing gifted.

Many lead magnet templates are represented in various online books, guides, checklists, etc. Their availability is necessary for each company’s services because of high efficiency and objective advantages.

Best 10 Lead Magnet Templates

Here you can find the list of the best lead magnet templates used by different websites to reach high levels of conversions and sales. The templates were added due to their popularity and high efficiency.


Lead Magnet Templates-01

This lead magnet template is one of the most widely used. It differs from the other templates by a more considerable volume, revealing the topic entirely. Ebook is a file (mainly pdf-file), with 15-20 pages describing the widespread issue and helping the reader immerse into the subject.

Such a product can be easily created using the website blog’s information. For instance, you take several articles from the blog, place them into the pdf file, and decorate with the design tools. Then you can send it to the customer after he provides personal information. For instance, Plerdy’s ebooks work perfectly and can be an efficient lead magnet template.


Lead Magnet Templates-02

Companies usually use checklists when the customers already know something about the services. For instance, Plerdy’s Usability Checklist includes the paragraphs considering general recommendations, product’s structure and segmentation, content and technical part of the website etc. While making a checklist, it is necessary to know the audience’s goal. To use checklists as an efficient lead magnet template, you need to follow the essential rules:

  • Determine the primary aim, which each customer will follow after working with the checklist.
  • Choose the problems, which you want to outline.
  • Find the solutions to the problems used by the company and described in the blogs or video lessons.
  • Form a list with a step-by-step approach to reach the proper solution.

The checklist is a popular lead magnet template that helps reach high conversions and attract many customers if appropriately made.

The Ultimate Guide

Lead Magnet Templates-03

The ultimate guide is a deployed instruction for using the services or specific tools, helping the customer dive into the topic. Plerdy’s Ultimate Guide includes videos with detailed instruction on how to use the company’s main tools: Heatmap, SEO Checker, Video session, Popup forms, etc. Each video includes practical and theoretical explanations of the tool’s working principle.

The ultimate guide should be more significant than the checklist to understand the topic considering all the possible issues. Use the lead magnet template to adequately describe the necessary aspect of your services and share it with potential customers.

Quick-start Guide

Lead Magnet Templates-04

It is a shortened version of the previous lead magnet template, containing less information about the specific function. Quick-start guides usually have several paragraphs supplemented with pictures and basic instructions to reach the aim. You can choose one of the products, describe how to use it in several sentences, and send it to potential customers who share their information.

You can learn how to use the standard Plerdy’s tools with its guides considering Usability, SEO and Conversion Analysis, Leads and Sales, etc. Each part of the guide explains the primary aspects for the tool’s use


The specificity and structure of this lead magnet template depend on the services the company provides. The templates are mainly created to simplify the client’s work. Here you can find several examples of templates:

  • If your services are connected with SEO, you can use product descriptions or page titles templates.
  • In the case of management, you can offer specific organizing templates in Excel.
  • The templates of graphical elements can help web designers and novice website creators.

You need to be creative while building a template and think about its efficiency and practicality.


The planners will be the best lead magnet template if the company’s services are connected with the marketing strategy or setting business goals. It doesn’t take a lot of time to create a planner. Its structure may include the ready pieces of advice to reach the purpose and the unfilled paragraphs to make the clients set their aims individually. To create helpful planners, you need to determine what aspects should be mainly considered to reach the primary goal of your online course. Then divide them into several paragraphs and save them in the pdf file to create a planner.

Tips & Tricks Guide

Lead Magnet Templates-05

It is usually represented in a pdf file, with several tips and advice to reach the specific goal. However, detailed instruction isn’t provided with this lead magnet template. The tips are formed from the professional’s experience and the most efficient methods to reach the aim. The most common number of suggestions is 10, and each of them has an explanation in a few sentences. For instance, you can learn the essential tips of SEO with the Plerdy’s Tips and Tricks guide. It includes 24 tips on how to reach the highest website relevance considering technical and analytical aspects


This lead magnet template includes activities and tasks, which the client should make step-by-step to reach the result. The workbook content should be creative and contain interactive studies and tips on making them correctly. The professionals of different specialties can specify their workbooks depending on the services. For instance, the interactive tasks for creating the perfect web design may help novice designers practice and learn more about the topic.


Lead Magnet Templates-06

The lead magnet template includes specific tools provided for free and helps the clients to simplify their activities. The most standard tools are the following:

  • instruments for graphic art.
  • calculators.
  • assessments.

Plerdy suggests browser extension tools for full-page screen capture & visual feedback. You can add them to your browsers for free and learn to use them with a short video guide.

Other tools, including more significant ones, can also be provided free to help the clients understand the algorithms of their work.


Lead Magnet Templates-07

It is a lead magnet template, which offers to use the company’s service or tool for free, but with limitations of its additional functions. Therefore, the clients understand the general concept of the product, but its more efficient properties can be additionally purchased. The regulations can be connected with the time, scope of use, amount of available licenses, etc. You can choose your company’s product and give it to the client with the time restrictions to learn about its efficiency and necessary functions.

Plerdy’s tools can be downloaded in an “All in one” set for free with several restrictions considering page views per day number of Heatmap reports, months of storage, etc. However, the pricing for using the tools (SEO, Pop-up, Enterprise) without restrictions is different and is set for one month of use.

To Sum Up

Overall, the lead magnet templates are a perfect method to involve clients in the company’s services and reach a high-reliability level. The type of the templates depends on the specificity of the products and the structure chosen for their creation. Use them to improve your business and reach a high client interaction level.

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