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Email is an essential method of formal communication nowadays. Formal and informal business emails attract potential customers and stir their interest in further cooperation. However, each letter should be unique and include helpful information for its recipient; otherwise, it will be considered spam. Here you can find some actual examples of how to write a professional email:

  • Greet recipient first: depending on the relationships with recipients and audience type, you can use “Hello,” “Hi, there,” “To whom it may concern,” “Dear Sir/Madam,” etc.
  • Define the topic: you should always outline the aim before you start typing the text. It helps to explain what you’ll write then and reach an understanding with the audience.
  • Don’t overfill it with text: it will be best if you shortly set out the primary purpose of the email and include only the necessary information.
  • Write clearly: it is important to appeal correctly and use relevant terms, making the message entirely understandable.
  • Sign it correctly: if you don’t know how to end a professional email and haven’t looked for examples, use standard good manners rules. Using “Regards,” “Sincerely,” “Best wishes,” etc., positively influences the recipient’s attitude.

Use the rules above to learn how to write professional emails and include the greeting and sign examples to make a positive impression. It would be best always to re-read email to ensure proper use of terms and get rid of possible mistakes.

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16 Professional Email Examples

Here, you can find email tips used by plenty of modern companies and self-employers to provide a powerful marketing strategy. The best 16 professional email examples will help write formal emails correctly and interest potential customers with their exciting content.

Interview Follow-Up Email Examples

Hello [Name],
I interviewed for the [job title] position at [company] on [date] and wanted to check in with you on the current status for this job. I'm excited about the opportunity to work with the [department] team and help with [tasks you're experienced in, IE building your client base, creating new marketing campaigns].
Please let me know if there's any additional information that I can provide to assist in the hiring process. I look forward to hearing from you.

Everybody always wants to know the result of your interview and get the desired job asap. The impatience to see the result should be compensated with a proper greeting, telling about the past interview, and asking if there are any other issues you can help with.

Thank-You Email After an Interview Examples

Dear [Name],
Thank you for meeting with me today to discuss the [job title] position at [company].
It was a pleasure to meet you, and I enjoyed discussing [reference to interview conversation].
I'm excited about the opportunity to lend my skills and [industry or education] experience to the [department] team, as I believe I could be a valuable asset in your [project] work.
I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please let me know if you need any additional information.
Best regards,

The professional business email example includes polite appeals, which show your politeness and interest in getting the job. It will also help if you outline your wish to work with a team of specialists and grow professionally together.

Lead Magnet Delivery Email Examples

Hi [Name],
I’m so glad you signed up for the [lead magnet name]. In this [lead magnet type], you’ll learn [describe what they will learn in the lead magnet]. [Link]Click Here to Gain Immediate access to [lead magnet name] ⇒[Link]
If you’re unable to access it, just reply to this email and let me know. I will sort it out for you ASAP.
And if you need help with [a service you offer related to the lead magnet], please check out this page [link to your services landing page].
I have helped several people with this. Here’s a link to a case study [link to a case study].
Thank you,
[Your signature]

Lead magnets are marketing elements that provide free content in exchange for the customer’s contact details. Therefore, the priority is to deliver a useful product to the customer, helping to establish commercial relationships. The best professional email examples include:

  • the magnet’s description;
  • several “how-to-use” phrases;
  • help offer if there are any issues with the magnet’s use.

Including the link to your company’s website makes potential customers revisit it and learn about its services in detail.

Professional Email Requesting Clarification Examples

Hello [Name],
Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me about [topic]. Could you please provide me with some additional information so I can better understand your request? I'd like to assist you as quickly as possible. If you could please detail the three most important points that you need my help with, that would help speed up the process.
Once I have this clarification, I'll be able to assist you more effectively.
Thank you,

The text of professional formal email examples helps instantly get extra information if there was any misunderstanding in previous conversations. Therefore, it is essential to ask for more facts politely and use “Thanks for your time”, “If it is not hard for you”, etc.

Discount Offer Email Examples

Hi [Name]
Thank you so much for being a customer of [your company name].
It’s because of people like you we have been able to be in business for such a long time. To thank you, we have created a discount coupon especially for you.
Use the code [unique code number] to get a discount of [add a discount percentage or amount] from any product in our store [insert link to your online shop].
But hurry! The offer is only available for the first [add number or time limit] people who make the purchase.
Thank you,
[Your signature]

It is a common letter form many companies use after a client’s purchase. The discount is a specific offer that strengthens relationships with the client and increases the conversion rate. So, it is necessary to indicate the discount amount, its code, and note that the discount is temporary and should be used asap.

Newsletter Email Examples

Hi [Name]
Here’s a roundup of the latest content from our blog and from other places on the web
[Title of 1st article with an inserted link]
[1st article description]
[Title of 2nd article with an inserted link]
[2nd article description]
[Title of 3rd article with an inserted link]
[3rd article description]
Thank you,
[Your signature]

Experts recommend sending it 2-4 times a month. The proper professional email writing example should contain links to the latest website updates and newly posted blog articles.

Podcast Invite Email Examples

Hi [Name]
I recently discovered your work when I listened to the podcast [add podcast name]. You shared so many useful insights there.
I wanted to let you know I run a podcast too. It’s called [add name + link], and I was wondering if you’d like to come on the air.
The podcast has [mention number of subscribers, downloads, etc.]. Prominent people like [names] have already taken part.
Would you be interested? I will be happy to interview you at a date and time that is convenient for you.
Thank you,
[Your signature]

If you have listened to a specific podcast, you can contact the person who provided it. You should outline that the listened topic was useful and it helped to cope with several crucial issues. Then, you may say about your podcasting idea, describe the cases to discuss, and politely invite them to listen to your audio.

Affiliate Partnership Email Examples

Hi [Name]
I’m a big fan of your website. I like the products you review here. One of my favorites is the review for [product name].
We have a product like it called [product name] that we just launched, and we were wondering if you’d like to write a review about it.
Please let us know if you are, and we will send you a free sample.
Here’s a link [insert link] to our affiliate program. You earn [number or percent] commission for every sale you make.
We hope you’ll partner with us.
Please let me know if you have any questions or would like a demo. I’m here to help.
Thank you,
[Your signature]

It is usually written by the company owners, which have similar products to collaborate and result in cooperative profit. Professional email examples should obligatory include a few words confirming your interest in a partnership and becoming interested in the products. The main body of the letter should contain details about the partnership type.

Email Declining a Job Offer Examples

Dear [Name],
Thank you for offering me the position of [job title] with [Company]. I appreciate you taking the time to consider me for this job. After careful consideration, I've realized that this is not the best fit for my goals at this time. I've decided to [accept another position, stay at a current position, seek another job or take a different course of action].
Thank you again for your time and support. I wish you the best in finding the right employee for this position.

Even if you are not interested in the vacancy, answering a job offer email is necessary. The suitable professional email example includes common greetings, gratitude for the opportunity, and moral decline, noting that your choice fell on other offers.

Email Requesting a Client Recommendation Examples

Hi [Name],
Thank you so much for your kind words regarding the [project] we completed for you last month. If you don't mind, I'd like to quote your message in the testimonials section of our website. Please let me know if you're comfortable with that. If not, that's fine. No pressure!
I also wanted to let you know that we have [number] openings over the next three months for new clients. I love working with customers like you who are excited about [goals]. If you know anyone who might benefit from our services, please feel free to send them my way.
You can give them the following contact information so they can get in touch with me personally. My direct phone number is [number] and my email address is [address]. I'm able to offer a 10% discount to new clients who sign up over the next three months. You will get 10% off your next service for referring clients who purchase at least [amount]. Additional information about our current promotions is available at [link].
Thank you!

The formal letter is usually sent after clients provide a positive review directly in email. The sender should ask if it is possible to quote the review on the official website page. Then, it will be a good idea to ask about other potential customers who may require the specific services. You can also allow the recipient to share your contact information with others.

Re-Engagement Email Examples

Hi [Name]
I’m removing inactive subscribers. And I notice that you haven’t opened an email from me in the past [add number] months.
I understand if you don’t want any emails from me. No hard feelings :).
But if you want to continue receiving my emails, just click the below link to confirm, and I won’t delete you.
[Link]I still want emails from you ⇒[Link]
There’s no need to opt in again. You just need to click.
Thank you,
[Your signature]

You should be careful with writing and don’t persuade recipients to react to your messages. The best method to write re-engagement emails is to send the internal link, which automatically confirms the client’s interest in further cooperation. The best professional email examples consider following some good manners rules.

Blog Post Promotion Email Examples

Hi [Name],
I just read your post [add post title]. It’s both well written and useful. I especially like how you [describe a couple of details about the post].
I am emailing you today to let you know I have written the post [add title of the post + link].
I think you will find it useful, as it is relevant to your post on [add post name]. Could you take a quick peek at it and let me know what you think?
[Your signature]

People contact bloggers and other famous and influential media personalities and ask them to promote their posts or articles. It is excellent to start the letter by speaking about the positive impression after reading the latest post and outlining the most valuable facts. Then, say that you’ll send the letter with the link to the position you want to promote.

Feedback Request Email Examples

Hi [Name]
Hope you’ve been enjoying our services so far.
We want to continue offering the best service. Could you please take five minutes and fill up this feedback form for us [share link to form]?
Please be honest with your responses. If you didn’t like something, don’t be afraid to point it out. We take feedback very seriously and are ready to make changes to help serve you better.
Thank you,
[Your signature]

It is a typical email sent by many companies which want to know about the quality of their services. The letter can be written using the gentle offer to leave feedback on the official website page.

Event Invite Email Examples

Hi [Name]
It is that time of the year again when we have our [name of the event].
It is a day where we [describe your event in about two lines].
You have become a valued part of our company, we would love it if you’re able to come, but we understand if you can’t.
Please click this invitation link [insert link] and RSVP yes or no.
Thank you,
[Your signature]

The adequately written professional email example should thank the person for being a part of your life (or a company, in the case of formal cooperation) and outline its objective impact. Then, you may define the day and the time of the event and ask if he finds free time to come.

Influencing Email Outreach Examples

Hi [Name]
I have been following you on [social network name] for a long while now. You share a lot of [content], and have built up a loyal following.
I also noticed that you share a lot of useful products.
So, I am reaching out to let you know I have the next product for you to promote. It’s called [add name + link to product]. It helps [describe the product].
I am sure you and your followers will like it. You can use it to [describe the uses].
Please let me know if you would like to promote it. We’ll send you a sample of the product. We can also help you create the content, and we’ll pay you for your time.
Thank you,
[Your signature]

The email is written to authoritative social media influencers who can make your product or service more popular and demanded. The main aspects are defining the product you want to promote, writing a few pleasant words about the recipient’s product, and asking about the interest in further cooperation.

Client Onboarding Email Examples

Hi [Name]
Thank you so much for choosing us. We’re looking forward to working with you.
I’m going to set up a plan for this project now. We like to use Trello and/or Asana [change to whichever tool you use] to manage our projects. Could you please let me know which one you prefer? We will set up a board for you there so you can monitor our progress.
I have also attached a document that details all the login details I need from you. Please add them there or share them with us through LastPass.
And if you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected] or call me at [add your number].
Thank you,
[Your signature]

Sending such a letter is essential because it establishes primary contact with a new customer. You may provide a document with detailed information about the purchased product, a specific work project plan (if available) and offer extra help if any other questions are left.

To Sum Up

Overall, writing an email helps establish contact with the person and provides him with the necessary information depending on the type of relationship. In the case of business, professional email examples are required to build up convenient and potentially profitable cooperation.

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