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The Internet market is constantly expanding, so online promotion specialists have been in great demand over the past five years. The popularity of the SEO manager profession peaked from October 2017 to January 2020. Search activity renewed its five-year maximum at the beginning of April 2021.

Among the countries where SEO managers are most often searched, the top of the list includes Singapore, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, and a number of European countries (Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, and France). Also, specialists are in demand in Canada and Vietnam, and the minimum interest is expected to be observed in Central Asia and African countries.

Often with the query “SEO-manager,” people are looking for vacancies in top companies. At the same time, the systems in which promotion experts work are often entered into search engines. Among similar specialties, people are interested in content managers and project managers with a focus on SEO.

The rise in popularity of the specialty is partly because the salary of an SEO manager arouses keen interest in people. For five years, the frequency of the request has increased by 120%.

Entry level SEO Manager salary

The demand for an SEO manager’s skills has led to a constant increase in the number of beginners and people with minimal experience entering this profession. Despite this, the average salary for such a specialist is $45,000 per year. This amount is calculated by taking into account all possible allowances and overtime pay. Thus, inexperienced job seekers can count on $20.30 per hour, $812 per week, or $3,500 per month.

Publicly available information indicates that the minimum annual salary for beginners is $19,500. Still, in regions with high demand for SEO managers, subject to employment in large corporations, an employee can receive up to $80,000. The situation is best in California – 4 out of 5 companies with the highest salaries are located in this region.

After analyzing the market, we have identified five companies that offer vacancies to newcomers with the following level of annual salary:

  • – $36,800
  •     Rocket Clicks – $53,500
  •     Pepperjam – $40,000
  •     Benzinga – $53,000
  •     Kmart – $65,500

Firms sometimes demand how much experience the newcomers should have, setting higher pay levels for those with more experience. They also often indicate the salary range – the exact amount will depend on the interview results or the information provided in the resume.

Junior SEO Manager salary

With 1-3 years of work experience, an SEO manager receives a slightly higher salary than a beginner. On average, this is $48,000 per year, which is about $23 per hour. Real labor market statistics show that salaries fluctuate between $33,000 – $75,500. The last place of work, the total sum of skills and knowledge, and the company’s location also play a role.

The job market for junior SEO managers offers the following jobs:

  •     Westwing Home and Living – $52,100
  •     Visual Meta – $37,000
  •     Searchmetrics – $68,300
  •     About You – $34,700
  •     FTI Touristik – $49,700

At the same time, the field offers more than a hundred vacancies in organizations of various sizes – there is no shortage of jobs for Junior SEO managers. Unfortunately, many firms do not indicate wages in their job postings because it is influenced by information gained throughout the hiring process.

Moreover, the prevalence of the remote work format has its effects – the level of salaries for such specialists are lower, though not by much. Some employers also focus on additional benefits and bonuses: insurance, medical care, and office comfort.

Junior SEO Manager salary in the USA

Traditionally, leading cities in which the salary level of even a junior SEO manager is greater have been located in the United States. The highest annual salary can be found in these cities where there is a consistently high demand for professionals but a shortage of workers.

Town Annual salary, $ Salary per hour, $ Salary per week, $ Salary per month, $
New York 55,900 26.88 1,075 4,659
San Mateo 55,100 26.49 1,059 4,592
Boston 53,400 25.67 1,026 4,450
Juneau 53,300 25.63 1,025 4,442
Berkeley 53,000 25.48 1,019 4,417
Daly City 52,800 25.38 1,015 4,400
Santa Monica 52,700 25.34 1,013 4,392
Quincy 52,500 25.24 1,009 4,375
Renton 52,500 25.24 1,009 4,375
Richmond 52,000 25 1,000 4,333

Mid-level SEO Manager salary

A mid-level SEO manager makes about $72,650 per year. It is assumed that the specialist has 3-5 years of experience and owns all the tools necessary for work. The portfolio and recommendations from the previous place of work are also important – with such additions, a professional can count on an increased starting salary.

Experienced specialists are already required to have absolute knowledge of the necessary tools for work and develop full-fledged promotion strategies through various channels of information transfer. In return, the salaries at this level are considered decent. Therefore, anyone with unique skills and ideas can also count on having an above-average salary.

The market now offers over 400 vacancies with the following annual salary levels:

  • Scorpion – $58,000
  • IBM – $81,800
  • Reprise – $93,639
  • MEC – $83,443
  • Pearson – $79,100

For mid-level SEO managers, the salary can be increased by being hired as the head of the department. Unfortunately, such vacancies are rare – more often than not, companies recruit full-time SEO specialists for the promotion department.

Mid-level SEO Manager salary in the USA

The amount of pay largely depends on the city where the company is located, as well as the demand for these specialists. The range for the average salary in the US at this level is small, and traditionally cities in California are in the lead in this indicator.

Town Annual salary, $ Salary per hour, $ Salary per week, $ Salary per month, $
Sunnyvale 85,738 41.22 1,648 7,145
Santa Rosa 82,946 39.88 1,595 6,912
Williston 81,542 39.2 1,568 6,795
Manhattan 81,327 39.1 1,563 6,777
Cambridge 80,366 38.64 1,545 6,697
Arlington 79,869 38.4 1,535 6,656
Dickinson 79,381 38.16 1,526 6,615
Ketchikan 79,084 38.02 1,520 6,590
Vacaville 78,822 37.9 1,515 6,569
San Mateo 78,460 37.72 1,508 6,538

Senior SEO Manager salary

At the highest level of development, an SEO manager can claim an average salary of $93,500 per year. Yet, at the same time, there are not many jobs being offered. The explanation is simple: companies prefer to train such specialists from beginners or mid-level employees. However, there are still options for successful employment.

Usually, an employee with a Senior rank has at least five years of work experience and can lead a whole line of online promotion. A portfolio and past projects are required – a high salary level is not provided without demonstrating your experience can benefit the company. Among the companies looking for a Senior SEO Manager, there are the following vacancies:

  • LendingTree – $100,000
  • Fidelity Investments – $96,000
  • Seer Interactive – $82,000
  • Expedia Group – $117,000
  • Search Officials – $185,000

The pay depends on the skills and experience that the applicant brings to the interview and whether it demonstrates their professionalism. So naturally, the applicant must have impeccable knowledge of the complete set of SEO tools and techniques for managing a team that will perform basic tasks.

Senior SEO Manager salary in the USA

The specified professional level speaks of the specialist’s high aptitude for responsibility and irreplaceable experience – accordingly, they can expect an excellent salary. We provide statistics by city based on the average. This means that not all companies in a certain territory offer high wages. Often the highest wages are offered in the states’ capitals in which the representative offices of large companies are located – the Senior most often manages an entire department. These offices may also be located in another country.

Town Annual salary, $ Salary per hour, $ Salary per week, $ Salary per month, $
Los Angeles 140,000 67.31 2,692 11,667
Chicago 138,000 66.35 2,653 11,500
Phoenix 136,000 65.38 2,615 11,333
Dallas 131,000 62.98 2,519 10,917
Philadelphia 127,000 61.06 2,442 10,583
San Diego 125,000 60.1 2,403 10,417
Washington 121,000 58.17 2,326 10,083
Baltimore 115,000 55.29 2,211 9,583
Sacramento 114,000 54.81 2,192 9,500
Tampa 104,000 50 2,000 8,667


SEO manager is a promising profession in the IT niche, especially when creating websites, information platforms, and other online resources. The salary of a specialist depends on work experience, skills, and proficiency in technical tools. Beginners with an entry-level salary differ significantly from mid-level SEO managers. Senior-level professionals are practically celestials with a corresponding status and earnings.

Analysis of vacancies and salary offers will help job-seekers find a location that has a demand for the profession and offers good prospects for future employment. At the same time, there is no shortage of jobs – employers are constantly looking for about 1,000 specialists of different levels throughout the year.

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