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Welcome! Letter – a greeting for a new team member – an electronic message in which the company administration congratulates a new employee on joining the team. This is one of the methods to warmly meet a person in a team and cheer him up on the first, and therefore a difficult, working day.

How to Write a Welcome to The Team Message?

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The greeting can be written simply in light, brief congratulations. You can also write an extended message – with a description of the new employee’s functions, duty schedule or daily routine, information about nearby places for lunch.

When creating a letter, be guided by four rules:

  1. Clearly express and formulate the idea. The employee must understand that this is a welcome letter.
  2. Write in a friendly manner. A new colleague should feel welcome.
  3. Offer help. Write that you want to help a new team member quickly get used to the workplace. Or tell them who they can turn to for help.
  4. Let them know what needs to be done first. Often, various organizational issues are resolved on the first day at work: a workplace is determined, a bank card for payments and other documents is issued, an application is submitted for a parking space, etc. Tell the employee what needs to be done first and then introduce them to their new “second home.”

Applying these simple rules, you will write a great welcome for a newbie that will help him overcome this difficult period of adaptation.

Type of Welcome to The Team Message

In our blog, we are accustomed to approaching all issues expertly – we will understand this topic in more detail. However, gone are the days when employees were greeted with a handwritten postcard with the wishes and signatures of all team members (although you can show originality!). Now, the five most common greetings are:

  1. E-mail.
  2. Gif.
  3. Images.
  4. Meme.
  5. Quote.

Each of them is appropriate in certain situations. What works for an IT company will look odd in an academic or educational setting. Do not forget about the sense of proportion and tact – congratulations should not offend or cause tension in a new employee.


A universal way to greet a “rookie.” This option is good in almost all cases. In addition, it can be combined with other welcome messages: gifs, images, memes, quotes.


By itself, an animated picture is not always the best greeting option. But it can be compiled with a business email or a motivational quote. In addition, a fun-themed animation can be used by company employees to greet an employee in the general messenger chat.


This way of greeting is applied by analogy with gif. It can be combined with an email and a quote.


A funny picture is best used in a young team where informal communication is valued, and everyone has a great sense of humor. You can send a meme in a work chat or add a serious message to your Email. Remember that gender, appearance, age, race are taboo for jokes in a civilized society.


A quote is a beautiful, concise and meaningful phrase. It should show that everyone in the company is positive and waiting for fruitful work. The quote can be sent in an email and even accompanied with an appropriate image.

Best 50 Welcome to The Team Message

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So that you do not rack your brains by inventing the text of the letter yourself, we offer the 50 best options for greeting phrases.

  1. “Hey! Allow me to greet you on your first day at your new job! We hope your work will bring you joy and a worthy reward.”
  2. “Hello! You have become a member of the huge family of … (company name). We hope you enjoy your stay with us, and you will be able to realize your abilities here!”
  3. “Welcome to the best among the best! We are glad that you are with us now. We look forward to fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation!”
  4. “Good day! We are glad to welcome you to our team. We wish you success in your new workplace!”
  5. “Welcome to the team! We choose the best specialists and are sincerely proud that you have become part of the team. We wish you great achievements in your work!”
  6. “Welcome to our new location! We are glad that you became a part of our friendly team. We are confident that together we will conquer this industry. Good luck!”
  7. “Hey! You are a mega-specialist. You have joined a team of active and successful people. We are sincerely glad that you are with us!”
  8. “Dear colleague! We are honored to have you as part of our illustrious organization. We wish you all the best!”
  9. “Hey! We are proud that you are with us because we are sure you are capable of much!”
  10. “We wish you success in your new place! You are the best – just remember that!”
  11. “We are glad to welcome you to our ranks and wish you success in your new place!”
  12. “Our congratulations! You have become part of an ambitious and purposeful team. Your professional experience is a treasure for us. Let’s conquer the highest bar!”
  13. “Welcome to the company of pros! It’s great to have you with us! We can’t wait to work with you!”
  14. “We are delighted to have acquired a new member of the team. On behalf of all employees, congratulations on your new position! Only forward!”
  15. “The success of any company depends on the success of every employee! So, be successful in your new position!”
  16. “Hey! We’re glad you joined! A friendly team is capable of more than one person. So let’s make great progress!”
  17. “Hello! We assessed your knowledge and professional qualities at the interview. We are confident that they will help you achieve significant professional results. We hope you will find fulfillment in this position!”
  18. “Good day! We have a difficult path to victory. But together, we are strong, and we are capable of much!”
  19. “Hello! Today you have become a member of a large team that is constantly evolving. We are glad that you became a part of it. Together we are capable of incredible accomplishments !”
  20. “Dear friend, welcome to the team of stars! Show your potential and realize your ambitions! With you, we can achieve more. Forward to the dream!”
  21. “We are happy to have an employee like you. Your knowledge and experience are very valuable to us. Together we will open new horizons!”
  22. “The ability of our employees has enabled us to achieve the unthinkable. And with your talents, we will achieve even more! We’re glad you’re with us!”
  23. “Hi … (name of a new employee)! We love having you with us. Can’t wait to see you in action!”
  24. “Hello! You are the best! That is why we chose you. We look forward to productive cooperation!”
  25. “We are pleased to welcome a new professional to our ranks! We hope you will get real pleasure from work and life! To new plans and tremendous success!”
  26. “Hey! We were looking for someone to help our company reach the next level. And here they are – you! We wish you success in your work! Remember: we are one!”
  27. “We wrote just to say hello to you. Be yourself because it was your unique style that won us over!”
  28. “Thank you very much for choosing our firm for employment. We greatly appreciated your professional qualities at the interview and looked forward to seeing how you prove yourself in business.”
  29. “Thank you for joining our team. Your contribution to the common cause will open up new opportunities for all of us. Health to you and professional growth!”
  30. “When you decided to become part of our team, you made the right choice. We are sure you will like it here and realize your potential. We’re glad you’re with us!”
  31. “Hello! We carefully select new employees. You are the best of many. We are glad to welcome you to our team! Good luck and great achievements!”
  32. “What a joy it is to welcome a new person to the team! Good luck and all the best! Let the work bring only positive!”
  33. “We cordially welcome you to your new place and wish you great career achievements!”
  34. “We were very happy when we learned that you became part of our team. We hope you will be able to realize your potential with us and achieve your goals!”
  35. “Hello! It is a great achievement for us to have you become part of our company. Together we will achieve what many think is impossible. We wish you great success!”
  36. “Hey! You did it! We are glad that you are with us. Specialists like you do not grow on trees! Together we will be able to accomplish great things!”
  37. “Hello! By choosing us, you have chosen success. From now on, your life will change only for the better. Welcome aboard!”
  38. “Hey! We like you the way you are. So be with us, but be yourself – this is your main secret for success!”
  39. “We sincerely welcome you to our company. We hope that our expectations will be justified. Good luck!”
  40. “Hello, our new colleague! We hope you will be able to receive not only money but also pleasure from work! You deserve it!”
  41. “Great to have you with us! Good luck in your new workplace! If you need help, reach out!”
  42. “Welcome to the family! You are cool! And together, we are strong!
  43. “Hello! We are glad to welcome you to our company. You beat everyone in the interview and joined the team of the same winners. Together we will achieve even the impossible!”
  44. “Congratulations on taking another career peak! We believe that you will achieve great things. That’s why we chose you!”
  45. “Hello! Having overcome all obstacles, you have perfectly complemented our team. We wish you good luck in your new job!”
  46. “By joining our team, you have become even stronger! We wish you success!”
  47. “Congratulations on the start of a new career stage! We are glad to welcome an exceptionally talented person to our friendly team!”
  48. “We are happy that such a creative and energetic person has joined us. We want you to get the most out of your work!”
  49. “Together, we can do more than alone. We believe in you! We’re glad you’ve joined us.”
  50. “On behalf of the whole team, we welcome you warmly! We will do our best to make you like it here. Good luck!”

Based on the samples provided, you can come up with your greetings. We are sure you will find appropriately kind words perfect for each case. The main thing is to follow the rules described above.


Sending a welcome letter does not require much effort from the administration. But it solves two important problems:

  • First, it shows the new employee that they are not superfluous in the team, increasing their confidence in their abilities.
  • It motivates the new employee to perform at their best from the beginning, which benefits the company and business.

A positive attitude towards a new colleague should not be limited to a welcome letter. Small signs of attention (company notepad, cup, badge, fountain pen), support in difficult moments, well-deserved praise – all these things demonstrate to the newbie that they are an important link in the team from now on. This all inspires new achievements.

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