What Are the Options for Showing a Pop-Up Form?

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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the Plerdy channel. My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and in this video, we will take a look at some of the options for showing a pop-up form.

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If you have even been to any online store website, you know how the pop-ups work. Every online seller wants to grab the customer’s attention and increase conversion rates. That’s why this simple yet very effective instrument became that popular.

And what is even more interesting about the pop-ups is that there are so many different ways and options for showing the pop-up to be adjusted to any website and any needs.

Let’s dive deeper and check what exactly those options are.

When we open our Plerdy account, we need to go to the Form and Feedback tab and hit the “Build a form” button. We will see many different types of pop-up forms. However, the rules for showing up any of them are the same, so that I will create, for example, an email collection form.

On the first step, you will have to take care of the design for this form, and the second tab is actually what we are interested in now – The display rules.

First and one of the most popular options is to set up a substantial amount of time before the pop-up should be shown – for example, 10 seconds. So in the Smart Display timer field, we add ten, and it would mean that a user will see this pop-up after he spent 10 seconds on our website 10 seconds.

Other options here are to set up a scroll depth, amount of clicks, and page visits. However, what is extremely important here to remember – the more rules we add, the lower the chances that this pop-up would be shown. We are limiting this possibility with each additional rule added. So be careful with that and think of the important rules.

So, as I said, the simplest way would be to set up this timer or set up a pop-up on a click on the specific button or element on the website. We use the “Click on the hot selector” option. To get detailed instructions for setting up such a pop-up, check one of the previous videos. I have been explaining this process step by step.

Also, we can choose a location of the pop-up form – as you can see here, there are nine different options where the popup can be shown. A right lower corner is the most typical placement for the pop-up. It is not that annoying. But the form placement also highly depends on your website design. If some elements in this place should not be covered with other content, don’t place a pop-up there. Try to adjust it based on your website.

Other options that we have here are rules related to people we want to show this pop-up. We have different user groups and can specify our target users. And also can choose specific pages of the website where the pop-up should be shown.

The last thing I haven’t mentioned here is the shortcut button setting. This is used when you want your popup to open by clicking on a button. When we choose this option, the user will see a pop up only if he clicks on the button, and the other rules like seconds or scroll won’t apply in this case.

That’s all for now. Thanks for watching till the end, and see you in the next videos!

Take care, bye!

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