Why Segment Users to Display a Pop-Up Form?

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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the Plerdy channel. My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and in this video, we will talk about user segmentation for displaying a popup form.

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In one of the previous videos, I have been showing how to segment users to display a pop-up form. But the question that may still bother you is – why do we need to do it at all?

To briefly remind you about the segmentation, go to the Forms and Feedback tab, create a new form and open Display rules. Here you will find Traffic groups. This is our segmentation.

At first, you might not think you need more than one pop-up. Why would one visitor need more than one offer? You want them to convert, so why not offer them only the best option? Just one powerful message should fill up your list with emails, right?

That would be nice. However, it never works exactly like that.

A single, generic pop-up rarely delivers any meaningful conversions. Most visitors ignore it. Some even leave the site because of it.

It is very important to know that each type of visitor has a slightly different goal in mind:

  • First-time visitors usually just want to check you out.
  • Returning visitors might be comparing your products or prices with that of your competitors to decide whom to buy from.
  • Social media visitors are often driven just by curiosity.
  • Visitors who saw an advertising campaign of yours often come to buy products.

Your messages must target the users’ specific intents. Even the type of the pop-up form can be different for different reasons.

I will give you 2 examples (show in new tab):

  1. New visitors landing on the home page – To engage them, you can use a pop-up to display a welcoming message like this: (show an example created in advance)
    Welcome to Test! Sign up and know who we are and what we do. Grab your 10% discount for a subscription!
  2. Visitors from specific locations – Not all stores ship worldwide; web stores are often visible where the store cannot physically ship. With geo-targeted pop-ups, stores can still engage with customers outside their shipping range and convert them into email newsletter subscribers.
    Example: We are not yet shipping to your country! Add your email, and we’ll notify you as soon as we launch there!
  3. So I hope those two very simple examples proved to you that segmenting users to display pop-ups can be a very useful and important thing to do!

    That’s all for now. Thanks for watching till the end, and see you in the next videos!

    Take care, bye!

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