What is a campaign parameter not available by default in Google Analytics?

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Utm_adgroup campaign parameter is not available in Google Analytics by default.

Website owners add parameters to destination URLs to see what ad campaigns refer traffic. Analytics automatically receives information about the added parameters and displays them in the Campaigns reports when someone clicks a referral link.

There are five types of parameters (and utm_adgroup doesn’t belong to them):

  • utm_source: identifies the source of the traffic (e.g., Google, newsletter 2)
  • utm_medium: identifies the advertising medium (e.g., CPC, banner)
  • utm_campaign: identifies campaign name, promo code, etc. for a product
  • utm_term: identifies paid search keywords
  • utm_content: differentiate and compare similar content within one ad

Using parameters, website owners collect information about the effectiveness of the launched campaigns and identify where the campaigns yield better results. For example, the same campaign can generate different revenue in different social apps. Or several versions of the campaign (emails, in-app ads, video apps) show different efficiency. The comparison helps to optimize advertising expenses and select the most profitable advertising channels.

What is a campaign parameter not available by default in Google Analytics? https://support.google.com/

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