What is a Site Survey?

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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the Plerdy channel. My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and in this video, we will get to know what a site survey is used for.

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Customer feedback and customer review is first-hand information from the customers about their experience, issues, concerns, complaints, and appreciation of your products or services.

It gives you actionable insights into what customers are doing on your website and why they are doing it. Collecting customer feedback can steer your business towards website optimization and growth. Surveys for collecting users’ feedback are mostly used during Conversion Rate analysis and help for optimization of this CR.

I will show you how we can create and use surveys on the website.

We will need to open the Forms and Feedback tab in our Plerdy account. Then scroll down, and you will see a Survey form.

As it is written here with this form, you can ask your potential customers and buyers the essential questions that will help improve your site, services, products or more.

This form can be fully customized and adjusted. Let’s check it out.

You see that you can create the text and answers you need. This lets you gather reviews about customers’ last purchases, website design, customer support agents, various products on your website, etc. Anything that comes to your mind.

And the good thing is that you can add some answers so a person can choose what they think but also there is a field to provide a longer answer, which is valuable. You can also choose whether this should be a question with multiple answers.

For some ideas for this survey, check out our other videos. I have been giving some examples.

You can also fully customize the Display rules for this form, show it when needed, and for specific groups of people.

Going back to the page with different form types, we also see an NPS survey and a Feedback form. I have been talking more about them in previous videos. Still, I just wanted to mention that those two are also great instruments to gather user opinions, impressions, complaints, and sometimes thankful reviews.

So make sure to include feedback collection into your marketing activities, as it is a really powerful thing and your fuel for growth.

Thanks for watching this video!

Take care, bye!

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