How to Segment Subscribers?

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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the Plerdy channel. My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and in this video, I will show you how to segment subscribers.

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So imagine you want to increase the conversion rate on your website, and you decide to create some popup forms offering promotions and discounts to your website visitors.

However, to make the offers more personalized, you will create different messages for different groups of users. For example, you have a group of users who came to your website through social media, and you want to encourage them to follow your social media accounts or take part in the giveaway.

So you go to Forms and Feedback, you choose a type of the form. In this case, it could be a custom banner. Create this form. Of course, first, work on the design but then on the second step, Display rule, you will see a tab Traffic group.

For the example I have given with the social media traffic, we will have to choose this in the traffic sources – just put a tick.

But there are many more segmentation opportunities. We can segment the device types, traffic sources, operational systems, countries, and user behavior based on our needs.

User behavior is more of a custom segmentation. Here we can segment any users – for a random example – we can segment the users who clicked only on red buttons on the website.

But this option is more complicated as we need to create those custom user groups yourself. Creating the user groups was described in one of the previous videos, but to refresh it. You need to go to Settings, open the User groups and there, you can create a new group and get a piece of a code that needs to be implemented on the website to collect the data about users who fall into this group.

That’s it for now. We already know how to segment users for pop up forms, and to learn more, check out other videos.

Take care, bye!

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