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Brands are interested in increasing the number of buyers – customers want to benefit from cooperation with the company. To solve this equation, we propose using special affiliate programs. Introducing a new strategy will increase the demand for your products or services.

A brand partner can be customers or organizations that motivate visitors to check out your page. The amount of remuneration for the promotion of services is determined on an individual basis to create a profitable program that considers the activity’s characteristics.

What Are Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate marketing affiliate programs allow you to benefit from collaboration. You offer a reward, and members of the affiliate program tell potential buyers about your services. As a result, affiliate marketing will positively affect your business profitability and brand awareness.

The effectiveness of affiliate programs depends on several factors. First of all, it is worth enlisting the support of those organizations that work with you in the same vertical. In this way, it is possible to attract the attention of interested consumers and begin to cooperate with them.

Affiliates Programs from Plerdy

Affiliate Programs - 01

The Plerdy affiliate program allows you to receive up to 30% off payments for service packages. All you need to do is register on the platform and get your referral link to participate. Then, people can conveniently spread information about your company and receive a well-deserved reward.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time participating in the program. Registration of new partners and receiving the first profit is carried out as follows:

  1. Referral link. You get a unique link immediately after registering a personal account. After that, payment for the package of services is carried out following the established rules.
  2. Link placement. Your job is to share Plerdy’s features and tools with subscribers and readers. This is easy to do: place a referral link on your blog.
  3. First profit. The amount of commission depends on the number of clients, the payments for service packages, and the number of successful transactions. Thus, up to 30% is credited to your account every month.

The withdrawal of funds received is available to every participant of the program. You will need to submit an application and provide your details. Funds will be accrued even without your direct participation, as long as the attracted customers use your link and pay for services.

The Best 12 Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are suitable for promoting any business. Therefore, do not give up on this profitable idea – the effectiveness of affiliate marketing has been proved. The market giants decided to create unique offers, and the results justified such a risk. The examples below are proof of this.


Affiliate Programs - 02

Affiliates of this professional website building platform receive up to 50% commission from purchasing any plan through the affiliate program. The list of cooperation options is quite wide, so the possibility of receiving payments increases. Becoming an affiliate program member is quite simple – you need to fill out a short online form. The first payment is accrued within 30 days of the date of payment for the package.

Amazon Associates

Affiliate Programs - 03

Members of the Amazon affiliate program spend a minimum of time promoting the company. The brand is widely known worldwide, so getting from 1% to 10% commission of funds is not difficult – bring in new customers. The amount of remuneration depends on the category of goods. You can join the number of affiliates by filling out the questionnaire.

Amazon checks subscriber engagement and decides whether you can participate. To get a positive decision, you must provide links to your account or blog. The check does not take much time, and the company reports the results by email.

eBay Partner Network

Affiliate Programs - 04

This high-profile brand offers partners 1% to 4% commission for advertising products on their blog or website. The amount of remuneration depends on the category of goods, and the commission is paid after the sale, equivalent to 10 units in the country’s currency. Until the minimum profit is reached, the money remains in the account.

Accrued funds can be withdrawn after 30 days. A detailed description of actions is given on the affiliate program page. Next, register to participate on the platform of a well-known seller. To do this, fill out an account form.

Fiverr Affiliates Program

Affiliate Programs - 05

The amount of remuneration depends on what services you promote. This way, affiliates receive up to $150 for each successful transaction. The difficulty lies in that if there are no entrepreneurs among your subscribers, participation in the program will not bring the desired results.

You can join the number of partners after filling out the questionnaire. An additional advantage is using unique tools available to registered affiliates.


Affiliate Programs - 06

This company offers two options for cooperation. In the first case, the commission is 33% of the sale amount, and in the second, up to $135 after the transaction is closed. You can choose the appropriate version of the affiliate program by studying the detailed information on the company’s official website.


Affiliate Programs - 07

The affiliate program of this web platform is beneficial in that the number of rewards is much higher than in other cases. Affiliates receive up to 200% commission on the cost of a monthly subscription if they were active within two months of cooperation. Since you can become a member free of charge, hundreds of users have already been able to evaluate the offer’s attractiveness. The affiliate program becomes available after filling out the form on the site.


Affiliate Programs - 08

This popular web hosting platform can pay decent affiliate program commissions for selling premium packages. You need to receive about $300 every month to withdraw your earnings. After that, funds are accumulated on the account until the partner reaches the specified minimum. To become a member of the affiliate program, follow the prompts on the site.

WP Engine

Affiliate Programs - 09

As a commission, members of the super-fast web hosting partner program for WordPress sites receive about $200 for signing up a new client via the link or 100% commission from the cost of the selected package. Despite the solid amount of payments, partners should think about deciding what will be more profitable specifically for them. To register an account, you need to go to the appropriate section of the site and send an application for participation.


Affiliate Programs - 10

The cashback site returns some of the money to customers for making transactions – the ability to choose the right brand to receive commissions is captivating. In addition, the affiliate program allows you to receive several types of rewards, so affiliates choose the appropriate one individually. To become a brand representative, you can fill out an application on the company’s website.


Affiliate Programs - 11

The SEO tools platform draws attention with a hefty payout of up to $200 per subscription fee. Distributing links among your readers will bring a partner a large income – in the Internet space, the chosen marketing strategy and tools are becoming increasingly important. You can join the number of participants in the affiliate program immediately after registering. To start earning commissions, use a link to generate income for ten years.


Affiliate Programs - 12

The desire to get secure access to the Internet makes people increasingly use VPN services. The affiliate program allows you to get to know the brand and earn solid commissions. Registration of a new member through a referral link brings 40% commission, and renewal of the package – 30%. Registration is carried out by filling out a form.

Capitalist Exploits

Affiliate Programs - 13

The affiliate program looks attractive due to the opportunity to receive a 50% commission. In addition, affiliates enjoy the opportunity to access paid subscriptions, easily attracting new users. The plan’s cost varies from $ 1,575 – which each partner has a chance to earn. You can join the number of lucky ones and get the necessary information on the site’s pages. Here is all the information about the benefits of the affiliate program.


Affiliate programs allow you to attract new customers and introduce the target audience to a previously unknown brand. The absence of risks and a high-efficiency rate have been proven by practice, so more and more companies are trying to create their network of partners.

Affiliate programs increase the level of trust in the brand. Partners of companies receive not only solid cash payments but also suitable tools for development in their chosen business niche. The main difficulty lies in creating a unique offer that will suit potential partners.

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