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Most businesses now have an online presence, and it’s no longer enough to have a good-looking website to win new leads and maintain existing clients. Your website has to appear high on SERPs and give such value to visitors that distinguishes it from lots of competitors. Having this in mind, website optimization tools are the ones you need to look for.

Website optimization is a continuous process of improving your website’s performance to reach your business goals. The objectives of website optimization correlate with the aims of your business – increasing conversion rate or getting more website traffic. Website optimization comprises research, testing, analyzing, and optimizing activities aimed at improvements in the following fields of the website:

No part of your website performance should be overlooked. Even if the website is ranking high on the SERPs, your visitors may be leaving your website on some specific page. You will need to use website optimization tools to find this out and analyze – is it happening due to low quality of content or poor UX? Or did page loading take longer than average? You will learn why it is taking place and optimize your website to prevent this from happening again.

What are Website Optimization Tools?

Website optimization tools can assist you in improving your website performance based on relevant data. There are many online instruments, both free and paid, that will help you analyze and optimize your website’s different areas.

SEO tools for website optimization concentrate specifically on making your website more appealing to search engines. For instance, they analyze your keywords, meta descriptions, text length, and quality, pointing to areas needing improvement. You may also use SEO website optimization tools to find out your competitors’ keywords, analyze your backlinks, and the loading time of your website.

Mobile website optimization tools will let you check how your website is displayed on various devices and get to know any usability issues. You will also learn how to enhance the mobile user experience.

Other website optimization tools allow you to check the technical side of your website – ensure that there are no errors, it is secure, and look for robots.txt files on your website.

Most free website optimization tools offer enough functionality to find weak points of your website performance and get basic recommendations on its improvement.

Why is it important to use Website Optimization Tools?

You have already learned what are the website optimization tools and how they can help you in analyzing and enhancing different areas of your website performance. By using them for the first time, you will get valuable insights and an action plan to achieve your goals. Here are some ways tools for website optimization can provide benefit to your website:

  • Speeding up your website loading;
  • Improving the quality of your SEO copy;
  • Decluttering your content;
  • Optimizing images;
  • Improving user experience;
  • Allowing to experiment with interface changes by running usability tests.

However, your efforts won’t end here. After optimizing your website once, you will need to be competitive and keep your audience constantly.

Since search ranking algorithms are being updated often, you will always have competitors who may outrank you by their keywords or best-performing content. You need to continue optimizing the website.

Also, your business goals may be changing. You can set a new goal for increasing the conversion rate, even more, requiring additional work. While growing your business and changing your website, it is essential to make sure you maintain it well-optimized.

Website Optimization Tools with Plerdy

Plerdy is a website optimization platform that collects data on traffic sources, scroll depth and helps to monitor website usability. Plerdy has received numerous positive reviews from various businesses and marketing experts.

Fulvio D., the CEO of a small business enterprise, admits that using Plerdy made an impression. He chose this website optimization tool specifically for heat maps and video sessions but received much more data than expected.

Kate L., a digital marketing specialist, shares that she values the accuracy of data and the feature of tracking clicks on dynamic elements. She also praises the customer support team, who is always ready to provide fast help.

Let’s have a detailed look at the website optimization tools Plerdy has to offer.

Website Heatmap Tools 

Website Heatmap Tools enable you to track visitors’ interactions with your website.

By viewing Website Click Heatmap, you will see how users from different traffic sources acted on each website page. Likewise, hot Segments show you the parts of the website that have the highest CTR. These tools also help you view how users navigate the website, their cursor position, and how deep they scroll.

You may see that the first users’ clicks are on the first and second parts of the website. By analyzing this data in a chart, you may find usability issues that should be solved.

Session Replay Software 

Session recording tools allow you to record how a user behaves on a website and receive valuable insight from it.

By viewing the exact video replay of all user’s actions, you can quickly find out any UX problems and come up with solutions to them.

For instance, if the user clicks on an unclickable element, it signifies that you should make it clickable. If many visitors click on a banner with a title, it shows that they would like to learn more about this particular content, so it will be a good solution to link to a page with more information.

Conversion funnel analysis 

A website funnel tool demonstrates the step-by-step process of visitors going through an eCommerce store or a web resource. The visualization shows where users drop off and what stages they skip. You are also able to see what device type generates the most conversions.

All of this data contributes to your analysis of the sales process on the website. With the help of it, you can optimize the process in a way that will bring you more conversions.

Event and goal tracking

This tracking enables you to configure events to record user interactions with buttons, images, scroll bars, and other elements. You can create specific goals and collect accurate data on them. Then you will see every interaction in statistics that you can analyze and build solutions on it.

E-commerce Sales Performance 

The sales performance tool provides valuable data, structured in reports to show you which element of the website had the most influence on your sales. It shows the number of transactions, unique users, the total amount of revenue, and what elements of the website contributed to purchases, helping you to find out what works best for sales.

SEO Checker

A tool that helps to monitor any SEO changes on a website. It checks the semantics of pages, shows any SEO mistakes, errors and bugs, allowing you to make a full SEO audit of your website. For instance, an SEO audit of the TemplateMonster website showed many critical SEO errors and a lack of descriptions that can influence website ranking badly.

Website SEO Checker

The extension can analyze your website in a few seconds for quality of content, tags, keywords and look for errors. You also can make a screenshot of all data on a page and share it with other people.

Best 9 Website Optimization Tools

When looking for free website optimization tools, you will notice that any separate tool isn’t sufficient to cover all areas you need to optimize. That’s why it is better to use a combination of online website optimization tools. Let’s look at the top 9 website optimization tools that focus on specific optimization areas and are best-performing.


A usability research tool that helps to create online forms and questionnaires of employees and customers.

Founder – Marcin Racino, an entrepreneur with a software development background.


  • The highly customizable design of surveys;
  • Sending survey invitations through various mediums;
  • Pop up survey creation on your website;
  • Integration with API, Zapier, or webhooks.

Companies that trust Startquestion include ING, Medicover, Deutsche Bank, Coders Lab, Eurobank, and Westhill Consulting.


An AI-based tool for website optimization able to analyze all pages of a website showing it in one dashboard. It has auto-generated tasks, and Screpy artificial intelligence estimates the impact of each task on the SEO score.

Founders – Yunus Ozcan, Mustafa Aydemir, entrepreneurs.


  • Keyword Tracker – allows to see Google rankings of your keywords;
  • SEO monitoring – shows where you can optimize website;
  • Uptime monitoring – sends you downtime alerts;
  • Syntax checker – monitor your code.

Screpy is used by banks, manufacturers, marketing agencies, and SEO professionals.

User Proof

Tool for increasing conversions by building users’ trust and creating urgency. User Proof displays alerts on your website showing how many people started a free trial, downloaded a digital copy, or took other action on the website.

CEO – Dave Rogenmoser, marketing specialist.


  • Hot Streaks – demonstrates a number of people who took action on your website;
  • Recent Activity – shows a live feed of real people who interacted with the website;
  • Live Visitor Count – demonstrates the number of visitors currently viewing a web page.

User Proof is trusted by Demio, Speedo, Oprah&Deepak, KlientBoost, and Harry’s.


The tool allows you to track and record calls, watch your website through users’ eyes, and protect Google Ads & Bing Ads campaigns from attacks.

Founder – Yigal Cohen, entrepreneur, marketer.


  • Call Tracking – shows which keywords, ads, and campaigns generate calls and conversions;
  • Website Video Recorder – demonstrates a full picture of how visitors use the website – their clicks, mouse movements and scrolls;
  • Click Fraud Protection – detects click fraud and helps to prevent attacks on your campaigns.

Clixtell is used by banks, law firms, internet marketing agencies, and SEO specialists.


An image optimization service that can automatically detect the most suitable image for your website is empowered by PWA tech.

Founder – Giorgos Giakoumettis, entrepreneur.


  • Speedtest checker;
  • Smart crop – automatically identifies the image center and crops it around this on new dimensions;
  • Images optimization.

imghaste brought great results to RepairYourWP.com, ThePressProject, HostChefs, Enimerosi, and Paratiritis news.


A web analytics platform that gives you full control of your data.

Founder – Matthieu Aubry, an entrepreneur with a software engineering background.


  • Analytics for Ecommerce – advanced analytics specifically for Ecommerce;
  • Goal Conversion Tracker – enable to track goals and see if you are meeting your business objectives;
  • Content Tracking – measure clicks, impressions, and CTR for text and image banners;
  • Site Search Analytics – track searches made on your website.

Matomo is trusted by Huawei, NASA, Amnesty International, RedBull, United Nations, and European Commission websites.


An enterprise ad management tool that optimizes ad operations for publishers and tech partners.

CEO – Deke Hooper, entrepreneur, marketer.


  • A/B Testing;
  • Ad Inventory Management;
  • Audience Targeting;
  • Dynamic Content.

diDNA is used by ODK Media Inc, The Infatuation, USSSA, VNN Sports, ESTNN, SportsEngine.


A website monitoring and web performance monitoring tool.

CEO – Gav Winter, entrepreneur, business consultant.


  • User Access Levels – configure users to have restricted access to your account’s monitors;
  • Crisis escalation – set rules to escalate server issues to team members;
  • Global server network – monitor a website from different regions;
  • Maintenance Windows – set your monitoring on pause to avoid unrequired alerts.

RapidSpike is trusted by Tryzens, Helen of Troy, Infinity Works, Whittard of Chelsea, and William Hill.

AB Tasty

AI-powered experimentation tool for feature management and personalization solutions.

CEO – Alix de Sagazan, entrepreneur, marketing professional.


  • WYSIWYG Editor – enables to create variant web pages;
  • Multivariant Testing – allow to test multiple changes at once;
  • Personalized Messaging – helps to create personalized messages to customers.

Online website optimization tools help to reach business goals

As you’ve already seen, website optimization tools are the best way to analyze your website. They disclose data that you weren’t aware of, like how your website visitors behave, what solutions work best for the web pages and what user journeys lead to more conversions. With the help of them, you will feel informed and make better business decisions.

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