10 Best SEO Podcasts to Listen in 2024

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Maintaining current knowledge of the newest techniques, trends, and insights is essential in the always changing field of search engine optimization. And what greater approach to accomplish that than to listen to some excellent SEO podcasts? These podcasts may inform and amuse you whether you’re working out, commuting, or just lounging around the house. All set to explore the top SEO podcasts of 2024? Commencez!

Why SEO Podcasts Will Still Be Important in 2024

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New algorithms, techniques, and tactics are always appearing in the field of search engine optimization. It’s important to stay informed, and podcasts provide an easy approach to do so. You should include SEO podcasts into your learning regimen for the following reasons:

1. Consistency

Podcasting is really handy. Listen to them while exercising, driving, or even cleaning the house. This adaptability spares you time so you can maximize your time and be updated without having to make extra room in your hectic schedule.

2. Expert Advice

Industry professionals that impart their skills and experiences are interviewed in several SEO podcasts. You may keep ahead of the curve and have a competitive advantage with this intimate knowledge.

3. Three Views

Various podcasts let you to hear many points of view and approaches. You can be inspired to think creatively and beyond the box in your own SEO efforts by this variety of viewpoints.

4. Regular Education

It is not a discipline to set it and forget about SEO. It’s a process that never ends and calls for continuing education and modification. You may maintain your abilities sharp and current with the newest trends and best practices by routinely listening to SEO podcasts.

List of Best SEO Podcasts

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1. The SEO Rant

The SEO Rant” is the podcast for you if you want to go right to the point of SEO without wading through unnecessary information. The focus of this podcast, which Mordy Oberstein hosts, is open, unvarnished conversations on SEO.

Mordy’s openness and humor make difficult SEO subjects interesting and approachable. Everything from technical SEO to content planning will be covered in a surprisingly simple way. Remember to follow his YouTube channel for weekly doses of comedy and SEO knowledge.

2. Voices of Search

Everybody who is serious about SEO should listen to “Voices of Search“. Benjamin Shapiro hosts this daily podcast that features insightful commentary from professionals in the field.

Every episode is a veritable gold mine of information because of Benjamin’s captivating manner and skill at posing the appropriate questions. Subjects covered are everything from the most recent changes to the Google algorithm to successful link-building tactics. And the little episodes are easy to fit into your hectic schedule. Hit the subscribe button, then, to never miss an update.

3. Experts on the Wire

Presented by Dan Shure, “Experts on the Wire” delves deeply into the realm of search engine optimization with an emphasis on practical knowledge. Every episode reflects Dan’s knowledge and enthusiasm for SEO, which makes difficult subjects simple to grasp and use.

This podcast is an information gold mine, featuring solo episodes where Dan talks about his personal experiences and interviews with leading industry experts. Like this podcast if you like learning from the greatest, regardless of your level of experience.

4. The Recipe for SEO Success Show

To “The Recipe for SEO Success Show,” Kate Toon contributes her contagious enthusiasm and plenty of expertise. Those looking for doable, straight-forward guidance on raising their SEO game may find this episode to be invaluable.

Kate makes even the trickiest SEO ideas understandable with her friendly manner and concise explanations. Tips, techniques, and actual examples from everyday life are all throughout each episode and can be used to your own projects. Join the enjoyment by subscribing to her YouTube channel!

5. SEO Podcast by #SEMrush

Presented to you by the SEMrush team, this podcast is a wealth of SEO information. Industry executives who offer their thoughts and tactics are interviewed in each episode.

Technical SEO to content marketing and beyond are among the many subjects covered. Anybody trying to improve their SEO game should listen to this podcast because of the professional production quality and knowledgeable guests. Keep up to date by subscribing.

6. Search Engine Journal Show

Your one stop shop for everything digital marketing, with a special emphasis on SEO, is the “Search Engine Journal Show“. With hosts from the business, this podcast provides in-depth talks on the newest developments in tools, techniques, and trends.

Every episode is different and instructive because of the range of subjects and knowledgeable speakers. You’ll learn something useful here whether your interests are PPC, content strategy, or technical SEO. Follow this podcast to maintain current and sharp SEO knowledge.

7. Marketing School

For “Marketing School,” a daily podcast covering all facets of digital marketing, including SEO, Neil Patel and Eric Siu collaborate. For working professionals trying to keep ahead in the field, their succinct, practical episodes are ideal.

Every episode is fascinating and educational because of the strong chemistry and depth of expertise between Neil and Eric. You’ll learn doable advice you can use right now to raise the bar for your general marketing plan and SEO. Sign up right now to receive your daily serving of marketing knowledge.

8. The In Search SEO Podcast

Featuring research and facts, “The In Search SEO Podcast” is a deep dive into the area of SEO hosted by Mordy Oberstein. This podcast is entertaining as well as educational because to Mordy’s analytical approach and lively manner.

Industry professionals who offer their thoughts and experiences are interviewed in each episode. This podcast is unique in that it focuses on data-driven SEO tactics and offers listeners practical guidance. To get updated on the newest SEO studies, like and subscribe.

9. EDGE of the Web

Podcast “EDGE of the Web” focuses heavily on SEO while covering the newest developments in digital marketing. Hosted by Erin Sparks, this podcast includes in-depth talks on the newest methods and trends as well as interviews with business titans.

Erin’s upbeat manner and the range of knowledgeable guests make every episode worth listening to. Whether social networking, content marketing, or technical SEO interest you, this site has insightful information. Get “EDGE of the Web” subscription to keep up with digital marketing trends.

10. Authority Hacker Podcast

The “Authority Hacker Podcast” is a wealth of information for those trying to launch and grow profitable online enterprises. With hosts Gael Breton and Mark Webster, this podcast tackles a variety of subjects including affiliate marketing, content marketing, and SEO.

Complex subjects are made understandable and doable by Gael and Mark’s useful counsel and actual examples. Their attention to creating authoritative websites distinguishes this program and offers listeners special perspectives. To find out how to rocket your internet business, like and subscribe.

Tips for Maximizing SEO Podcast Impact

Here are some advices to get the most out of listening to SEO podcasts:

  1. Snap Notes: Note important ideas and practical advice while you listen to podcasts. This will facilitate your retention of crucial knowledge and its application to your own SEO plans.
  2. Talk to the Community: Facebook groups and forums are common online communities linked to many podcasts. Connect with other listeners, pose questions, and offer your own thoughts and experiences by joining these communities.
  3. Applying What You Learn: Application of the acquired knowledge is the most crucial phase. See what suits your website the best by trying out fresh approaches and methods and monitoring your outcomes.
  4. Stay Consistent: Include regular listening to SEO podcasts into your schedule. Being informed and always honing your SEO abilities need consistency.

Final Thought

Anyone hoping to keep current and advance their abilities in 2024 will find SEO podcasts to be an excellent resource. These podcasts can help you remain ahead of the curve and reach your SEO goals with their professional insights, wide range of viewpoints, and easy access.

What more then need you wait? Get these best SEO podcasts, interact with the community, and start using what you learn to get actual outcomes. And please don’t hesitate to ask questions or offer recommendations in a comment or on social media. Enjoy your listening and your optimizing!

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