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Who abandoned the basket again? Interactive exit windows are an algorithm that prevents potential customers from leaving a website page and reduces the number of abandoned carts. Exit Intent Popup reacts to the actions of visitors, recognizing in real-time their desire to leave the website – the reason is not important.

Why are they so powerful? In the content of the Exit Intent Popup, the key offer is narrowed to a short and specific message – it encourages the visitor to take further action and informs them about an enticing offer. Its essence varies depending on the type of web platform. For example, it could be a subscription offer for news sites and online stores, a discount, or a gift.

Exit Intent Popup has the following advantages:

  • Decreases the cart abandonment rate. For example, if the reason for the refusal is expensive shipping, offering to make it free for the first purchase or offering a discount on the full price can make the customer change their mind.
  • A database of contacts. Offer customers a way to add their personal information – date of birth, email, or phone number. You will receive an additional channel for communication with potential customers.
  • Sales growth. Provide your customers with the offers they are interested in through targeting. Create interactive popups and drive conversions.
  • Minimize distractions and details. Exit Intent Popup allows you to remove unnecessary popups that distract customers from making a purchase. Concentrate on those visitors who need an incentive to take action.

Next, we will take a closer look at how Exit Intent Popups work, which tool will allow you to create convenient forms, and which types are most effective.

Exit Intent Plerdy Popup

Plerdy software will allow you to create Popup forms without involving other specialists – designers and programmers. It includes:

  • Templates. Receive messages about the latest news (special offers and promotions, sales, discounts), call a subscriber store (contact information), save contacts (phone number for calling), give permission for a quick order in one click.
  • Form constructor. You will be able to form the structure of the Exit Intent Popup independently to meet your needs.
  • Banners. They can include visual effects like custom WebP or GIF animations.
  • A fixed shortcut button. Displays a popup or banner when clicked.
  • Functionality rating metrics. Emoticons, NPS, and others that are customizable with options in the form of questions/answers and suggestions.

How do you create a popup form using the Plerdy service? What settings are available to you? We offer a short step-by-step instruction for the Exit Intent Popup:

  • In the administrative part of the website, find the “Forms and Reviews” tab and select the “Create Form” function. Depending on your purpose, you can choose the shape you need. Then enter its name and click the “Create” button.
  • Next, using the constructor on the left side of the screen, add the required form elements and combine them. On the right side, you will see how the Exit Intent Popup is displayed on different devices. You can also change the parameters of the picture.
  • After creation, go to the “Display Rules” tab in the same window. This is where you choose under what circumstances to show the form. You can customize the display parameters after clicking the button (e.g., exit, device, traffic category, etc.). The location of the Popup form on the page is also configured here.
  • The next step is the third tab, “Settings,” in the same field. Enable, archive, show close button or not – these are the main functions. In the line, “List of IPs to show,” select specific addresses if you need to limit the number of impressions. For example, this is required for testing. A button at the end of the list will help you set up a data transfer to Google Analytics.
  • In the “List of Forms / Banners” tab, you will see the entire list of templates, forms, and banners you have created, their status, number of impressions, leads/clicks, etc.
  • The following columns are reports. Data can be structured by device type, period, etc. After clicking on the “Apply” button, you get a graphical display of statistics and the data displayed in a table. Reports for the following categories are included: Lead List, Reviews & NPS, Impression Statistics, Traffic Sources, and Countries.
  • The last item is “Receiving reports.” This is where you set up notifications of new leads to be sent to your email.

Setting up an Exit-Intent Popup is easy. If necessary, technical support can answer all of your questions about how to use the service.

How exit-intent popups can help avoid cart abandonment

According to statistics, between 70-96% of visitors do not return to the site after leaving. An Exit Intent Popup helps to bring back 10-15% of potential customers. Popup forms are especially effective when it comes to abandoned carts. Let’s take a look at four of the most effective methods to bring customers back to their shopping cart:

  • Make a tempting offer – a discount, free shipping, or a special price on an item. The first option works great if a person is intimidated by the total amount of the order. Free shipping can be offered if the customer meets a certain number of goods or total amount. Sometimes this brings customers back and allows you to increase the total cost of the order. Who doesn’t love free shipping?
  • Request contact details from your visitors. In this case, you can continue the dialogue even if the client leaves the website. Alternatively, please send an email offer to save their cart or a discount for an upcoming purchase.
  • Use behavioral science to your advantage. A feeling of scarcity, a countdown timer for a purchase discount, a progress bar – all this stimulates the psyche and emotions of people and encourages them to take action.
  • Take advantage of the social factor. Customers trust what others have already chosen and appreciated, so they display customer reviews of the product or service.

An important addition can be added to any of these points – use a bright and original design on the Exit Intent Popup that will catch the user’s eye. The above methods are described in more detail below. By applying these strategies, you will reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions.

How Does Exit Intent Work?

How does the algorithm mark the visitor’s actions as an exit-intent? These are some factors:

  • Mouse cursor movement – it moves to the close tab icon.
  • Scrolls the page to the end.
  • Time spent on the page without actions.
  • Visitor activity.
  • Activity history.

Exit Intent Popup allows you to increase your sales by up to 30%. How is this effect achieved? The advantage of forms is that they do not interfere with the person viewing something on the page – they appear before the moment of exit. If a customer decides to leave the website without making a conversion, a tempting offer will bring them back to the point of buying. If they decide to look for a more profitable cost – a good offer will immediately make your site the only correct decision.

14 Exit Intent Popup Examples to Increase Conversions

Here are 14 illustrative examples of how to create Popup forms.

Push a demo

If you are selling a service, invite a potential buyer to try it for free. The offer to use what the person was looking for without paying is quite tempting.

Send a segment of a specific newsletter

Depending on the user’s viewing history, create a personal offer for them by offering to send an article, product, or service description by mail. At the same time, your offer should respond to the requests or needs of the visitor.

Give away a free guide

An excellent method for selling books, manuals, and software. Present your visitors with free “goodies” in the form of articles or instructions with a specific direction. Highlight your offer with a stylish design. For example, Tim Ferriss, a self-help guru and author of The 4-Hour Workweek, offers departing visitors access to a free article titled, 5 Morning Rituals That Help You Win the Day.

Shape your traffic

Find content or a website page that resonates with the topic that customers are viewing. It is advisable to select pages with a higher probability of conversion. This will improve your SEO metrics, page traffic, and final conversion rate.

Give away a free course

Offer your visitors a free course that they can get by entering their email and phone number. Gain new leads through the use of an additional engagement factor.

Use your visitor’s name

Personalization is a significant factor in psychological impact. The visitor should feel that they are important as an individual and as a potential customer. If this is a registered user – use their name when engaging with them in the popup window. Use the form at the beginning of the funnel as an opportunity to find out their name.

Add a progress bar

A great option for those who hate leaving things unfinished. And, as practice shows, there are many of them. This technique is based on the so-called Zeigarnik Effect – for the people who have this syndrome, the status of a pending order causes a feeling of incompleteness. Add a popup window with an indicator of the degree of completion for the transaction, and this effect will do its job.

Provide a reminder

In the Exit Intent Popup, write a reminder that the transaction is not completed – offer to save the cart. At this stage, you can find out the user’s email and send a reminder there while saving the data on the site.

Suggest popular products

Use numbers to demonstrate the need and value of your products. For example, give the leading indicators for popular products – the number of purchases, views, and positive reviews.

Offer a quiz

First, online quizzes introduce you to your users. Second, they increase the rate of stay on the site. Typically, such tests are aimed at the personality of the visitor. After all, who doesn’t love taking identification tests?

Offer to chat

The majority of users have questions. So why not answer them? Offer visitors 24/7 live chat or the opportunity to chat at a specific appointed time. For a return response at other times, you can ask the user to leave their phone number or email address.

Give a Yes/No choice

Selection buttons will increase traffic. People tend to answer multiple-choice questions. In this case, the accept button should be brighter, and the opt-out button should be dimmed.

Use animations

Movement as a call to action is another effective psychological technique. Add some humor to your animation. It is sure to grab the attention of users.

Give visitors a chance to win

Give your visitors something tangible for signing up. This could be a T-shirt, pen, hairbrush, notebook, bag, or anything that reflects your niche theme. This will ensure that they will remember you and come back again.


Identify the most influential factors for your customers and select the appropriate Exit-Intent Popup form. It should emphasize the main points using unique fonts, colors, and images. Your successful efforts will surely pay off and increase your sales by up to 30%.

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