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The forthcoming Halloween is not only a holiday and a lot of fun but also a challenge for your imagination, creativity, and boldness. Your costume determines your role in a party: either blend into the crowd or take the stage.

Please don’t leave it too late, but think over a costume right now. Any idea below works – at least, everybody will notice you.

Snapchat filters

Snapchat has a lot of filters that can be used as costumes. An app imitation can be made using a cardboard sheet with the app interface.



The costume will be suitable for copywriters and those who write for other people from time to time. An ordinary bedsheet, a few ink stains, and a book for creating an image.


Error 404

A costume for lazybones. It would help if you had a white T-shirt and a corresponding printing or phrase. Then, everybody who has gone online at least once in their life will understand.



Make a costume based on any emoji you like. Everybody will notice you.


Pokemon trainer

After Pokemon release, tens of millions of people captured Pokemons worldwide. This image requires a baseball cap and a yellow/red/blue T-shirt with Instinct/Valor/Mystic print for each color.


BSoD (Blue Screen of Death)

A screen of death can fright any PC user, so this is a great idea for Halloween. Besides this, this is very cheap – you need a T-shirt with a corresponding print only.


Long Tail keywords

The term means a wide semantic kernel that consists of low-volume keywords. Surely, SEO specialists know about it. The costume idea interprets the term “Long Tail” – buy a long tail and stick a piece of paper with “Keywords.”


Adobe Creative Suite programs

Find a logo of one of the Adobe Creative Suite programs, print it on a cardboard sheet, and stick it to a T-shirt. For sure, you’ll be noticeable.



Everybody knows about this browser. So you’ll need a red tail, fur gloves, ears, and a T-shirt of a corresponding color.



In online slang, “spam” is rubbish messages. The costume is an illusion of the origin of this costume.


Social Butterfly

This costume symbolizes the importance of social media. Elven wings, small horns, and printed logos of popular social media and services.


Mark Zuckerberg

No need to do a mask, pick some minimalist clothes.


White & Black SEO

A perfect costume for two people. Two hats (a white and black one) with the acronym “SEO” are needed.



You can do a costume in the form of a giant hashtag. This looks striking and unusual. This idea is also great for pair costumes.



This idea is suitable for a small party. One of the costumes is PAC-MAN, others are costumes of ghosts.



Marketing bots are widely used for communicating with the website visitors. You can create a costume imitating a bot, and don’t forget to place a chat fragment on the trunk.


Bobby Flay

You can copy the image of Bobby Flay – the start of the Food Network TV channel. Then, you’ll need an apron, kitchen tweezers, a few other things, and the costume is ready.


The Cloud

More and more data are stored in “clouds.” A great idea for a costume – take a polyester fiber, make a cloud shape, stick a few photos and logos, and the image is ready.



A slam dunk. Create a costume in the form of a green bot, and you will be noticed for sure.


Starbucks bean/coffee

This brand will be noticeable everywhere. It’s simple: a coffee bean costume. The only thing you need is a square of brown cloth. A more complex costume variant is a cup of coffee.



Brainstorm is a great method of solving a difficult task in a group ad a good idea for a costume. You will need an old hat, a polyester fiber cloud, and paper lightning stuck to it.


Grumpy Cat

An image of a grumpy cat is very recognizable. It would be best if you had cat’s ears and a bit of makeup. Give your face an angry and peevish expression.


Google Algorithm Zoo

Google Corporation has created a real zoo naming its algorithms after animals. You can order ready-made costumes or try doing them yourself. A good idea for a small party.


Google Maps

An idea for two people. The first costume is the dispatch point. The second one symbolizes the destination point. Just make paper symbols of the start and endpoints and cut holes for faces.


Evil Kermit

You can use the “Evil Kermit” meme with your colleague. For example, one of you should wear a green shirt. The other one should put a black hoody (Evil Kermit).


Low Battery/ Wi-Fi

Everybody is afraid that one’s smartphone can run out of power or the Internet connection will be lost at the most critical time. Add a battery sign with 1-2% of power and a “No signal” sign. A good idea for two costumes.


Internet Troll

Trolling is a real art. So buy a bright wig, stick a poster with a social media name, and add a provocative inscription.


Flappy Bird

In due time this game was extremely popular, millions of people played it. Moreover, the costume of this bird is rather recognizable.


SEO Ninja

This costume allows becoming an SEO guru. You will need a black costume with few keywords.


Phishing emails

Fraudsters use fishing for gleaning passwords and other confidential information from their victim. You need a simulated fishing rod made of a stick, a fishing line (yarn), and your take ß word “password” on a piece of carton.


Content Distribution Monster

A costume for bold people. You can make an octopus or even a Cthulhu image.


Walking Infographic

This costume focused on statistics used by marketing specialists. It makes you look like a sandwich.


Solar Eclipse

This costume symbolizes a solar eclipse. For creating a final image, two people are needed. One should be dressed all in black and the second one – all in yellow. The first one should always overlap the second person. Sunglasses will add to the image.


Mad Data Scientist

An image of a mad scientist is rather interesting. It is based on a white lab coat, glasses, and gloves. The image can be underlined with charts, graphs, tables. They can be printed and stuck on sleeves and other coat parts.


Mobile App

This costume is perfect for networking. You need to offer people different snacks for advertising yourself.


SEO Wizard

On Halloween, you become the Lord of the Rings but specialize in SEO. So you need a cloak (wizard’s clothes) with SEO-related terms on it.


Instagram photo

The simplest costume type. You need to print an Instagram photo (don’t forget to edit the number of likes), and the image is ready.


Copy Cat

No need to do rich makeup or buy an expensive costume. For this image, you need to wear a cat’s ears, draw whiskers on your face and wear a large table with “Ctrl+c.” This is enough.


Barb from Stranger Things

Barb’s image from the Netflix series can be easily copied, and it will fit any party. Of course, you need jeans with a high waistline, glasses, pinned-up hair.



A unicorn is not only a fictive animal but also a marketing term. So it’s a great idea for a costume. You need to add a small horn and wear light clothes.


Twitter & “The Birds”

The idea is to dress like the female lead of Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” played by Tippi Hedren but use the Twitter logo instead of birds.



Monsters are always a sure option, especially if the movie has been released recently. A frightening clown is suitable for every party.



The image should resemble the famous social media – write the word “book” on your face. The idea is simple and cheap.



Pantone is a special color model where every color has its reference number. The focus is made on the costume color, not on the design.


Link Farm

The image is based on the association with an animal farm. A great idea for a party. Dress into animal costumes, tie yourself with each other using handcuffs, and the image is ready.



A pair image. The first one should represent a keyword and the second one symbolizes the hole for this key. You can make the costume yourself.


Ice Bucket Challenge

Only the lazy did not pose this challenge to their friends. For this challenge, you need a bucket, transparent net curtain, or a cellulose film, some foil (or an ice mold).



A “nerd’s” image can be made in several ways – big glasses, awkward glasses with braces, and a bowtie. SEO terms can be stuck to the costume.


Curved iPhone

Anybody will be afraid if something similar happens to one’s smartphone. For this image, you’ll need a human-sized cardboard sheet with a printed iPhone screen. Bend it for jeopardizing the people around.


A/B testing

This testing method in marketing is used for estimating the audience’s response to a certain product. The simplest costume type is an ordinary T-shirt with the phrase “Click here” in the front and the back and a baseball cap with “A/B testing.” Very simple, but if you have no time for making a more elaborate costume choose this variant.



You don’t have to copy the above-listed ideas. Instead, you can base on them and create your image. We also recommend discussing this with colleagues so that there would be no 2-3 same costumes.

The main thing: don’t make Halloween costume competitions. First of all, it’s a holiday and a chance to have fun. Second, you can be a great marketing specialist even without a peculiar costume.

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