How to Increase Leads?

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Hi there!

My name is Marta. I am a Marketing Manager, and today I want to discuss with you one very interesting question that bothers many digital business owners and marketers – how to increase the number of leads on your website?

To answer this question, we will use Plerdy.

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You may already know that one of the most efficient ways to increase the number of leads is to use pop-up forms. So let’s go to the pop-up tab and see what we have here.

We can different types of forms that can be created with Plerdy, but we will focus on the Email collection form. Lets hit “Build form” and give it a name.

On the right side, you will see the form preview, and on the left side, you will be able to edit the form.

We will start with Form Design.

The first element is Form description, which is also the most important one. The message you add to the form must be really powerful and convince the visitor to fill in the form. Here is an example _____. Try to develop a message that will work for your audience and change it here.

It is always good to give discounts and special offers.

Also, you can add the image to your form: there are some stock images, or you can upload your own. Keep in mind that forms with images won’t show on the mobile devices, so if you want this popup to be shown only on mobile – don’t add any images.

Another important thing is to set up a “Thank you a message.” Don’t skip this part and show your appreciation to your customers for sharing their contact details with you.

Then we move to the Display rules. Here we will decide where, when, and for whom the pop-up will be shown.

First of all, we can set up a smart display timer, for example, to show the form after 10 seconds. Or also, we can choose to show it on the exit intent.

Remember that the more rules you add, the fewer times the pop-up will be shown.

When we move to the group setting, the important thing to keep in mind is that the conversion rate for the form depends on the relevance of this form for the visitors. So try to choose the target audience interested in the offering you present. on the pop-up form.

It is always about testing – constantly check the CTR and amount of leads. If the close rate is very high on some pages, then it is worth excluding those pages using the “where to show” rule.

And finally we move to Settings.

Activate the form, test it for your IP, test in the incognito window, and click ” Save when you are ready.” The form will be saved in your Plerdy account and enabled on your website!

My congratulations! We created the first form using Plerdy. If you like this video and want to know more about Plerdy and popups – subscribe to the channel and stay tuned.

Thanks for watching till the end!

Have a good one! Bye!

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