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It happens that Google Ads specialists make mistakes when launching a campaign. So before we get started, let’s look at each of the most common Google Ads errors. Then, let’s learn what Google Ads is, why you should use them to increase traffic and profits.

These are frequently asked questions from beginners.

  • How to become a Google Ads specialist?
  • How to be a Google Ads specialist?
  • How to become Google Ads specialist?
  • What is a Google Ads specialist?
  • What does a Google Ads specialist do?

In this article, we will show what the mistakes of Google Ads specialists are.

What is an online search campaign? How does Google Ads Specialist make a website more profitable?

An online search campaign is a great online marketing tool that, if used correctly, can continuously generate new leads, customers. Contextual advertising is used for ads displayed to users when they enter any request in Google Search. It is customized individually for every company taking into account various domains. Customer needs requests. Search campaigns are highly effective, but only if handled by professionals!

The creators of a search campaign service called Google Ads (previously known as Google Adwords) have developed a tool in which you can specify the exact target audience, make them notice you using properly configured ads. And everything could have been very simple if it weren’t for the words “properly configured.” However, not everyone can handle this task, especially if you have no experience creating, managing advertising campaigns or use Google Ags for the first time.

Let’s imagine a common situation. You have registered in Google Ads, created context advertising, of course, ads, indicated landing pages, a budget, launched a campaign. And something went wrong. A week has already passed. You have spent all advertising budget but received no inquiries or calls from the website. Now you as a specialist will need to clarify why Google Ads isn’t working.

In fact, the best option is to take Google Ads courses and learn a lot by doing. An experienced Google Ads specialist can find out the possible causes of errors, why your search campaign is ineffective. However, you can still find some errors on your own, as most of the errors associated with setting up a search campaign are quite common, especially among beginner Google Ads specialists.

14 Reasons for Google Ads Specialist why Search Campaign is Ineffective

We’ve compiled a selection of 14 different mistakes that Google Ads professionals can make. After setting up advertising campaigns, you need to check your settings for errors carefully. Otherwise, it’s very easy to flush money down the toilet 🙂 Here we go!

Wrong Campaign Goals

mistake of online marketer 1

Before starting any advertising campaign in Google Ads, you need to define your goals. Only after that can you move to the next stages. Unfortunately, in most cases, people make a poor choice of the goals of search campaigns because they don’t realize how these goals work. In addition, they don’t know which goals are suitable for a certain product or service. To help you avoid such mistakes, here is a list of all goals with detailed descriptions.

The goals of Google Ads contextual advertising are divided into the following categories:

  1. Sales – helps drive sales in an app, website, or offline store, increase telephone sales.
  2. Leads – helps find potential customers who are only getting ready to buy or realize that they need a product. This goal turns potential customers into real ones.
  3. Website traffic – this search campaign goal helps to attract more visitors to a website. Use it if you don’t sell anything online. For example, you want to tell users about offline services or have some interesting articles to publish. Exciting content is an additional source of potential customers.
  4. Product, brand consideration – this goal encourages potential customers to discover the brand, learn more about it.
  5. Brand awareness, reach – allows you to cover the maximum audience to increase brand recognition. Use it if the project is long-term. You don’t plan to sell anything right away.
  6. Application ads – helps to promote an app, increase the number of downloads. Yet make sure to test whether expectations match user preferences, clicks. Use this goal to boost app installments, interactions with the app.
  7. No goal advertising campaign – use this option if all the goals listed above don’t suit.

Now you know better how to choose search campaign goals. In case you use such ads to generate more sales, select the Sales or Leads goal. Remember that increased attention to a brand, brand awareness won’t give you direct sales.

Irrelevant Keywords During Google Ads Customization

mistake of online marketer 2

Keywords, keyword phrases are some of the main components of search campaign customization. They help you display ads to the necessary audience which is ready to complete the target action.

The requests that you perceive as relevant may be absolutely useless from the commercial perspective. For example, the “Skoda rapid 2016 photos” request is, most probably, entered by a user who searches for the photos of this model. Such users are not going to make a purchase – they want to check out the pictures.

Wrong Order Of Keywords During Google Ads Customization

mistake of online marketer 3

A single campaign must include only the keywords that correspond to the selected category. For example, don’t mix mobile phones, laptops, smartphone accessories. For each group of keywords, make sure to cluster certain products or a group of products.

Low Quality Of Keywords In Google Ads Search Campaigns

Keyword quality score is another important contextual advertising indicator. It reflects the relevance of a keyword request based on its target page, use in ads, as well as CTR (the number of clicks on your ad). The maximum keyword quality score is 10. If any of your keywords have a score lower than 6, remove it from the list or change the description of an ad, try to include this keyword again.

Ignoring Customer Lifetime Value (Ltv)

Once you define every customer’s lifetime value in your search campaigns, you will calculate the optimum marketing budget and stop wasting it.

The LTV formula includes 3 values = (Average purchase) * (Number of repeated transactions) * (Customer lifetime span).

Competitor Analysis Before The Launch Of Google Ads

mistake of online marketer 7

There is one simple, proven rule which is actually applicable not only to online marketing. If you want to become the first, get the most out of your efforts, analyze competitors, do better than them.

Before you configure search campaigns, select several main requests, google them. Define who you are going to compete with, what titles should be used, what should be considered. Make sure to analyze the look of every ad and understand if there is any competitor with top positions for all the requests. Only after you process the collected data can you launch contextual ads.

Checking The Prices Of Competitors

mistake of online marketer 9

If you have analyzed competitors, still see the product’s qualitative or quantitative advantages in search campaigns, consider another factor. Compare the price of products with their prices. If you find out that competitor prices are much lower, offer customers some additional value or something they won’t be able to refuse. Nowadays, almost all customers compare the pricing of different services.

Incorrectly Configured Regions For Showing Google Ads

mistake of online marketer 10

The target region is New York, a metropolitan area. Yet, in the campaign settings, you target the whole country. So, hopefully, your ads indicate the right city – this will save you from squandering the budget on clicks.

You manufacture tailor-made furniture, deliver, assemble it solely in the New York metropolitan area. A resident of Chicago, Washington, or any other city clicks the ad, browses the catalog, and checks the delivery and payment details to see that you are located in New York and provide services only locally. The end.

For the sake of justice, we must admit that there is a chance that someone will make an order. Yet this chance is really minor. Why do customers need services if they can find the necessary company in their city? Thus, if location targeting is crucial for business, pay attention to it.

Google Ads Is Not Suitable For Business Field

mistake of online marketer 15

It turns out that in some business fields, the use of search campaigns to attract buyers is just unprofitable. The market may be oversaturated. Product is peculiar or anything else. Such issues may result from the characteristics of niche or certain product categories, target audience location, demand type (deferred, emotional), etc.

In this case, you should use other capabilities of Google Ads, including remarketing, display or banner ads. Perhaps this will be more effective than search campaigns.

Website Has No Responsive Layout

mistake of online marketer 21

We mean any obvious, non-obvious obstacles that can get in the way of a potential customer. A responsive layout helps to adapt the look of the website to different devices, screens. Thanks to this, every user will find the necessary information regardless of the device or browser used.

Using Plerdy For Tracking Clicks On A Page

mistake of online marketer 24

Google Ads Specialist often fails to monitor the behavior of users who come to their website from Google Ads or other traffic sources.

Plerdy heatmap allows you to view the sequence of clicks made from contextual ads and further analyze every website element. As a result, you will have a better understanding of the target audience, know how to increase the efficiency of your search campaigns.

Low Cost Per Click

mistake of online marketer 033

Keeping your finger on the pulse of Google Ads, you need to understand that customers, especially quality customers, are worth paying for. Cost per click may fluctuate daily, so don’t forget to monitor it. This will help you remain noticeable in search results, avoid getting lost somewhere on the second page. Google Ads will notify you when the cost per click changes, offer to review the optimum price for the necessary position. At the same time, you shouldn’t raise the cost per click for keywords that don’t generate targeted traffic.

Analyzing Keywords And Their Average Position In Google Ads Search Results

mistake of online marketer 034

Every request is recorded, analyzed based on the ranking of ads. If an ad with a keyword takes the 6-7th position, nobody will see it. What is the possible reason? How to improve this?

The best solution is regular fine-tuning of the ads. If an ad is interesting, stands out from competitors, its ranking will continuously increase. However, making your page relevant to the selected keywords is not enough to improve its search position. Select other keywords, create a new page or close contextual ads if you have faced this problem.

Products Or Services Require A Long Decision Cycle

There are different types of products. For example, some products trigger an emotional response, make people buy them right away. On the other hand, there are expensive products that require a long decision-making process. For example, a flat is a very costly product. Nevertheless, some people continue promoting real estate in Google Ads. However, in this case, Google Ads are one of the numerous sources of potential customers. Only comprehensive work can help you to achieve sales.

Practice Makes Perfect

This common saying is probably the best way to describe Google Ads as an online marketing tool. But, unfortunately, reading tons of articles on creating, launching an advertising campaign overnight, you can miss one very important thing that the authors of such texts often forget to mention.

We have collected the most common mistakes of Google Ads specialists, making it partially or totally ineffective. In reality, the number of mistakes related to Google Ads search campaign configuration cannot be calculated. Like any other field, contextual advertising has nuances acquired with years of experience.

You can create a search campaign really quickly, easily. Yet this doesn’t mean that it will be effective. This is where you need the help of a Google Ads Specialist with relevant experience, competence, knowledge of possible pitfalls.

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