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Professionals in any niche need additional sources of inspiration from time to time. Marketing guru quotes help novices and specialists promote goods and services, formulate innovative ideas, and find creative solutions. These quotes are motivating and inspiring because brief expressions from famous people contain experience multiplied by wisdom. Applying the choice of one or more successful slogans can dramatically affect the mood of the marketing team. Well-aimed quotes encourage marketers to achieve high goals, take a bolder approach to non-standard tasks, and actively develop their business.

Quotes for Marketers. What is it?

Marketers, like other professionals, use countless quotes to maintain enthusiasm for their work and community. The subtle meaning inherent in creative phrases helps build a career and personal growth in the desired direction. However, interesting thoughts from successful people are divided according to many criteria. In the business sphere, industry segmentation is popular, while a separate block of quotes is allocated for marketers. It can contain universal theses, as well as several subsections:

  • Working with content
  • Promotion in social networks
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Branding

Completing tasks from different marketing lines can sometimes seem like a mess. A brief-phrase can describe the essence of the goals and unite the marketing team. Quotes for marketers bring clarity and certainty to the workflow and create a more productive mood. In a state of high spirits, marketers find it more interesting to view ad creation from unusual angles and make it easier to experiment. A motivated team works harmoniously, consistently, and more successfully. Trainees turn into experts when they analyze the ideas and concepts of successful influencers.

35 Best Marketing Quotes

  1. “You cannot distract the consumer from what he is focused on – you can only turn into what he concentrates on.” – Craig Davis
  2. “It takes good marketing to make a company look smart. It takes great marketing to make the client feel smart.” – Joe Chernov
  3. “Content is just an atom in the powerful body of digital marketing.” – Rebecca Lieb
  4. “For twofold business growth, it is advisable to double the conversion. With a doubling of traffic, it is more difficult to achieve such results.” – Bryan Eisenberg
  5. “If you’ve managed to build something big, that’s not a reason to give up Google AdWords.” – Jennifer Mesenbrink
  6. “Perfect marketing doesn’t look like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne
  7. “When buying, a person pays attention not to the product you are making, but to the reasons why you decided to make it.” – Simon Sinek
  8. “A business has two important components – innovation and marketing itself.” – Milan Kundera
  9. “It is recommended to create a design with confidence in the ideal nature of the project, and then edit it, as if initially there were many problems.” – Jordie van Rijn
  10. “Google only wants to love you after everyone else likes you.” – Wendy Piersall
  11. “Information is useful only when it contains facts and beliefs.” – Bob Hoffman
  12. “The title interests 4 out of 5 readers; everything below is only 1 out of 5.” – Brian Clark
  13. “Content should feel like a unique journey, not moving along a typical conveyor belt.” – Ann Handley
  14. “It’s important to treat content marketing as a duty, not as a set of promotional activities.” – Jon Buscall
  15. “There is no button that makes content creation easy.” – Scott Abel
  16. “Through your content, the reader should feel the value of their life.” – Avinash Kaushik
  17. “You are the one who is shaping the future of content marketing.” – David Hahn
  18. “Banners have 99 flaws and clicks are not one of them.” – Scott Sorokin
  19. “People fix impressions in memory. They don’t care about the number of ad impressions.” – Bill Bernbach
  20. “Branding customer experience is much more valuable than just selling services.” – John Sculley
  21. “In a moment of doubt, a person will look around, looking for confirmation. You need to show that many other people trust you.” – Francisco Rosales
  22. “What you put up for sale cannot be called a brand.” – Jon Iwata
  23. “The culture of the company forms the brand.” – Tony Hsieh
  24. “The idea either becomes magic or scatters like dust. It all depends on the talent against the overriding idea.” – Bill Bernbach
  25. “Mediocre artists only copy, brilliant artists steal.” – Pablo Picasso
  26. “If there is no strategy in creativity, this is art. If there is, art turns into advertising.” – Jef L. Richards
  27. “Don’t be afraid of experimentation and creativity in marketing.” – Mike Volpe
  28. “A large number of identical thoughts indicates that someone has no thoughts.” – General George Patton
  29. “It doesn’t matter what the boss or the designer likes if it doesn’t increase profits.” – Naomi Niles
  30. “The space for failure opens up development opportunities.” – Woody Allen
  31. “I was not mistaken, but found thousands of ways where this does not work.” – Thomas Edison
  32. “Instead of automating processes, think about ways to interact with customers.” – Tony Zambito
  33. “9 out of 10 people believe the opinion of their peers on social networks (including that of strangers).” – Danny Brown
  34. “Social media is like a dialogue, not a monologue.” – Amy Jo Martin
  35. “Dramatic storytelling is worthy of being called art.” – Patricia Travaline


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