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The website audit is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. However, there is the Screaming Frog SEO Spider to simplify this task. This program includes valuable tools, functions, and configurations for web-resource analysis. For example, you can upload projects and structures, schedule tasks, change site settings, scan internal links, analyze images, and flash animations, and CSS files.

Screaming Frog Price

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Any customer can use the free version by downloading it from the major website. But there is also a paid version that offers you more valuable items. Having studied Screaming Frog SEO Spider pricing, it is essential to know that the paid license is valid for 1 year. After that, you need to extend it again.

If you purchase from 1 to 4 licenses, the Screaming Frog pricing is $209. A package of 5 to 9 permits is also acceptable, and its cost is cheaper – 195 dollars. There is an excellent offer to purchase 10-19 licenses; the cost is $179. If you need more than 20 permits, the Screaming Frog pricing is $165. Each package unlocks the following features that are not available in the free version.

Identify errors and failures, and check the functionality of links on each page. + +
Page Titles&Meta Data Analyses + +
Create a map of your virtual resource in HTML format to send it to different search engines (Google, Bing), and streamline navigation for users. + +
Static or interactive data to adjust the operation of the site + +
Discover Exact Dub Pages + +
Create particular versions of your site for various languages and regions; the site will be adapted to the required variant. + +
Review Meta Robots + +
Crawl Limit 500 URLs Unlimited
Scheduling +
Retrieve missing alt text and image attributes; images will be stored and scanned using an anchor tag. +
Crawl Comparison +
Custom Extraction +
Save Crawls&Re-Upload +
Contact the experts to receive answers to your questions or report problems with the program. +
Near Duplicate Content +
Link Metrics Consolidation +
AMP Crawling and Validation +
The search for Custom Source Code +
Custom robots.txt +
Raw and Rendered HTML +
Monitor the efficiency of your web portal, find bugs, and see your site’s performance score +
Spelling&Grammar Tests +
Google Analytics Integration +
Page-Speed Insights Integration +
Structured Info&Validation +
Search-Console Integration +
Forms Based Authentication +
JavaScript Rendering +

One license works for 1 user. If these are 2 customers, there will be 2 Screaming Frog pricings for them. The company offers splendid discounts if you purchase 5 or more packages. This table shows that purchasing permits provides more opportunities for high-quality and in-depth site analysis and eliminates possible errors.

Screaming Frog Pricing Review

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Many clients purchase this program to bring their sites to a flourishing level. Their reviews describe the convenience of a product that can be used by professionals and novices alike. The company’s clients are Disney, Shazam, Dell, and others. In addition, many positive reviews say that Screaming Frog pricing is affordable, especially if you buy several packages and get a great discount.

Iban R says that it is better to take a package if you plan to operate with a big website. However, the free version affords only 500 URLs, so he purchased the license with 150 GBP pricing and got unlimited URLs.

Roman Y would like the Screaming Frog pricing to be lower, but a package is needed to build sitemaps, scan for 404 errors, extract canonical mistakes, and more.

Josh Bender also shared his opinion. He needed a program’s features to crawl his site’s pages. He also got clear information about actionable SEO data, indexability, H1 and H2 usage, meta titles, etc. The Screaming Frog pricing seems reasonable, considering how many features he got with the package purchase.

Mubin Saiyed calls this app the ideal solution for website audits because it’s simple and friendly. She found all the features in one place even without purchasing a permit, but the pricing is normal, in her opinion.

An anonymous user who works as a marketing supervisor in a Hospital & Healthcare company said that pricing is normal, he preferred to purchase a license. However, he needed to check many sites, and the free version gives a restricted number of pages (500).

Brynna Baldauf used the free version of the Screaming Frog, which she believes is enough to work with medium and small online platforms. She worked as part of the SEO team that determined site effectiveness through in-depth analysis of its hierarchy, unraveling internal linking skeletons, keyword testing, descriptions, and H1 tags. This person says the program saved a lot of time for the group’s work and got a lot of data in a short period.

Alanna Hawley is pleased with the program and permits pricing for SEO audits, checks, and QA.

The Information Technology & Services company director thinks that the Screaming Frog pricing is standard. His company needed an SEO analysis of their site, and they purchased the package. The team identified the weaknesses of their web platform and fixed all failures.

The project manager in Marketing & Advertising Company says that Screaming Frog is a perfect choice at affordable pricing. The feature set is vast; he has everything he needs for finding sitemaps, seeing what pages are classified, and other options. In addition, the analytics department at his firm said it was easy for them to use the Screaming Frog due to its simple interface.

Rolly Chin purchased the package to get more features for a large site and is very happy with his decision.

Conclusion of Screaming Frog Pricing

Screaming Frog SEO Spider pricing can be cheaper if you take multiple licenses at once. It is convenient and easy not to renew the package every year. You get a multifunctional program for your web portal’s success and wide performance.

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