DeepCrawl vs Screaming frog: Whats the difference?

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Any Internet portal needs promotion to be helpful and profitable. Its effectiveness depends on many items. It is not only keyword activity but also searches engine rankings, traffic, active links, etc. And it is better to automate such a process to save your time.

What is Screaming Frog?

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You can check all these aspects with Screaming Frog. It is a unique program for the deep analysis of web pages and resources. You can use the free version just by downloading it from the official website. There is also a paid variant; you will get more features and tools after purchasing a Screaming Frog license.

What is DeepCrawl?

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It is an excellent portal for analyzing virtual platforms. You can order a program demo version to learn more about its benefits. DeepCrawl is a set of useful tools and features to monitor the site and correct its errors. Increase your traffic by customizing definite aspects. Study your web platform as a single mechanism, find its weaknesses and correct them. It is a global application, and its users include Adobe, eBay, and Microsoft.

Compare Screaming Frog vs. DeepCrawl

Both programs perform the same function – they increase your site’s traffic to make it more profitable. But each has its advantages that distinguish applications from each other. This app seems more user-friendly if you consider Screaming Frog SEO Spider reviews. But if we study the opinions about DeepCrawl, people trust the reliable company’s clients. Understanding which programs are better and what opportunities they offer is necessary.

Pricing Screaming Frog vs. DeepCrawl

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Screaming Frog offers to purchase a license if you want extended program capabilities. You can choose a package by paying for it for one year. From 1 to 4 licenses costs $209. The company offers a discount if you need more than 20 packs; you get it for 165 dollars.

DeepCrawl offers a free version that has time limits. The user then pays monthly: 79 dollars for the starter, $199 for the consultant, and 499 for the agency. You can get a complete price list by filling out a simple form on the company’s website.

Solution Screaming Frog vs. DeepCrawl

Screaming Frog is a PC program it runs on the user’s server. It is a useful product for SEO professionals due to its convenience and ease of use. 2 versions are available for you: free with bounded tools and paid with an extended set of features. With Screaming Frog, you can:

  • get data about internal/external links of your site;
  • analyze Internet pages with HTTP protocols;
  • determine which pages are blocked in the robots.txt file;
  • find errors on the Client or Server side;
  • get a list of problem pages;
  • check key phrases and words;
  • learn about meta tags, titles, and descriptions (their length, non-uniqueness);
  • examine images (heavyweight can slow down page loading);
  • analyze canonical links;
  • upload the necessary data to a separate Excel file, etc.

Users also have the opportunity to find out if there are documentary duplicates on the site (with www. and without). Operating with the program is simple because the developers have made an interface comprehensible. Many Screaming Frog reviews describe the pros of this program, even in the free version. However, you may find broken links or duplicate pages. Also, a full site scan is open for you (only up to 500 pages are free) to identify failures. You can also generate a Sitemap.xml to be placed in popular search engines like Google.

DeepCrawl features are slightly different from Screaming Frog. Here, most of the tools are aimed at in-depth SEO analysis. For example, you can ask for a free version for the Starter plan, but your URLs will be limited to 100,000. It is quite enough to test your online platform. By purchasing the package, you will get more useful tools to fulfill deep scanning, find exclusive URLs, URL rewrites and API callbacks, and so on.

All DeepCrawl features are divided into three categories:

  • Keyword research to select the most appropriate types for your web-resource sphere.
  • Monitor positions in search engines, where you are, and whether your ranking is being lost.
  • Full website crawling using web bots that index the entire Internet.

You can use DeepCrawl even if you are a beginner in SEO. It is a great helper for small and medium businesses. Test the performance of all elements of your website, and find errors to fix them. In addition, you can receive yearly reports to analyze various trends. The main direction of DeepCrawl is an attentive audit of your website to lead your business to success.

Customer Screaming Frog vs. DeepCrawl

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If we study the Screaming Frog SEO Spider review, we can conclude that people find advantages in each program. But DeepCrawl is more straightforward and more understandable for them. Some users need minor website tweaks, and DeepCrawl’s demo is great. Experienced SEOs prefer Screaming Frog because it has more features for analyzing extensive web resources, getting reports, and generating Sitemap.xml. In addition, the price category is affordable for almost all consumers. For SEO synchronization of small and medium-sized Internet platforms, DeepCrawl tools are enough.

Benefits of Screaming Frog

It is an excellent product for in-depth analysis of web portals. You get a lot of features, convenient pricing, friendly team for 24/7 support. The company’s founder is Dan Sharp; the main office is in Henley-on-Thames, England. The administrator in the furniture business prefers Screaming Frog for in-depth crawl reports and broken link searches. It is a good deep SEO decision that helps check a site with many pages. A user in education management is pleased with the program’s features and surprised by the variety of functions. But the Screaming Frog interface was complicated for him; he had been looking for the necessary tools for a long time. Finally, the job was done, and he didn’t have to buy a package – he didn’t need the program for a whole year.

Benefits of Deepcrawl

DeepCrawl is a valuable program for monitoring, analyzing, and correcting virtual resources. The company’s founder is Craig Dunham; the main offices are in New York and London. SavvaSSynthesis SEO Analyst team member is pleased they found a simple tool like DeepCrawl. They worked with the company for only 3 days but obtained an improved site version. Savvas X says that the product is advantageous, especially if experts consult you if necessary. Josh S also praises this program and calls it the best enterprise technical crawler. He liked the instruments and performed the essential tasks without special skills in comprehending the program. It was ideal for him that he got the needed data even with the trial version. DeepCrawl is an excellent option for him; fast and inexpensive work for the SEO optimization of his virtual project.


Almost every Screaming Frog review praises this program for its advanced promotional features and in-depth crawling. But if you only need to set up SEO data to increase traffic, you can download DeepCrawl. Both programs have certain advantages, but it is another level for different purposes in analyzing web portals.

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