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The growing popularity of online resources involves worldwide businesspeople in digital marketing. Developing a perfect website is a complicated process requiring many essential factors. Google search engine works due to the various algorithms, which prescribe web pages’ actuality and its being on the current place of the result.

Relevance is the general indicator that defines the correspondence of the website’s pages to the search result. Its optimization relies on the improvement of SEO parameters. Therefore, SEO certification must understand the most necessary characteristics that influence the search results and improve them. Many people are looking for answers to the following questions:

  • How to be SEO certified?
  • How to become google SEO certified?
  • How much SEO a certified professional earns?
  • Where to find online certifications seo agency?
  • What is the best SEO and sem certification?
  • What is the best conversion rate optimization certification?
  • What is the best website optimizer certification?

Google SEO certification helps novice and experienced specialists improve their website optimization knowledge. This is why SEO certified specialists are highly valued on the market. Innovative studies consist of several lessons which consider different aspects and have the following advantages:

  • Improve common understanding of the google search algorithms and their regular changes.
  • Understand the elements of modern websites’ competitiveness and ways to reach their high level.
  • Learn how to work with various google tools and use them for content optimization.
  • Upgrade the professionalism level in work with the website traffic and methods of its improvement.

Various online companies provide the certifications and set different prices for their lessons. The course time depends on its type and study plan.

9 Best SEO Certifications

The list of the best courses includes the most reliable and efficient companies with years of search optimization experience. Some of them are free, while the others include only paid lessons.

HubSpot SEO Certification Course

HubSpot Academy provides a course based on general optimization knowledge. It is a free SEO certification consisting of 6 lessons represented in 24 videos. In addition, the interactive part of the training is supplemented with five quizzes to consolidate the new material. The time spent for the entire course is approximately 2,5 hours, but it’s enough to learn the common aspects of search optimization and get the certificate.

Rachel Sheldon, Inbound Professor in Hubspot Academy, speaks about the essential SEO issues during the lessons considering the following aspects:

  • Basic knowledge of search engine optimization.
  • Technical and on-page SEO.
  • Keywords and link building.
  • SEO reporting.
  • General website optimization.

This SEO online certification is suitable for anyone who has started digital marketing or already has experience in content creation.

MOZ Academy SEO Certification

The MOZ Academy course consists of 6 online lessons, requiring 50-65 minutes each. Each tutorial is divided into several sections with theoretical and practical tasks. The instructor leads the trainees during the course and provides additional consulting to reveal unclear aspects. The SEO certification considers the following issues during the studies:

  • The fundamental SEO knowledge.
  • Keyword strategy development.
  • On-page optimization and link building.
  • Creation of report strategies with Google Analytics.

The course finishes with the SEO certification exam, and after passing, you achieve the certificate. MOZ Academy training costs $595 and gives access to the learning of custom company tools.

Coursera SEO Online Certification

Coursera has a free course in partnership with the University of California. The lecturers are Rebekah May, Head of Organic Acquisition at Fishbrain, and Eric Enge, Co-Author of “The Art of SEO.” The studies are designed for six months of study with a flexible learning schedule. The essential pieces of knowledge which students acquire after completing the course are the following:

  • Analysis of the web pages.
  • Successful client relationships.
  • Semantic core gathering and keyword clustering.
  • Content and social media marketing.
  • Mathematical and search engine optimization.

Coursera SEO certification consists of various lessons combining interactive and conceptual study elements. The training finishes with completing a project on a specific topic, allowing students to get a certificate.

Market Motive Online Course

MMarket Motive provides 365-days access to the online course. It consists of 15+ hours of online lessons with an instructor. In addition, the trainees completed the practical part, which contained more than 20 real-life projects and 30 hours of solo-made videos.

Matt Bailey, President of SiteLogic, is the author of the SEO certification training. He consults the students during the course and helps solve various issues. The studies consider the following digital marketing aspects:

  • Management and research of the keywords.
  • Off-page and on-page optimization.
  • Analysis of SEO parameters and methods of their improvement.

MarketMovie training is trusted by famous worldwide companies, such as Microsoft, HP, SalesForce. The 90-days self-organized study costs 699 EUR, while the 180-days online Bootcamp is available for 999 EUR. The students must complete at least 80% of the studies and pass three projects and one simulation test with a minimum 60% result.

ReliableSoft Marketing Academy SEO Certification

ReliableSoft segmented its course bundle into 4 study concepts: complete SEO marketing, Keyword research, E-commerce, and Google Analytics. There are 34 lessons, divided into 160 topics. In addition, SEMRUSH, OptinMonster, TemplateMonster, Sitechecker, and others are the partners of the Academy and have specific loyalty offers for the course students.

Alex, the instructor, provides consultations during the study and gives online and offline downloading of the lessons. The program contains the following information:

  • Technical and advanced SEO.
  • Image optimization.
  • Structured data.
  • Local and International SEO.
  • Google Analytics and eCommerce SEO.

The bundle is available for $89 with a 55% discount and a 60-days guarantee of money back. In addition, after learning the entire course, trainees get a certificate.

Yoast SEO Online Certification

The student learns the practical search optimization skills with a Yoast course, accessed for one year. It consists of more than 3 hours of study videos, quizzes, and files with theoretical information. The free trial, which helps to understand the specificity of the training and its aim, is also available. Facebook, eBay, and The Guardian trust the company’s SEO certification training.

The Yoast consultants, with the help of Joost De Valk, the founder of a company, help the students to understand all the aspects of search optimization during the best SEO certification program, which explains the following characteristics:

  • Target keywords to optimize organic traffic.
  • The technical foundation of SEO.
  • Improvement of a website’s structure.
  • Provision of link building.

The yearly access to the Yoast course costs $89. In the end, a certificate and a badge are given for successful finishing.

ClickMinded SEO Training

The ClickMinded SEO certification course lasts 3-6 months and can be started free. However, full access to the study content can be purchased for $998. It is divided into seven courses connected with different digital marketing topics.

Microsoft, Grammarly, University of Minnesota trust the program. The training instructor is Tommy Griffith, SEO Manager at Airbnb. He helps trainees to discover the following aspects:

  • Google Search Console.
  • Keywords research and optimization.
  • Document relevance.
  • Work with different online tools and services.

After passing the ClickMinded exam, the student acquires a highly reliable certificate. A free update of the information is also provided if the SEO certification was purchased once.

Udemy Complete SEO Course

The Udemy study platform has one of the best SEO certification programs created for bloggers, online business owners, and web admins. Arun Nagarathanam, Udemy Premium Analyst and Instructor, provides more than 10-hours of study videos and well-organized consultations. Each month of study is dedicated to learning a specific topic. The main aspects which are revealed in training are the following:

  • SEO factors and their influence on relevance.
  • Bringing more organic traffic to the website.
  • Main indexing aspects.
  • Backlinking and its rules.

The Udemy course costs $149,99 with an actual discount. The SEO marketing certification finishes with an exam, after which the certificate is granted to the new specialists. Over 80 thousand students attended the study by Arun Nagarathanam.

Simplilearn SEO Certification

The Simplilearn course includes an excellent study program divided into practical and theoretical parts. The applied students access the 13 lessons, more than 20 projects, and 90-day access to online classes with experienced consultants. Apple, Nike, Tripadvisor, and other companies support the certification. In addition, the trainees learn the following essential marketing parameters:

  • Keyword trends.
  • Advanced web analytics.
  • Planning and marketing of a website.
  • Local SEO and search optimization tools.

There are two variations: $699 and $999. The students must attend all the sessions, complete at least 85% of the SEO certification course, and pass five projects and 1 test with a minimum 75% score.

To Sum Up

Overall, each of the best SEO certification programs has peculiarities and provides efficient studies attended by worldwide enthusiasts. Therefore, if you want to improve your search engine knowledge and learn the innovative algorithms of increasing relevance, choose a suitable course and attend it.

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