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Nowadays, many people choose marketing activities to succeed in sales and business development. The number of novice entrepreneurs with a small businesses grows each year significantly. For instance, approximately 30 million registered owners of small companies will be in the United States in 2022.

The creation of a company usually includes several essential steps, helping to implement the most successful small business ideas and set up the unintended purposes. The regular rules which each entrepreneur should follow are:

  1. Understand if chosen activities may bring any potential profit, consult the specific specialists.
  2. Spend as much time as possible and consider business the most important priority during the development.
  3. Consider the latest trends and top small business ideas and combine them with your primary interests.
  4. Determine the preliminary budget and consider any extra and force majeure expenses, which usually appear initially.
  5. Define which companies in the niche may become the competitors and analyze their behavior.
  6. Create a team of the most trusted people who may help implement the small business ideas considering several professional aspects.

Each activity should be unique and offer the best products which supplement the customer’s needs. Therefore, it is essential to start with choosing the primary small business idea and create a proper marketing strategy for it.

42 Small Business Ideas

The top small business ideas list in 2022 includes the most actual and important industries which can be successfully established and become leaders in specific niches. So, it is essential to understand their pros and cons and find efficient development strategies for each novice entrepreneur.


Small Business Ideas-01

If you are excited about fixing everyday things at home, can easily create a custom decoration, or even specialize in crafting, your skills can be highly evaluated. People who can do any housework, from furniture refurbishing to creating a new design, can build up an efficient project in no more than 300 days with the potential revenue of $20,000+ per month.


Small Business Ideas-02

The craft, attended by many people, can become an earning method for people with handmade woodwork abilities. Marketing experts consider the following small business ideas the most efficient:

  • Toys.
  • Shelves.
  • Frames.
  • Headboards.
  • Dishes.
  • Racks.

It will help if you choose products that can be produced in large quantities always to be available at high sales levels.

Sewing and Alteration Specialist

Small Business Ideas-03

Such small profitable business ideas grow in popularity due to optimizing advertising and marketing routes. Social media is the best place where the clothes and custom wardrobes can be represented to the audience in full detail, including photos and text descriptions. Therefore, each modern dressmaker, designer, or beauty specialist can succeed in creating a new look for a client.

Personal Trainer

Small Business Ideas-04

Many people who want to keep fit and improve their physical form search for an experienced fitness professional. The personal trainer is a person, who establishes a correct training technique considering your characteristics and actual physical condition, and helps to avoid common mistakes. So, if you connect your life with sports and know how to make it professionally, fitness trainer small business ideas may help you.

Food Delivery Services

Small Business Ideas-05

It is an excellent alternative to opening a restaurant or a catering establishment. The COVID-19 pandemic proved the importance of food delivery services and made millions of people worldwide use them. However, you should consider many essential aspects such as transport, quick and comfortable transportation routes, etc., to implement food delivery small business ideas properly.

Life/Career Coach

Small Business Ideas-06

Such a good small business idea suits those who know about successful project creation and can quickly help cope with life and professional issues. The standard niches are:

  • Business consulting.
  • Marketing strategy building.
  • Life organization.

The life/career specialists may create a demanding company, helping others by sharing valuable experiences.

Resume Writer

Small Business Ideas-07

It will always be a great idea to help others get a job by optimizing their CVs and helping represent personal abilities correctly. The common types of resume writers’ work are the following:

  • Performing a training phone call as an interview imitation.
  • Creating a new CV or improving the ready one.
  • Resume adaptation considering the modern marketing rules.

Everyone who knows how to convince the interviewer that anyone is the best candidate can think about working with such a top small business idea.


Small Business Ideas-08

Interpreters and translators are high-demanded specialists who may help at online conferences, business calls, travelings, and even during joint meetings with friends. People usually search for translators who understand English, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Arabic.

Garden Designer

Small Business Ideas-09

Many people consider countryside life more convenient than living in a big city. Therefore, they don’t mind decorating their outdoor territory with modern design elements. Small business ideas for garden designs may perfectly suit lovers of custom pleasant garden exteriors.

Virtual Assistant Service

Small Business Ideas-10

It is a person who provides administrative work for online companies. Virtual assistance is usually telework, which requires specific skills and mentioning them in your CV. The experience in cooperation with highly trusted brands may also help. The best services to implement small business ideas are:

  • General: e-mail administration and scheduling.
  • Business: advertising, drafting, ghostwriting, SMM.
  • Specialized: design, editing, transcription.

The software development for automated administration may also help businesses complete the necessary functions. Plerdy’s SEO checker tool provides a technical SEO audit to reveal the existing flaws, influencing relevance.


Small Business Ideas-11

It is a creative niche suitable for people with high-level imagination who understand the correct landscape configuration for specific projects. The specialists may provide the following services:

  • Detailing.
  • Seasonal clean-up.
  • Hedging.
  • Lawn mowing.

It is a small town business idea, which mainly suits people who specialize in country house services.


Small Business Ideas-12

The job suits those who want to make a hobby into a real business. Technical knowledge, Photoshop or Canva editing skills, and a specific vision of the world are required to provide the best content. The jobs enjoyed by many enthusiasts are drone filming, music clips production, animation, etc.

Travel Planner

Small Business Ideas-13

If you want to join the formal travel with plenty of business meetings, spend time on a bus tour, or even try an extreme journey, a travel planner may ideally help you. It is an excellent idea to start a small business and provide hotel reservations, optimizing the routes and flight booking.

Massage Therapist

Small Business Ideas-14

Some people don’t mind getting a massage for relaxation, while for others, it is a standard therapeutic method (treatment of back pain, chronic spine diseases, etc.). Certified massage specialists are highly valued on the market. They can tell about themselves by placing an ad on social media and providing services without opening a salon – masseurs can work with portable equipment.

Interior Designer

Small Business Ideas-15

The architects, who have experience visualizing exciting designs for different premises, are the highly-demanded employees. The top small business idea is for specialists who can perfectly combine the furniture configuration with the cosmetic aspects.

Tour Guide

Small Business Ideas-16

The devoted lovers of history, or people who can speak a lot about different places in the world, can succeed by implementing specific marketing ideas for small businesses. The guides may specialize in walking tours or accompanying a group of tourists on transport.

Web Design Agency

Small Business Ideas-17

When choosing web design as a small online business idea, the owners should know about the regular services in the niche:

  • UX website design.
  • Digital experience development.
  • Content management.

It is always better to create a professional team or hire employees from an agency that may specialize in different design services.


Small Business Ideas-18

If you specialize in any specific niche or can perfectly explain the essential aspects of an industry, consulting is a good small business idea. Understand if your experience is enough to coach others and if yes, try consulting as a self-employment method.

Clothing Boutique Owner

Small Business Ideas-19

The experts doubt that several rules should be followed to implement such a creative business idea:

  • Consistency: the luxury clothing store depends on time and requires regular collection changes to pick up the most stylish items.
  • Financing: the social media ads and efficient marketing plan are necessary to grow the recognizable brand.
  • Seasons: diversify the clothes seasonally and represent them on models (you may ask a friend first).

In 2022, it is essential to start a business online and promote it with efficient strategies.

Event Planner

Small Business Ideas-20

The well-organized, determined, and responsible people can help others with self-organization by choosing the proper time for events and building a comfortable schedule. Many customers highly evaluate the planning services, which confirms the efficiency of a small business idea.

Food Truck Owner

Small Business Ideas-21

Before opening a significant food service facility, think about starting with opening a stall with a limited menu and affordable prices. It will help learn the licensing rules, determine what food people like or don’t like, and get the necessary experience for further development.

Daycare Owner

Small Business Ideas-22

Children’s care has always been a demanded niche. A typical daycare includes different services:

  • Education programs.
  • Preschool learning.
  • Toddler daycare services.

Such a small business idea can be easily implemented with the help of online resources and bring significant profit to business owners.

Coffee Shop Owner

Small Business Ideas-23

If you like coffee and don’t mind performing your skills in selling the best espresso or cappuccino, open a small coffee shop. Despite the need for traditional financing initially, it is very profitable in prospect.

Dog Walker, Groomer, or Trainer

Small Business Ideas-24

Many people pay a lot of attention to their pets and always want to hire the best care services. The small business idea requires licensing, which confirms the professionalism in such a specific niche. The groomers are universal workers who know the necessary aspects of taking care of animals and even training them.

Makeup Artist

Small Business Ideas-25

Professionals can turn your appearance with brushes, lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, and magic hand movements. It is recommended to place the model photos with the best-performed makeup on Instagram or Facebook to show mastery and involve the customers to reveal their beauty.

Affiliate Marketing

Small Business Ideas-26

It is a small online business idea that brings profit even initially. The main aim is to find the product or service that requires promotion and involve the targeted traffic to increase sales and the conversion rate (if working with an online company). The income basis consists of the sales commission.

Online Reselling

Small Business Ideas-27

It is always good to start buying various stuff at specific platforms and selling it for a different price. The small business idea can be started as a one-person reselling or as a full-fledged company with a team and a website, representing the services’ specificity.

Online Bookkeeping

Small Business Ideas-28

The top small business idea is based on organizing the company’s financial structure. An organized company, which keeps the essential business elements safe, can reach a high competitiveness level. Therefore, bookkeepers provide:

  • Separating working and personal accounts.
  • Creating schedules and reminding about the deadlines.
  • Updating the web content.
  • Tracking transactions and making reports.

The bookkeepers may use specific tools such as SEO Checker to correspond to the latest search engine trends and optimize the websites.

Medical Courier Service

Small Business Ideas-29

Medical couriers are people who continually work and appear in the necessary place in time. People who want to succeed in the niche should always consider the required hygiene rules and get specific inventory (mobile refrigerators, medical boxes). Risk insurance, transportation rules, pharmaceutical knowledge are the primary aspects of the medical courier business.

App Development

Small Business Ideas-30

Nowadays, the indispensable leaders in the niche are mobile applications. The app development services include:

The success of the cool small business idea implementation depends on the team’s skills, which manufactures the product from scratch.

Freelance Copywriting or Content Writing

Small Business Ideas-31

The text content is the main element of the website’s relevance indicator. The informational and advertising texts should be optimized to the latest Google search engine parameters, determining the website page’s ranking in search results. Copywriters and academic writers earn money by writing efficient audience-oriented marketing texts.

Handmade Crafts

Small Business Ideas-32

Society is tired of buying artificially manufactured products and searching for something created with love. Small business ideas for handmade crafts include everything from clay dishes to hand-sewn clothes.

Home Care Service

Small Business Ideas-33

It is prognosed that hospitality and home care services will be necessary for people older than 80 years who can’t provide it themselves. Working experience isn’t required for building an efficient company with different home care services, including companionship, nursing care, and home health care.

Digital Marketing

Small Business Ideas-34

Several newly established companies require specific promotion procedures and create an efficient marketing strategy, which helps attract more customers. The typical digital marketing services include:

  • Search engine optimization.
  • PPC marketing.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Conversion rate optimization.

The small business idea can be implemented online to help startups and experienced companies get new business possibilities.

Lawn Care Service

Small Business Ideas-35

This job suits the most creative lovers of careful work. People who can choose the proper instrumentary package for lawn care don’t mind working from May to mid-October. It can involve some economic risks connected with the inventory, and it is crucial to purchase:

  • Lawn aerators.
  • Uniforms.
  • Garden scissors.
  • Weed remover.
  • Lawn rollers.

However, if a business grows, it may bring $250,000+ as revenue for the first working years.

Real Estate

Small Business Ideas-36

People usually worry about finding a new place to live because of their dependence on financial aspects. Such a marketing idea for a small business may lead realtors to freelance work or establish a real estate agency.


Small Business Ideas-37

If you like speaking and sharing your experience with others, podcasting is a good small business idea. You may create audio content talking on a topic that you specialize in and place it on different platforms. Make some audios available for free and set up a paid subscription for the others.

T-Shirt Printing

Small Business Ideas-38

Such specialization suits creative people, who use ready-made designs to print them on T-Shirts, hoodies, jackets, etc. It is an easy small business idea that everyone can start.


Small Business Ideas-39

It is an efficient method for sales based on directly supplying goods to the client without keeping them in your warehouse. The primary purpose is to place an ad with the product description, and when a customer buys it, you should contact the manufacturing company to get it and deliver it to the client.

Aerial Photography

Small Business Ideas-40

The essential tips for starting such a specific business are the following:

  • Get a driver’s license for drone control and update it every 2 years.
  • Start working if you have more than 2 years of photography experience.
  • Understand which customers may get a free or a trial aerial photo shoot.

The photographers should always post their works and use social media ads to attract the targeted audience.


Small Business Ideas-41

It is the leading earning method for young people, with a community of more than 31 million bloggers in the United States. The best ideas for blogging are:

  • Fashion and beauty.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Technical.
  • Comedy and standups.

Remember about the content uniqueness before implementing a small business idea.


Small Business Ideas-42

People who have excellent teaching abilities and can choose a proper learning method for children and adults can work as teachers. Language lessons and tutoring for exam preparations are the regular services by online tutors.

To Sum Up

Overall, the listed small business ideas include different variants to start activities nowadays. As we see, most earning methods include simple activities, which seem like a hobby, but with a consistent approach, become a significant project. Define your talents, choose the industry to implement them, and develop a marketing strategy to start an efficient business.

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